Man of Iron

Iron Man
Enforcer: Tank Tier 4
Basic (4 pt): Your total armor values is increased by 30%.
Ace (8 pt): Unlocks the ability to wear the Improved Combined Tactical Vest.


The basic and aced versions of the skill speak for themselves. Tank/Armor players will heavily favor the Iron Man skill to withstand more damage from enemies. The aced version will unlock the very best armor in the game, the Improved Combined Tactical Vest. The only downside is, with the armor, the user will move much slower and have increased fatigue when sprinting. Obtaining Duck and Cover and Parkour from the Ghost tree can easily counter this and will be invaluable for quickly moving while under fire. This can allow users to have a better chance in fighting swarms of common enemies to special units like the Bulldozer. In fact, players with the armor can have a better chance in reviving another player if the Inspire cooldown is in effect or the skill is not available.


  • Its name Iron Man is a reference to the Marvel superhero of the same name and the media surrounding him (movies, comics, etc.) due to the superhero owing the majority of his capabilities to his armor.
  • Although the skill is listed ingame under the name "Iron Man," the skill requirement to equip the Improved Combined Tactical Vest is referred to as "Man of Iron." The cause for this discrepancy is not known.
  • The Improved Combined Tactical Vest unlocking upon acing the skill is partially justified in that it is still an internally-regulated prototype not available for public purchase, and supposedly can only be obtained from a discreet source by acquiring the upgraded skill.
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