Calling Crewmates Edit

Normal gameplay Edit

  • "Hey <heister name>, follow me now!"
  • "Hey <heister name>, on me now!"
  • "<heister name>, come with me!"
  • "<heister name>, follow me!"
  • "Hey <heister name>, on me!"

While downed Edit

  • "Come on, stop the bleeding!"
  • "I'm losing blood!"
  • "I need a hand!"
  • "Come get me out!"
  • "Get me up!"

Answering a call (AI only) Edit

  • "As soon as I can."
  • "On my way!"
  • "Hold the fort, I'm coming!"
  • "HOLD ON!"

Reviving a player (AI only) Edit

  • "You've looked better, that's for sure."
  • "Wow, you look like shit!"
  • "You look like you've been to hell and back."
  • "You need more than good laundry."
  • "This must've hurt."
  • "You look terrible!"
  • "You don't look too good."
  • "You look rusty."
  • "I'll get you up."
  • "Let's get you up!"

Getting revived Edit

  • "Yeah, I'm back!"
  • "I'm definitely back!"
  • "Ugh, just in time!"
  • "Oh! It's personal now!"

Cuffed Edit

  • "Take me out of these cuffs!"
  • "Get this cuffs off!"
  • "Pick my cuffs!"

Masking up Edit

  • "Yeah, let's do this."
  • "Ok then, let's do this thing!"
  • "It's zero hour."
  • "It's time."
  • "It's go time."
  • "Let's hit it."
  • "Let's begin."

Special Enemies Edit

Sniper Edit

  • "Sniper! Stay back!"
  • "Watch out, Sniper!"
  • "Woah, Sniper!"
  • "Look out, Sniper!"
  • "Sniper, there!"
  • "SNIPER!!!"

Killing Snipers Edit

  • "Sniper just ate a bullet of mine!"
  • "Sniper down!"
  • "Sniper dead!"
  • "Sniper is history!"
  • "Sniper OUT!"

Shield Edit

  • "Shield inbound!"
  • "We've got a Shield!"
  • "I've spotted a Shield!"
  • "Got a Shield over here!"

Killing Shields Edit

  • "Shield eliminated!"
  • "Shield down!"
  • "Got the Shield!"

Taser Edit

  • "Taser, stay back!"
  • "Look out, Taser!"
  • "We've got a Taser!"
  • "TASER!!!"
  • "Taser spotted!"

Killing Tasers Edit

  • "Taser, I put him down."
  • "Taser eliminated!"
  • "Taser Down!"
  • "Taser's in hell!"
  • "Got the Taser!"

Cloaker Edit

  • "Cloaker spotted!"
  • "We've got a Cloaker!"
  • "CLOAKER!!!"
  • "It's a Cloaker!"

Killing Cloakers Edit

  • "Eliminated the Cloaker!"
  • "Cloaker down!"
  • "Cloaker's dead!"

Bulldozer Edit

  • "DOZER!!!"
  • "Goddamn Dozer!"
  • "We've got a Dozer!"
  • "Got a Dozer here!"
  • "It's a Dozer!"

Killing Bulldozers Edit

  • "Dozer taken care of!"
  • "Took out the Dozer!"
  • "Dozer down!"
  • "Got the Dozer!"
  • "Dozer's dead!"
  • "Dozer out!"

Medic Edit

  • "They got a Medic, guys!"

Killing Medic Edit

  • "Medic taken out!"
  • "Medic sent to the morgue!"
  • "Got the Medic!"

Reactions to enemy presence Edit

  • "It's the long arm of the law!"
  • "Oh, we've got company!"
  • "Helicopter, inbound!"
  • "They're coming up through the ground!"
  • "They're coming in from the outside!"
  • "They're coming down the sides!"
  • "They're coming down the facade!"
  • "They're coming up the facade!"
  • "They're coming up through the floor!"
  • "They're coming from above!"
  • "They're on the roof!"

Assault Wave ending Edit

  • "They're pulling back!"
  • "They're retreating!"

Flashbang or Tear Gas Edit

  • "Oh! They're tear-gassing us!"
  • "Oh! Tear Gas! *cough*"
  • "UGH, I'M BLIND!"
  • "Oh my fucking eyes!"

Dominator Edit

  • "Hands up!"
  • "Drop the gun!"
  • "Drop your gun!"
  • "Drop it NOW!"
  • "On your knees!"
  • "Kneel down!"
  • "KNEEL!"
  • "Now cuff yourself."
  • "Cuff yourself."
  • "Now cuffs!"
  • "Bracelets on!"

Inspire Edit

  • "Don't you DIE on me!"
  • "Get back up and FIGHT!"
  • "Get off the ground!"
  • "Come on, up!"
  • "Get back in the fight!"
  • "Don't give up!"
  • "Stand up!"
  • "You can do it!"

Stealth Edit

Spotting Guards Edit

  • "Watch out, guard."
  • "Look out, guard."
  • "Guard, careful."

Spotting Cameras Edit

  • "Look out, camera."
  • "Watch out, camera."
  • "Camera, over there."

Compromised Edit

  • "Yeah, I should've known: the quick and quiet approach never works."
  • "All right, so much for subtlety."
  • "Looks like we'll have to huff n' puff!"

Pager Responses Edit

  • "I'm trying to quit smoking but *sigh* I can't keep my fingers in check. I was just fiddling with the radio *sigh* sorry about that."
  • "What? Oh... uh, no, I didn't call you, it must be some kind of interference on your end, sorry."
  • "What... uh... I thought... you're the one calling me. What's up?"
  • "Oh, I just reached into my pocket and hit the radio button by accident. It won't happen again."
  • "My mistake. Headquarters, I thought I saw something, but it's all clear."
  • "No, nothing's up over here, just uh... same old same old."
  • "Is that you HQ? Uh we've got nothing but static on this end."
  • "Nothing, just, fooling around and I, accidentaly hit the button. Sorry."
  • "I must've pushed the button by accident. It happens."
  • "Headquarters, we just had a short here. You see that on your side?"
  • "Uh, sorry about that, everything is fine over here."
  • "No, it's all cool on this end, I didn't hear anything."
  • "Nothing on this end, probably just somebody on the line."
  • "I don't know what happened, I might have hit the button without knowing it."
  • "Nah-ah, nothing's going on."
  • "No, I didn't called you, you called me."
  • "Everything is clear over here."

Controlling Civilians Edit

  • "Nobody move!"
  • "Nobody moves, nobody talks, and everybody lives!"
  • "Move one more time, and it will be your last!"
  • "You could be brave, or you could be alive."
  • "You got something to say, or do you want to live?"
  • "Don't talk, don't die."
  • "Sit down, and stay down."
  • "Do not make me say it again."
  • "Move and I will END you."
  • "Get down or get killed."
  • "And don't move!"
  • "On the ground."
  • "I said DOWN!"
  • "Bite your tongue hero!"
  • "Don't make me say it again."
  • "And stay quiet."
  • "Hands where I can see them!"
  • "GROUND, NOW!"
  • "On the ground."
  • "Don't you speak English?"
  • "And stay down!"
  • "Stay put!"
  • "You've got a deathwish?"
  • "And shut up."
  • "Get down on the ground!"
  • "Don't move!"
  • "Face down!"
  • "And stay there!"
  • "Stay down!"
  • "Get down!"
  • "Lay down!"
  • "Did I stutter?"
  • "Play dead!"
  • "Stay still"

Objectives Edit

  • "The computer process is stopped!"
  • "Something is not right with the computer!"
  • "The computer process is jammed!"
  • "Something's up with the drill!"
  • "The computer is jammed!"
  • "The drill has jammed!"
  • "Someone's gotta fix it."
  • "Somebody needs to FIX IT."
  • "I think the drill is stuck!"
  • "We need to get it fixed!"
  • "The drill is jammed!"
  • "Drill in place!"
  • "We gotta fix it!"
  • "Drill placed."
  • "Drill up!"

After Assault Wave ended Edit

  • "Eyes back on the price."
  • "Back to regular business."
  • "Back on track now"
  • "No time to rest!"

After triggering the Escape Edit

  • "We've gotta get out of here!"
  • "Let's get out of here!"

Heist completed successfully Edit

  • "We pulled it off! Spending some blood and bullets."
  • "It took some effort, but we pulled it off."
  • "In, out, no alarm. Perfect."
  • "Not perfect, but we pulled through."
  • "Wow, that was close! A clandestine op if there ever was one."
  • "Our work is done! Let's head off!"
  • "Like clockwork: just as planned."
  • "Completely under the radar."
  • "Yes, we did it, WE DID IT!"
  • "We're just getting started, let's do it again."

Jumping out the airplane in Birth of SkyEdit

  • "YES! YEAH! YES!"

Deployables Edit

  • "Got a Bodybag case here!"
  • "Body bag case."
  • "Bodybag case right here!"
  • "Bodybag case deployed!"
  • "First Aid Kit, get your bandaid here."
  • "I placed a First Aid Kit here."
  • "Here's a First Aid Kit!"
  • "First Aid kit here!"
  • "Extra ammo, over here!"
  • "Ammo bag dropped."
  • "Ammo bag right here!"
  • "Medic bag deployed!"
  • "Medic bag here!"
  • "Medic bag in place!"

Grenades Edit

  • "DUCK!"
  • "Fireworks!"

Map-Specific Quotes Edit

Safe House Edit

  • "You have two options, really. Either make sure that you hit your mark, or stay out of the fight."
  • "You need to know who to shoot. But also who not to shoot. And that's where the kill house comes into play."
  • "It's always good with some practice. It keeps you alive longer."
  • "Hitting a dummy is one thing, but a quick and deadly enemy is something else."
  • "Just pick up a weapon, and stay until you don't miss."
  • "See if these new targets are more fun to shoot!"
  • "I had these two colleagues, William and Theodore. They didn't take their training seriously and... They didn't make it."
  • "Don't forget to clean your guns as you're done. Or they might jam, and then you're dead."
  • "I don't wanna be a devil's advocate here but, illegal stuff is gonna attract cops. So you can always just get an honest job, or... Get inside the kill room."
  • "You know speed is of the essence, right? Speed is important."
  • "I always have...weird dreams on halloween. It's strange."
  • "*sighs* I miss Helen..."
  • "That Florida mansion job was crazy. I mean, really crazy!"

Talking to specific heisters Edit

  • to Chains "Hey Chains, remember when you fixed scythes to the front of that humvee? Fucking insane. And brilliant! Ahh."
  • to Hoxton "Hey Hoxton. Still alive, huh?"
  • to Wolf "Trust your guns, Wolf."
  • to Dallas "This gang is a tight unit, Dallas. And we always get the job done."
  • to Houston "Good to see you, Houston."
  • to Dragan "Hey Dragan. You OK, man? You sure?"
  • to Jiro "The Yakuza? I bet you've seen a lot of bad things."
  • to Sokol "Honest pay to smash heads in on live TV? Why'd you ditch hockey, Sokol?"
  • to Clover "Irish luck, huh?"

Idle Edit

  • "Need to talk to Chains about my gun..."
  • "I can't believe the next season of Game of Thrones is so far off."

Unspecified Edit

  • "You've no idea what damage I can do with a pen, imagine what I can do with a gun."
  • "That one was for Daisy."
  • "My doc says I need an MRI, among other things."
  • "Bourbon would be... perfect now... for the pain."
  • "Oh, I feel retired."
  • "Oh! Luck favors the strong buddy."
  • "Oh! Fortis fortuna adiuvat!" (fortune favours the bold)
  • "Ugh! Just... patch up the worst of it."
  • "Ugh! It stings like fucking hell!"
  • "Ugh! Hurry, hurry up!"
  • "Faster!"
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