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Joy FBI Files
Joy's profile image in the FBI Files.

Joy's sketch in the FBI Files.

Career information
Role Hacker
Signature weapons
Ranged Signature
Akimbo Signature
Melee Hackaton
Grenade Pocket ECM
Biographical information
Nationality Flag of the United States American
Language(s) English, Japanese
Age 22
Physical description
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Build Slender
Ethnicity Asian
Portrayed by TBA
Voiced by Siu-See Hung
Quotes Quotation page
Room Joy's Van
Internal name joy
FBI Description
FBI Files:The ranks of the Payday gang are bolstered again. With the issues they are facing in regards to their leader Bain, it appears they needed someone with superior hacking skills. Our intelligence suggests that the individual going by the name of “Joy”, comes to the gang by way of Vernon Locke, perhaps head-hunted from Murkywater. Could it be that she was also behind the (rumored) attempted hacking and shutdown of

She is possibly the youngest member of the gang, and surveillance suggests she is an exceptionally skilled computer wizard. Behavioral specialists at the Bureau also speculate that she may be naive, with a strong ideological identity, so could perhaps be swayed to become an asset in the future, though it has proven to be exceptionally difficult getting criminals connected with Payday to flip.

Joy is a Japanese Hacker and the twenty-second playable character released for PAYDAY 2.

Previously exclusive to the Nintendo Switch release of PAYDAY 2, Joy was released as a free character to the PC editions of the game as part of operation ICEBREAKER on August 13th, 2018.


Joy's been a cyber criminal since her younger teens. She's a skilled hacker, when it comes to tech and computers. But she also knows how to handle a gun and she's as tough as they come in spite of her young age. As protegé of the shrewd Vernon Locke, Joy joins the ranks of the Payday gang with her cyber-security expertise on offer. With the mounting threat of the enigmatic Kataru, it will be increasingly important to protect from interlopers. This is where Joy will show her worth as a member of the crew.


  • Joy's LED mask briefly flashes in the patterns of the signature masks of several Payday gang members in the Switch teaser trailer, in the order of Dallas, Houston, Chains, Wolf and finally Clover.
    • Houston's mask pattern is omitted in-game, but Hoxton's and Bonnie's are present.
  • Joy is the second Japanese heister to be inducted into the gang after Jiro.
  • Joy is the fifth heister to not conform to the gang's standard suit, on top of also being the first and so far only female member to not wear a suit.
  • Joy's choice of alias and the red-and-blue coloration of her mask are references to her home platform's controllers, the Switch's Joy-Cons.
    • Joy's shoes are also colored after the Joy-Cons.
    • Joy also references Nintendo consoles in her pager lines. By her own admission, Joy currently owns every Nintendo console ever released.
  • At age 22, Joy is the youngest member of the Payday Gang.
  • Technically speaking, Joy does not have her own room at the Safe House. Her accommodations seem to consist entirely of a van that she drove in from elsewhere.
  • One of the pins on Joy's jacket features five dots in a pattern that is likely a reference to Conway's Game of Life, in which this combination of dots can be inputted to create a Glider Spaceship.
  • Being a gamer herself, most of Joy's voice lines are fairly meta, referencing a "heist game", another one asking "when's payday?", and refers to healing items as "health potions", among other things.
  • Formally joining the gang in mid-late 2018, Joy is the member with the shortest staying time among the crew as of the end of PAYDAY 2.
  • Joy is the only playable heister that has voice-lines for all other playable heisters when she calls out for them.
  • Joy's hands are noticeably smaller than those of any other heister, making most weapons fit improperly in them. This also causes other heisters to have a clipping issue involving her baton, Hackaton.



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