Masking Up Edit

  • "Player one ready..."
  • "Time to rock this place."
  • "Let's do this."
  • "Let's rock."
  • "Alright, let's go."
  • "Okay, watch this."
  • "Press play on tape."
  • "Ready to begin?"
  • "This will be fun..."

Calling Crewmates Edit

  • "Hey, (heister name,) follow me!"
  • "Hey, (heister name,) come on, follow me!"
  • "Hey, (heister name,) come on!"
  • "Hey, (heister name,) come here, follow me!"
  • "(Heister name,) follow me!"
  • "(Heister name,) follow me, now!"

Civilians Edit

  • "Wanna survive and thrive? Then stay down!"
  • "You've only got one life in this game, so stay down!"
  • "Drop to the floor!"
  • "Get down!"
  • "Feeling nervous? Count sheep, and stay down!"
  • "Kiss the floor!"
  • "I couldn't care less about you, but if you stay down, you'll be fine."
  • "Please put all your appliances in flight mode. And stay down!"
  • "Please put all your applications in flight mode. And stay down!"
  • "Just stay quiet and let me do my job. Then you will live through this."
  • "Down!"
  • "Down, get down!"
  • "Get down!"
  • "Stay!"
  • "And don't move!"
  • "...And stay put!"
  • "Just stay down!"
  • "Just keep your head down!"
  • "I could just play turkeyshit with you, but if you behave, there'll be no need."
  • "Down, stay down!"
  • "Just stay down, and you'll be okay."
  • "Let's play a game; who can hold their breath the longest."
  • "That's right; behave, stay down. Make me proud of you."
  • "Just stay down and stay quiet!"
  • "Stay down or it's game over for you."
  • "No phones! No funny stuff!"
  • "Just one rule here: If you move, you die."
  • "If you try anything, I'll start shooting."
  • Behave and stay quiet, and we'll get along just fine."
  • Stay still. Don't do anything you'll regret, now."
  • "Just stay down."
  • "No phoning, no texting, no talking, no kissing."
  • "I'm the boss here, and you do what I say."

Dominating Edit

  • "Stick 'em up."
  • "Hands up."
  • "Put your hands up."
  • "Put 'em up."
  • "Hands up, now."
  • "Hands where I can see 'em."
  • "Just put your hands up."
  • "Drop your weapon."
  • "Drop your gun."
  • "Weapon down!"
  • "Hands up, right now!"
  • "Up, now!"
  • "Kneel to the boss."
  • "Now, kneel."
  • "Down on your knees."
  • "On the floor."
  • "Kneel!"
  • "Put your handcuffs on."
  • "Now cuff yourself."
  • "Handcuff yourself."
  • "Cuffs on!"
  • "Cuff yourself!"

Completing a Heist Edit

  • "Pure skill, pure class."
  • "This was perfect. Too bad no one saw it."
  • "Star team! Star team!"
  • "We're awesome, crew! Awesome!"
  • "Ha! It's payday, guys!"
  • "Good game, guys, good game!"
  • "We just proved we can do anything we want."
  • "Ghost gang does it again."
  • "We showed them how it's done."
  • "Ha ha! Stealth bonus points!"

Stealth Edit

Spotting a Camera Edit

  • "Watch out, a camera."
  • "Watch the camera."
  • "A camera."
  • "Watch it, there's a camera there."
  • "Camera."
  • "Stay off the camera."
  • "There's a camera there."
  • "CCTV."

Spotting a Guard Edit

  • "There's a guard."
  • "Guard."
  • "Look out, there's a guard there."
  • "Hey, a guard."
  • "A guard!"
  • "Watch out for the guard."
  • "There's a guard there."
  • "Watch the guard."

Pager Responses Edit

  • "Hey control, I was just upset because the batteries in my handheld died, and I forgot to buy some."
  • "Hey control, how many Nintendo consoles do you own? I own all of them; I'm a collector."
  • "Hey control, sorry, I'm just a little tired. I was up all night playing a heisting game."
  • "Hey control, you know that you calling me all the time like this is kinda creepy. I wish you'd stop."
  • "All quiet here, control. All very, very quiet."
  • "It's okay control, just a cat. Cute little guy."
  • "Uh, yeah. We've gotta stop meeting like this... It's not dignified."
  • "Hey, control. Wish upon a star. What do you want? I want to go home!"
  • "If you could have any superpower, what would it be? Mine would be to speed time up."
  • "Hey, control. I don't feel safe here. I think we should issue rocket launchers, and chainsaws, or something."
  • "Hey, control. I'm just a little tired. When is payday, anyway?"
  • "Everything's cool here, control. Absolutely nothing going on. Yup."
  • "I'm getting a funny feeling. But it's probably just video game withdrawal symptoms."
  • "Hey, control. Keep the coffee warm, will ya? Just a reminder."
  • "Hey, control. Wanna meet up later, and have a brew, and play some video games?"
  • "Hey, control. My spider senses were tingling. But then... Nothing happened. So I think they might be broken."
  • "Hey, control. No, I just found a quarter!"
  • "Nope, no problem. Nothing's happening over here."
  • "Hey, control. Just checking the equipment. One, two three... One, two, three... okay."
  • "Hey, what's going on with the weather this week? It's like... I mean, come on."
  • "It's night, and uh... My watch begins, and like... There's no lands, and it's my death. Alright? Don't fuck with me."
  • "Hey, let's play riddles! What's quiet, boring, and completely pointless?"
  • "Why am I even standing here? We could just have a drone with a camera do it instead."
  • "Oh, uh, hey, control. I didn't realize this was on. Uh.... How much of that did you hear? I'm kinda embarrassed now."
  • "Hey, control. Just checking your response time. That's great, stay sharp."
  • "All's good here. Coast is clear. I mean, all is clear."
  • "Hey, control. I just got chewing gum stuck to my shoe, and I went to the bathroom, and uh... It's a long story."
  • "Knock knock. It's Yuri...You're in for some bad jokes!"
  • "It's nothing, control. I was just trying to mod my radio to stream some podcasts, um...never mind."
  • "No, I wasn't sleeping! Honest. Really."
  • "Hey control, I have a feeling that something very important is happening at your house. Maybe you should go there."

Assault Wave Inbound Edit

  • "Be careful, now."
  • "Watch out, they're coming!"

Special Enemies Edit

Bulldozers Edit

  • "It's a dozer!"
  • "Oh, shit, it's a dozer!"
  • "Ah, crap, a dozer!"
  • "Dozer!"
  • "Shit, a dozer!"

Killing Bulldozers Edit

  • "Dozer down, 10 points!"
  • "Bulldozer down, 12 points!"
  • "Dozer down, 12 points!"
  • "Fraked the dozer."
  • "Nailed the bulldozer."

Shields Edit

  • "Look out for the shield!"
  • "It's a shield!"
  • "Shield!"

Killing Shields Edit

  • "Shield down, 5 points!"
  • "Shield down, 6 points!"
  • "Shield down, that's 5 points!"
  • "I fraked the shield!"
  • "The shield is down."

Tasers Edit

  • "Shit, it's electro!"
  • "Electric man in the house!"
  • "It's a taser, look out!"

Killing Tasers Edit

  • "I killed electro."
  • "Taser down, 5 points."
  • "Taser down, 7 points."
  • "I fraked the taser."
  • ''I shot electro.''
  • "Bye, bye electro."

Cloakers Edit

  • "It's a ninja cop!"
  • "It's a cloaker!"
  • "Cloaker!"
  • "Look out for the cloaker!"

Killing Cloakers Edit

  • "Cloaker down, 7 points!"
  • "Cloaker down, that's 10 points!"
  • "I got the cloaker!"
  • "Downed a cloaker; 10 points."
  • "I fraked the cloaker!"
  • "Dropped a cloaker."

Snipers Edit

  • "Look out for the sniper!"
  • "Sniper!"
  • "Shit, a sniper!"

Killing Snipers Edit

  • "Sniper down, 3 points!"
  • "Sniper down!"
  • "I got the sniper, 3 points!"
  • "Sniper down, 2 points!"
  • "Sniped the sniper."

Medics Edit

  • "It's a medic!"
  • "It's a healer!"
  • "Look out for the medic!"
  • "Medic!"
  • "They've got a medicine man!"

Killing Medics Edit

  • "Medic down, 5 points."
  • "One medic down, 5 points for me."
  • "I got the medic! 6 points!"
  • "Medic down, 6 points!"
  • "Bye bye, medic!"
  • "I fraked the medic!"

SWAT Van Turret Edit

  • "Turret."
  • "Shit! Turret."
  • "It's a turret."

Captain Winters Edit

  • "Shit! It's a captain!"
  • "Watch the captain!"
  • "Captain!"
  • "It's the captain!"

Using Inspire Skill Edit

  • "Move!"
  • "Let's go, faster!"
  • "Faster, run!"
  • "Move it, come on!"
  • "Run!"
  • "Faster!"
  • "Come on."
  • "Come on, let's go."
  • "Come on, move."
  • "Move, move!"
  • "Run, dammit!"
  • "Can't sleep on us now. Get up."
  • "Stand up and fight."
  • "Come on, get up!"
  • "Get back up!"
  • "Get up, damnit!"
  • "Get. Up!"
  • "On your feet!"
  • "Come on, get back up!"

Deployables Edit

Medic Bag Edit

  • "I placed a medic bag here."
  • "Medic bag here."
  • "Dropped a medic bag here."
  • "I've got a medic bag here."
  • "Guys, I dropped a medic bag here."

First Aid Kit Edit

  • "I placed a first aid kit."
  • "Placed a first aid kit here."
  • "First aid kit here."

Ammo Bag Edit

  • "I dropped an ammo bag here."
  • "Ammo bag right here."

Body Bag Case Edit

  • "Dropped a body bag case here."
  • "Body bag case here."
  • "I placed a body bag case here."

Throwables Edit

  • "This'll make some noise."
  • "Okay, let's dance."
  • "Let's do something loud."
  • "Let's make a mess."
  • "Grenade!"
  • "Cover your ears."

Tear Gas Edit

  • "Watch out, tear gas!"
  • "Watch out, they're using tear gas!"
  • "Tear gas!"

Smoke Grenade Edit

  • "Smoke bomb!"
  • "Smoke bomb! The sneaky bastards are using smoke, wait 'till it clears."

Directions Edit

  • "Straight ahead."
  • "This way, here."
  • "Keep going."
  • "Left."
  • "Go left."
  • "Right."
  • "Turn right."

Health and Bleed-out Edit

Low Health Edit

  • "Ah! They got me. Anyone got a medic bag?"
  • "Agh! Can you get me a damn medic bag today?"
  • "Ah! They got me. I'm hurt. Anyone got a medic bag?"
  • "They got me good! Anyone got a medic bag?"
  • "Ah! They got me. I need a healing potion."
  • "Bastards got me. Anyone got a medic bag?"
  • "Ah! They got me. I'm hurt. I need a medic bag."
  • "They got me. Get me a medic bag."

Asking for Help (During Bleed-out) Edit

  • "I'm not faking this, you know!"
  • "I'm bleeding, you gotta help me!"
  • "I'm bleeding!"
  • "Come on! I'm in bad shape here!"
  • "Hey, come on! I'm in bad shape here!"
  • "Houston! I've got a problem!" (Only plays if calling Houston; followed by previous lines.)

Asking for Help (While Cuffed) Edit

  • "Get me out of here, please!"
  • "How about some help here?'
  • "Help me out of these cuffs!"

Low Ammunition Edit

  • "I'm nearly out of ammo. Can you get me some?"
  • "I'm almost out of ammo. Yo, any ammo bags out there?"
  • "I'm low on ammo. You got any?"
  • "I'm almost out of ammo. Anyone got an ammo bag?"

Objectives Edit

Drill/Saw/Hack Stopped Edit

  • "Oh, no! The drill is jammed! We need to get it fixed!

Keycards Edit

  • "I got the keycard, guys."
  • "Found the keycard, guys."

Unbagged Loot Edit

  • "Let's clear this space out."
  • "Alright, let's get rich."

AI-Controlled Only Edit

Assault Edit

  • "Invincible team!"
  • "Go for high score, I'm counting!"
  • "I love the smell of gunpowder in the morning!"
  • "Come on, let's fight!"
  • "Come on, shred 'em!"
  • "Watch the flank!"
  • "Hit them hard!"
  • "Drop a nuke on 'em!"
  • "Keep your heads down!"
  • "I'm counting headshots!"

Acknowledging Player Command Edit

  • "On my way!"
  • "Be right there!"
  • "You got it!"
  • "Coming!"
  • "I'll be there in a sec!"
  • "I'm coming, hang tight!"

Reviving Crew Member Edit

  • "They really hurt you, my friend."
  • "Don't die, you hear?"
  • "You're having a near death experience!"
  • "What is this, The Walking Dead?"
  • "They really fraked you, my friend."
  • "In case you don't live through this, my name is Charlton."

Map-specific quotes Edit

First World BankEdit

Going Loud Speech (AI-Controlled Only) Edit

  • "Listen up! This is a robbery, but we don't wanna hurt you. We're here for the bank's money, not yours. Your money is insured by the Man, so you won't lose a dime. Think of your families. No use risking your life. Don't be a hero, be smart. We're just gonna wrap this up and we'll be outta here, and you can get on with your lives."

Looking For/Finding Bank Manager Edit

  • "I found him!"
  • "There he is!"

Looting Vault Edit

  • "Is this enough?"
  • "No way, grab it all."

Aftershock/Hotline Miami/Any Bank Heist Edit

  • "Something stinks here."
  • "Ugh... What's that smell?"

Shadow raid Edit

  • "One."
  • "One bag."
  • "That's one."

Beneath the Mountain Edit

  • "Murloc-... I mean, Murkies, everywhere."
  • "There's a ton of Murkies here."
  • "All right, I'm on it."
  • "I've got it."
  • "Yeah, we're on it."
  • "Hell yeah, we're in."
  • "And, we're in."
  • "Whoa, hell yeah!"
  • "That was amazing!"
  • "Yeah, that's what I'm talking about!"
  • "Next?"
  • "What's next?"

Birth of Sky Edit

  • "I'm flying!"
  • "Skydive!"

Counterfeit Edit

GO Bank Edit

Undercover Edit

After Alex Grabs Sturr's Limo Edit

If Sturr's Limo Falls in the Stairwell Edit

  • "Ah, crap, it's stuck."
  • "Whoa, that's some grim shit!"

Striking Taxman (To Push Him Toward the Chair) Edit

  • "Sit. Down."

Striking Taxman (To Torture Him for the Passwords) Edit

  • "Time to talk."
  • "Talk!"
  • "You better talk if you know what's good for you."
  • "Come on, spill the beans!"
  • "Talk now!"
  • "Come on, talk!"
  • "Don't be an idiot; talk."
  • "Answer!"

Boiling Point Edit

Jumping out of the Plane Edit

  • "Oh no... Oh shit."
  • "Crap...."
  • "Oh shit."

Looking for the Test Subjects Edit

Scanning Test Subjects Edit

X-Ray Scan Finished Edit

Prison Nightmare Edit

Securing Bags of Necro-Cloaker Gold Edit

  • "One."
  • "One bag."
  • "That's one."

Safehouse Edit

Idle Edit

  • "I need to practice more at the kill house."
  • "Some of these guys are really old-school."
  • "Probably need to get more heart there."

Talking to any Heister Edit

Tier 1 Edit

  • "My favorite website? The FBI. Uh, not the public one. of course."
  • "Running cables in this house is a nightmare."
  • "I need to get this place sorted."
  • "I just really moved in here."
  • "I need some more computers here."

Tier 2 Edit

  • "Never been to Japan, but I should go sometime. My parents are from there."
  • "I used to dislike guns. Now I collect them."
  • "Wanna order a pizza? I hacked the site so that we can get it for free."
  • "Robbing banks, getting a payday... It's like a big game. I like it."
  • "We won't need central heating here once i get my rig set up."

Tier 3 Edit

  • "If you wanna chill and play some games later, just let me know."
  • "Don't. Touch. My computer. Okay?"
  • "I got some great equipment here. I can do anything with this."
  • "Never interrupt me while I'm playing. Just a warning."
  • "This crew can steal anything we want, and I can hack anything I want. Watch me."

Talking to Specific Heisters Edit

  • to Dallas; "Locke is a creepy, scheming bastard, but I'm still glad I ended up with you guys." (only works at Tier 1)
  • to Bonnie; "I'm not into pay-to-win games, but your gambling... I mean, it's just pay-to-lose."
  • to Sokol; "I love ice hockey. I can't believe you used to be a pro player."
  • to Jimmy; "There's something weird about you that I haven't figured out yet."
  • to Sangres; "Wanna grab some beers later? I bet you have some stories to tell."
  • to Sydney; "I just wanted to say, I really love your art. Have you ever thought of switching to digital? I can help you with that. Or.... Anything. Like... At all."
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