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Káng Arms Model 54

Káng Arms Model 54.png

Type54 FBI Files.png

Unlock Level 24
Inventory Slot Secondary
Weapon Type Pistol
Firing Mode(s) Semi-automatic SemiIcon.png
Cost $427,200
Magazine 10
Total Ammo 60
Rate of Fire 480
Damage 85
Accuracy 64
Stability 36
Concealment 28
Threat 9
Internal name type54 (player)
type54_underbarrel (Underbarrel)
Mod stats
At first glance, it may look like a normal pair of pistols but a keen eye will notice that under the barrels hangs a small shotgun barrel, a nasty surprise for any opponent that gets within range.

The Káng Arms Model 54 is a secondary weapon in PAYDAY 2, available as part of the Jiu Feng Smuggler Pack 3.


At first glance, the Káng Arms Model 54 looks like another mid-range pistol, akin to pistols like the Crosskill or LEO. As such, it has high concealment, a small selection of mods, slightly higher damage per shot than similar pistols, but noticeably less ammo, on par with pistols like the Deagle.

However, the real strength of the Káng Arms Model 54 comes from its underbarrel attachment, being a single-shot shotgun attachment with a few selection of ammo types and boasting extreme damage per shot on par with shotguns like The Judge. This essentially makes it two weapons in one, like the Little Friend 7.62 and KETCHNOV Byk-1, only as a pistol combined with a shotgun. The raw power of the underbarrel shotgun enables it to score one-hit kills against many enemies, even on high difficulties without much investment, while having a relatively efficient ammo pickup rate. This gives the Káng Arms Model 54 great flexibility, using the pistol against enemies at medium range and the shotgun against foes closer by, or fitting in one last shot on a wounded enemy before reloading.

While the Káng Arms Model 54 shares the same strengths as the underbarrels, it also shares their primary ammo weaknesses. The pistol itself only carries 60 rounds with a relatively small magazine capacity, while the underbarrel holds only 3 shells, making it prone to running dry with careless or heavy use. The underbarrel and pistol are considered separate weapons for Ammo bags, consuming them twice as fast. Finally, the single shot underbarrel also makes it a poor choice for trying to defend against Tasers when selected, unless the user is looking straight at the Taser and is close up when the taser is about to deliver the shock.

Overall, the Káng Arms Model 54 functions as two weapons in one, and it can even serve as a primary weapon in its own right with smart usage and skill synergy.

See Shotgun Ammunition for pellet count and damage falloff statistics.

  • To activate the underbarrel shotgun on PC, press the bipod key (default "4").



  • Shotgun underbarrel attachment makes it two weapons in one, and can use flechettes for armor piercing or slugs for countering Shields
  • The underbarrel attachment can easily kill maximum force responders with a single headshot on any difficulty and has a better pickup than the underbarrel grenade launchers
  • Takes up the secondary weapon slot instead of the primary weapon slot, and can be brought with the underbarrel assault rifles for four weapons.
  • Absurd skill synergy for equally devastating damage potential
  • High concealment and rate of fire
  • Above average damage per pistol shot for a pistol of its type


  • The underbarrel is counted as a separate weapon for ammo bags, draining them twice as fast
  • Low total ammo for a pistol with somewhat small magazines/underbarrel is single shot with 3 rounds total
  • Underbarrel is a modification that occupies the flashlight/laser gadget slot
  • Below average stability and accuracy for a non-select fire pistol


  • The Káng Arms Model 54 pistol fully benefits from pistol skills in Fugitive like One Handed Talent, while the underbarrel is treated as a separate entity and benefits from a few shotgun skills in Enforcer like Shotgun CQB. To make the most out of the weapon, taking skills from both trees is strongly recommended.
  • The only enforcer skills that can be used on the underbarrel are:
    • Shotgun CQB: Receives both the basic and aced skill bonuses if the pistol is currently in underbarrel mode.
    • Far Away: Receives both the basic and aced skill bonuses.
    • Overkill: The underbarrel may trigger overkill, but will receive no damage bonus.
  • While other skills effect the underbarrel, any skills that increase damage or crits will not apply to the underbarrel.
    • The one exception to this rule is High-Value-Target, which provides both the basic 15% damage bonus and the aced 50% damage bonus at 10m.
  • This means the underbarrel can activate shotgun Overkill Ace, granting a +75% damage boost to the pistol, which can then activate Trigger Happy for +120% more damage. Both skills activated together grants +195% damage, and the Fast And Furious perk's +5% extra damage totals at least a monstrous +200% damage boost for the pistol.
    • This can be compounded even further with skills such as Berserker Ace and/or critical hits from Low Blow/Unseen Strike, giving the Káng Arms Model 54 the ability to kill almost any enemy in the game with a single headshot, except bosses and occasionally Bulldozers. Note that this also requires a substantial amount of skill points to pull off.
  • Bulletstorm and/or Swan Song Ace allows temporarily counters its single-shot nature, though its rate of fire when using said infinite ammo abilities is somewhat slow, similar to shotguns like the GSPS 12G.
  • The pistol's accuracy/stability stats are independent of the underbarrel, so improving accuracy via modifications or skills such as Steady Grip will not affect the pellet patterns of the underbarrel. This somewhat diminishes the utility of flechettes and slugs. Leaving the underbarrel on buckshot is generally the best choice.
  • Fully Loaded basic increases the pistol's ammo count to 75 rounds and the underbarrel's reserves to 4 rounds, improving ammo efficiency.


  • The Káng Arms Model 54 is based on the post-1947 version of the Tokarev TT-33 pistol. Its name refers to the Chinese copy of the pistol, the Norinco Type 54, however the in-game pistol is based on the Russian version, evidenced by the designs of the grips and the magazine.
  • The Káng Arms Model 54 is the first pistol to utilize an underbarrel feature, the first secondary to utilize said feature, and the third weapon underbarrel-using weapon overall, after the Little Friend 7.62 and the KETCHNOV Byk-1. It is also the first weapon to have its underbarrel not be a grenade launcher.


The Káng Arms Model 54 with its underbarrel

The Káng Arms Model 54 with its underbarrel

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