Keycards are mission equipment available in PAYDAY 2. Generally distributed by GenSec, keycards can assist the player by disabling security mechanisms and opening security doors.

Keycards can be picked up and used by any player. Most of the cards are obtained within the missions normally, however some require specific assets or Pre-Planning purchases to obtain. A player can only have one keycard on them at a time, and each keycard can only be used once.

The aced version of the Chameleon skill allows players to pick up keycards while in casing mode. Without it, players will have to mask up and leave casing mode to pick up a keycard. 


Bank HeistEdit

Bank manager

Each Bank Heist, regardless of variant, will have one keycard. This card will either be located on the bank manager's desk inside his office, or the manager may be carrying it himself. If the manager is carrying the card, he must either be tied down or killed in order to obtain it. The keycard can then be used to open the security room inside the bank, containing the camera monitors and one security guard.

A player with Sixth Sense aced may purchase an additional keycard during pre-planning. This card can be placed in the hallway behind the tellers or in the office area near the back.

Note: For the variant of Bank Heist which takes place on Day 3 of Firestarter, see below.

Big OilEdit

On the first day, one of the possible assets located in the clubhouse is a keycard. The card can then be used on the second day to open one of three security doors, one of which will house the computer required to progress in the heist. There is no other way to acquire this card aside from finding it on the first day.


Day 2Edit

There may or may not be one keycard at the players' disposal. There is a chance a small safe will spawn inside the locked office located on the second floor, this safe will house the keycard. The card can then be used to open a secondary door inside the server room, behind which is the server itself.

Day 3Edit

This is a variant of Bank Heist, and similarly will always have one keycard, either on the bank manager's desk or carried on his person at all times. However, there are two security doors, the second being into a service room on the roof which must be accessed in order to set up the drill on the vault. Like Bank Heist, a player with Sixth Sense aced may purchase an additional keycard during pre-planning, making this a non-issue. However, if the crew does not have any players with this skill, and the difficulty is set to Mayhem or higher, the players will have to open the second door with either a drill, a saw, or an ECM Jammer (with ECM Overdrive aced).

Framing FrameEdit

Day 1/Art GalleryEdit

A player with Sixth Sense aced may purchase the keycard during pre-planning. This will spawn a keycard inside a stall in the restroom, which can be used to open the security room containing the camera monitors and a security guard.

Day 3Edit

Two keycards are located in random locations inside the flat. They can be used to open up to two of the three security doors inside the apartment. Behind one of the doors will be a computer, used to let Bain acquire incriminating evidence against the Senator in the event of the alarm going off and Plan B activating.


This heist has two keycards to obtain. The cards will be held by either one of the Russian mobsters guarding the club's backrooms; held by the manager, who can idle in several random areas; or may spawn loose in the map, such as on the beer kegs by the DJ or in the open cubicle in the men's restroom. The manager must be tied up or killed to obtain his keycard, while mobsters have to be neutralized. The card can then be used to open one of two or three (depending on the difficulty) security doors, behind which are the safes needed to complete the heist.

Diamond StoreEdit

One keycard is available. It is used to disable the alarmed glass display cases, allowing the display cases to be shattered without sounding the alarm. The card will always be held by the store manager. She must either be killed or cable tied in order to obtain it. The card can then be used with a keypad located either under the stairs, in either one of the offices upstairs, or inside the security room.

Transport: Train HeistEdit

A number of keycards may spawn on this map, all carried by civilians or security guards. The keycards can be used to open any of the train doors in order to progress through the heist.

GO BankEdit

Two keycards can be found in this heist, and both need to be found to complete the heist in stealth. Places for the keycards to spawn are inside car trunks around the building, lying on the counter of the bank, or being carried by the Bank Manager. He must be killed or cable-tied to acquire the keycard. After finding both the keycards can then be used to access the vault.

These keycards have no use if the heist goes loud.

Election DayEdit

Day 1Edit

A keycard asset can be purchased, which allows access to a security room that may contain the computer. In stealth, this computer can be hacked to learn the identity of the correct truck. If the heist goes loud, this computer must be hacked in order to track the truck to its final destination.

Day 2 (Plan A/B)Edit

If the correct truck is tagged and the players proceed to the warehouse, three keycards will spawn in various locations around the map, and an additional keycard will be placed at the spawn if the keycard asset is purchased.

Shadow RaidEdit

Several keycards are available to the player. The mercenary watching the cameras always carries a keycard. Additional keycards are carried by a randomly patrolling mercenary, as well as the worker in the orange suit with the yellow hard hat, and one keycard will sometimes spawn in the kitchen beside the locker room. These keycards are required in order to open the vault (requiring both to be entered within 10 seconds of each other), but can also be used to open several storage cages in the small goods areas. Generally, it's not advised to open the cages due to the limited amount of keycards and the high price of the armor inside the vault.

Big BankEdit

Up to three keycards are available to the player in this heist. One can be purchased by a player with Sixth Sense aced in pre-planning, and one is hidden in a random location somewhere in the first half of the bank. Possible spawn locations include the canteen, management corridor, and either of the two work areas. The final keycard will be hidden either on the bank manager, who is a balding male or in his safe, which is hidden behind a painting in his office in the management corridor. This safe can be exposed by shooting or meleeing the painting hanging on his wall.

In addition to opening the two security doors (the server room in the first half of the bank, the camera room in the second), the keycards can also be used to disable the lasers separating the main lobby of the bank from the vault area.

Hoxton BreakoutEdit

Four keycards will spawn during the second day of this heist. Spawn locations include almost every desk on the map, as well as the printers and central consoles in the main room. Keycards can be used in many instances during this heist; to lock off doors to the server room, to access the upper levels or alternatively to replace drilling on all doors. They can also be used to open the medical room (for a large stockpile of health supplies) or the armory (for a large stockpile of ammo and throwables).

The DiamondEdit

The crew needs to tie down or kill the civilian researchers that wander the museum to activate and get past the timelock gates that block off the north hall and the chamber of The Diamond in stealth. In loud, the keycards become useless due to the alarm going off, so the crew forces the timelocks with hacking devices instead.

The Bomb: DockyardEdit

Two keycards must be found in the dockyard to open the gate to the dock holding the Moretta (the ship containing the bomb). The keycards are always spawned on any desk with a computer (except for the camera rooms). A keycard must be inserted into the control panel of each of the two control rooms on either side of the dock.

These keycards are only used in the stealth run of the heist. They are not mission-essential in the loud run.


Several keycards may spawn in this heist, their sole use a quicker opening of the security cages, which may contain additional loot or one of the crowbars required to complete the heist.

Golden Grin CasinoEdit

Key card golden grind

The keycard in this heist is obtained by neutralizing a certain casino guest, and is used for opening said casino guest's hotel room so the heisters can release sleeping gas into the vent connected to the security room.

Instead of the generic keycard with the GenSec logo, the Golden Grin Casino keycard possesses its own appearance; A purple card with the casino's logo.

First World BankEdit

A large, unique keycard appears in this heist. It is dropped by the bank manager, and is used for opening the server room, either to rewire an electricity box in stealth, or to pick up the thermal drill and thermite in loud.

There are also two normal keycards in the vault hallway, used for opening the vault in stealth. They serve no purpose in loud.


A keycard or two may spawn in this heist, used for closing the shutter entrances, closing off an entrance for the law enforcers.

Beneath the MountainEdit


At the beginning of the heist, there will be a yellow keycard with the Murkywater logo inside one of the Murkywater crates, used for opening the airlock inside the mountain base for proceeding.

Birth of SkyEdit

One keycard spawns within the diner. It can be used to open one of the two doors in the establishment that leads to a ladder for access to the roof, which may be required if a money pallet lands on the said roof.

Murky StationEdit

Four keycards spawn in a keycard holder located either within the trainyard or in the basement. They may have to be used to open the interior of a train car that is secured by keycard locks.

Boiling PointEdit

A yellow keycard, similar in appearance to the one in Beneath the Mountain, spawns inside the laboratory, used as a way for opening the server room.

The Russian text on the key, "ВОЙTИ", translates to "To come in".

Flash DriveEdit

In day 2, the player is required to sneak past a series of security cameras to grab a keycard on a table, necessary for accessing the security room and discovering the location of the target laptop.

The Biker HeistEdit

A heavily armored female biker will carry the keycard needed to open the security gate at the end of the train in Day 2. She must be killed in order for her to drop the keycard.

Panic RoomEdit


While obviously not actually a keycard, the keychain dropped by Chavez functions identically to keycards, and is used to open the panic room area door.

Prison NightmareEdit

Surviving a wheel spin and the events triggered by the wheel will reward the players with a keycard. The first keycard will be used to enter the prison, while subsequent keycards earned are used to either steal loot from the NecroCloaker or escape.

Diamond HeistEdit

The players need to tie down or kill Ralph Garnet to get his keycard, which is necessary for opening the vault.

Brooklyn BankEdit

A keycard appears in the bank and can be used to open one of the shutters that block the deposit boxes.

Breakin' FedsEdit

A keycard may spawn in Garrett's safe instead of the objective Box, and needs to be used on a black door in the evidence room to get the loot.

Shacklethorne AuctionEdit

The auctioneer's keycard is required for accessing his office to obtain the code in stealth. If the alarm goes off and the auctioneer escapes the map, the door to his office is drilled instead.

The White HouseEdit

The players need the keycard from the hidden safe in the Oval Office to access the PEOC.

The barcode reads "K474RU", leetspeak for "Kataru".

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