Last Christmas
Last Christmas is an achievement that is only available to PC (Steam) players. It is unlocked by picking up a Christmas gift, which is hidden in each heist.

Obtaining the gift unlocks the Santa Mask.

Last Christmas (2012)Edit

Santa mask

The Santa mask

  • First World Bank – Inside the safe by overdrill.
  • Heat Street – Inside a  shipping container in the Inkwell Industrial parking lot on the far left side of the entrance. The container may be closed at random.
  • Panic Room – On a wooden plank located at the 3rd floor outside of the apartment from the panic room. (Look through one of the windows, you can't stand on the plank).
  • Green Bridge – On top of a street light near the construction tower.
  • Diamond Heist – Inside the server room where the CFO is hiding, located behind the computers in the corner of the wall.
  • Slaughterhouse – Behind some boxes inside one of the shipping containers you pass through as you escape.
  • Counterfeit – Inside the escape path sewers (the entrance next to Wilson's boat), inside a cardboard box that is behind one of the metal bars.
  • Undercover  – On the escape part of the roof, under one of the ventilation tubes.
  • No Mercy – In the bottom of the elevator shaft when escaping through the basement.

Merry Xmas (2011)Edit

  • First World Bank – Inside the vault, on the table with the bags of money.
  • Heat Street – Inside one of the police cars, halfway up the inclined road near the end.
  • Panic Room – On a shelf on the right side of the room next to the exit.
  • Green Bridge – On top of the scaffolding, on a table near a hammer.
  • Diamond Heist – Inside one of the displays on the right side of the vault.
  • Slaughterhouse – On the floor in a corner of the container yard. As soon as you pass the yard's gate, turn right and go around a container to find the corner.

Notes Edit

Despite its name, this achievement was still capable of being completed long after the Christmas season. However, as of Patch 7, it can no longer be obtained by players who did not get it earlier, as all presents have been removed and it is off the list of Available Challenges. The achievement was renamed to Last Christmas (previously known as Merry Xmas) in Patch 21 and has the presents back in the game in new locations. Here's the new walkthrough for the presents:

PAYDAY The Heist - Xmas Present Locations

PAYDAY The Heist - Xmas Present Locations

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