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Lucas, as seen in the PAYDAY Web Series.
Career information
Role Drug Baron
Biographical information
Also known as Lucas
Nationality Flag of the United States American
Age Unknown
Physical description
PAYDAY information
Portrayed by Demian Lichtenstein
Voiced by N/A
"This should make Bain happy, very happy."
—Lucas to Isabella

Lucas is a minor character who appears in the PAYDAY: Web Series, Lucas is a drug baron who smuggles illegal narcotics, such as cocaine, out of the DC metro area in numerous ways, both inventive and crazy. He also has the cover of a Hollywood director.


Lucas is a small time drug baron, smuggling narcotics of various kinds from the DC metro area throughout the United States and perhaps further. However, in his public dealings, he plays the role of an aspiring Hollywood director, each film he produces however fails to become a hit, and "flops" according to Bain.

He also has dealings with Hector, visiting him in his numerous establishments, and even witnessing Hector's impressive combat skills when he dispatches a group of armed thugs who were protecting a disgruntled patron. He may well have a part in Bain's Crime.NET, judging from Bain's knowledge of him and his dealings with the criminal underworld and Black Market.


  • Lucas is played by Demian Lichtenstein - the director, producer, and co-writer of the Web Series.
  • In the Safe House, there is a box marked “Lukas?”, which may refer to him.
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