This article is about the wearable face masks featured in PAYDAY: The Heist. For the list of masks in PAYDAY 2, see Masks (Payday 2).

A mask is a cosmetic piece of equipment worn by each of the four protagonists. Various masks can be selected in the lobby, and most masks are different for each character.

Dallas Clowns Dallas menu Alienware Dallas menu Beeef Dallas menu Presidential Dallas menu Golden Dallas menu Infected Dallas menu Troll Dallas menu Secret Dallas menu Halloween Dallas menu Soundtrack Dallas menu Vyse Dallas menu
Hoxton Clowns Hoxton menu Alienware Hoxton menu Beeef Hoxton menu Presidential Hoxton menu Golden Hoxton menu Infected Hoxton menu Troll Hoxton menu Secret Hoxton menu Halloween Hoxton menu Soundtrack Hoxton menu Vyse Hoxton menu
Wolf Clowns Wolf menu Alienware Wolf menu Beeef Wolf menu Presidential Wolf menu Golden Wolf menu Infected Wolf menu Troll Wolf menu Secret Wolf menu Halloween Wolf menu Soundtrack Wolf menu Vyse Wolf menu
Chains Clowns Chains menu Alienware Chains menu Beeef Chains menu Presidential Chains menu Golden Chains menu Infected Chains menu Troll Chains menu Secret Chains menu Halloween Chains menu Soundtrack Chains menu Vyse Chains menu
All Santa mask menu End of the World mask menu Moderator mask menu Overkill mask menu


The default masks.


Part of a promotion between Alienware and PAYDAY. Users of an Alienware computer must be running AlienFX for the masks to appear in the pre-lobby selection.[1]

Players without an Alienware computer can still access these masks by creating an empty file called lightfx.dll in the root folder of the game and checking the Alienware LightFX box in the advanced video settings.


Added in Patch 3 and available to all players. They appear to be references to various games; Dallas' mask a reference to Homefront or Army of Two, Hoxton's mask a reference to the Battlefield games, Wolf's mask a reference to Metro 2033, and Chains' mask a reference to Jurassic Park: The Game.


Added in Patch 6, they are unlocked by reaching level 145. Featured are Dallas as Richard Nixon, Hoxton as George W. Bush, Wolf as Bill Clinton, and Chains as Barack Obama. These masks may be a reference to the movie "Point Break" which features bank robbers dressed up as presidents with similar masks.


Added in Patch 6, they are unlocked by completing all six original heists (First World Bank to Slaughterhouse) on the Overkill 145+ difficulty.


Added with the release of the No Mercy heist, and available to players who own Left 4 Dead or Left 4 Dead 2. Featured are some Special Infected from Left 4 Dead: Dallas as the Hunter, Hoxton as the Boomer, Wolf as the Smoker, and Chains as the Tank.


Old dallas troll

Dallas' current Troll mask.

Part of a community event on the PAYDAY forums organized on August 2, 2012. Overkill developers asked people to spray the release date of the Wolf Pack DLC on the internet in a "troll way." People who successfully participated were inducted into the Payday Troll Steam group and obtained the masks. There is no other way to get the Troll masks without hacking.

The four Troll masks are a reference to internet memes; Dallas' mask is a reference to the Trollface meme, Hoxton's mask is a reference to the Me Gusta meme, Wolf's mask is a reference to the LOL meme, and Chains' mask is a reference to the Forever Alone meme.



A set of hidden masks released with the Wolf Pack DLC for the PC. Each mask references a certain clue from the ARG puzzle that, once solved, leads players to a door within the First World Bank. In the secret's original incarnation, after positive evaluation of the puzzle solution evidence, Overkill invited the players to the Steam group Payday: The Secret, which, along with having the OVERDRILL achievement, unlocked the masks. The Secret masks can still be obtained by recording your Overdrill on Overkill 145+ difficulty and sending it to group's admins.


Added in Patch 18 and are available to all PC players. Featured are Dallas as Frankenstein's monster, Hoxton as a jack o'lantern, Wolf as a demon, and Chains as a skull.


Added in Patch 18 and awarded to all players who purchase the PAYDAY: The Heist Soundtrack through Steam. The masks are Venetian-styled with each character getting their own unique design.


Added in Patch 18 and are unlocked by being a member of PAYDAY: The Vyse to reward players who contributed to his Charity Live Stream. The group was opened for all to join and obtain the Vyse's masks for free when the game celebrated its three year anniversary of being released on the Playstation Network in North America.

Each mask is a reference to some of the challenges Vyse did during the live stream; Dallas' mask being a reference to the Source of PAYDAY challenge, Hoxton's mask being a reference to the Three Stooges challenge, Wolf's mask being a reference to the Bear Grylls challenge, and Chains' mask to the Child Play Charity where the proceeds went to. 


  • Due to how the group checks are implemented, these masks may not show up even if you're a member of the aforementioned Steam group.

End of the WorldEdit

Added in Patch 21, this mask is based on Mayan culture and the 2012 phenomenon. It is available to all players.


Santa mask

Added in Patch 3, it is unlocked along with the Last Christmas achievement by finding one of the hidden Christmas presents in multiplayer. For a list of locations, see Last Christmas. The mask is available for all characters.


Moderator mask

Unlocked by being a member of the Payday: Moderator Crew/Supporters group on Steam.


Overkill mask

Unlocked only for employees of Overkill Software.

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