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Fugitive: Revenant Tier 4
Basic (4 pt): While in bleedout, you can revive yourself if you kill an enemy. You only have 1 charge.
Ace (8 pt): Your Messiah charge is replenished whenever you use a doctor bag.


When incapacitated, the user is given a chance to revive himself if an enemy (or converted unit) is killed by said user during bleedout. However, if the user is fully incapacitated (cannot use a weapon), Messiah will not be available to use, even if the user has killed an enemy target. The aced version will let the user activate the skill more than once throughout the heist by using doctor bags.


It is imperative to ace Messiah as the basic skill is almost meaningless due to it having one single charge that cannot be replenished.

Unlike its predecessor, users are not restricted to have at least one pistol to use. Any weapon can be used, be it a rifle or a grenade launcher, on any enemy. The biggest difference is, users in bleedout mode can choose at will if they want to use Messiah by pressing the space bar after killing at least one enemy NPC. As such, Messiah users can still kill as many law enforcement without "wasting" a charge. However, at any point if the player is fully incapacitated, Messiah cannot be used regardless if a target is killed prior.

Swan Song is sometimes paired, to allow users to reach a more suitable spot to weaken or kill an NPC if teammates cannot provide assistance. Incendiary ammunition should be used on common enemies during Swan Song and after being incapacitated, the player can have a greater chance to revive himself. If not available, stunning an enemy target with electrical melee weapons or the Kunai Knife before Swan Song ends is an alternative solution.

Messiah can also be used on dominated and converted law enforcement as a last resort (although it would be very difficult to kill a fully upgraded convert).

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