More Firepower

More Firepower
Technician: Breacher Tier 3
Basic (3 pt): You gain 1 more shaped charge and 4 more trip mines.
Ace (6 pt): You gain 2 more shaped charges and 7 more trip mines.


With the basic version of this skill a player now has 7 trip mines and 4 shaped charges. The aced version of this skill sets it so that the player has 14 trip mines and 6 shaped charges.


This skill is highly recommended for builds that rely on trip mines and shaped charges since the number of trip mines more than doubles with the basic version of the skill and more than quadruples with the aced version. The aced version also doubles the total number of shaped charges a person has on them, allowing for easier breaching of more safes and doors. This skill is highly useful for transport heists and any other heists that have constricted spaces and mission-critical doors that can be blown open for faster progression.

Having more trip mines is also beneficial for stealth heists, especially those with particularly large maps or tight corners, like Shadow Raid, First World Bank, or Framing Frame. Tripmines activated in sensor mode can be strategically deployed to replace or support assets like the Spycam or Spotter. Tripmines are especially useful when deployed in areas with many corners or low visibility. On maps with many guards, additional tripmines may be vital to success, as they increase map awareness and alert team members to the presence of nearby guards.

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