Noob herder

Noob herder is an achievement that is unlocked for completing a heist on Overkill with three teammates who are using the noob lube crew bonus, which is only available at reputation 0–5. If all four players are using this crew bonus, then everyone will unlock the achievement.

If players attempt to unlock the achievement, then it is advised that they do so on Diamond Heist because, if stealth is maintained during the first part and the codes works, then the only thing to worry about is the assault wave that will start once you open the vault. So as long as the team steals the diamonds and escapes quickly, there is almost no danger, and it is possible to complete this within a few minutes. If the codes do not work, then it is advised that the players restart the map either by remaking the game if they have each other on their friends lists, or by suiciding with fall damage.

The second way to get this achievement in case you can't complete the Diamond Heist, is to request from 3 of your friends who are high level, to reset their stats. If they agree, then it will be easier to complete a different heist on Overkill, based on the fact they know the game a lot more than an inexprienced player. It is highly advised that you also reset your stats so all 4 players can obtain the achievement at the same time. Note that resetting stats also resets challenges but does not reset achievements. If you intend to keep your stats after the achievement is unlocked, be sure to back up your save file before attempting to earn the achievement.

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