One Handed Talent

One Handed Talent
Fugitive: Gunslinger Tier 3
Basic (3 pt): The base damage of all pistols is increased by 5.
Ace (6 pt): The base damage of all pistols is increased by an additional 10 damage.


The skill increases the damage dealt by all pistols, including their Akimbo versions. The basic version increases the damage by 5 points, while the aced version increases it by an additional 10, making a total of 15 extra points of damage.


This skill is often a recommended pick for pistol-based builds due to the nice boost to damage, making most handguns viable on higher difficulties while making already powerful ones such as the Deagle and Castigo .44 even more beefy.

That said, due to it being rather high up the skill tree, and the fact that it only confers a maximum of 15 points of pistol damage compared to the somewhat ludicrous boosts by Dodge builds that are more economical to maintain, One Handed Talent can be safely ignored if one wants to spend their points on more useful skills elsewhere.


  • Despite the name, next to none of the pistols in the game are wieldable with only one hand, perhaps with the exception of the Peacemaker .45, Parabellum, and Akimbo weaponry, thus a character's one-handed talent, if they have any, are rarely ever put to practice.
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