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Overpass Escape. Variant with Bus.

The Overpass Escape is one of the escape scenarios in PAYDAY 2. The heisters are in a car chase which causes them to crash. This escape occurs directly after Framing Frame Day 1, Nightclub, and Rats Day 1 and Day 2.


  1. Stay alive until the new escape vehicle arrives.
  2. Secure any bags in the escape vehicle. (Optional).
  3. Escape.


The group starts next to their van.

The starting points are the following:

  • In the parking lot with the van burning.
  • Under the bridge.
  • Across the bridge from the parking lot.

There is a random chance one member of the group will be down when the escape starts and will need to be helped up.

Bain will call in a second escape vehicle which is either a van or helicopter. The group will need to defend their loot until the escape vehicle arrives.

The escape can be in the following locations:

  • A helicopter on top of the building next to the parking lot.
  • A van behind a gate in the a parking lot.
  • A helicopter on the opposite of the building extraction point at the other side of the overpass.

The roof of the only accessible building is highly defensible because it only has one entrance, and the escape chopper may land there.

If Bain mentions an escape van, then the van will arrive by the parking lot across the street from the aforementioned rooftop.


  • If encountered following Day 1 of Framing Frame, paintings thrown into the helicopter turn into standard loot bags when they become static.


You Shall Not Pass! You Shall Not Pass!
In the Overpass escape, don't let the cops set foot on the bridge before you can escape.
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