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PAYDAY: Crime War
Developer Starbreeze Studios
Overkill Software
Platform Android
Release date TBA

"For the first time ever in the PAYDAY universe, choose either between heisters or cops, and face off with style in this multiplayer PvP experience! Challenge your enemies in iconic locations from the Bank to the Golden Grin Casino. Unlock upgrades and even more powerful gear along your path to improve your load out and gain the winning edge! Grab your friends and abide the law or plan the perfect heist. Who will come out on top?"
—Game advertisement.

PAYDAY: Crime War is an upcoming co-operative first-person shooter action game for iOS and Android devices. It was teased at E3 2016. A closed beta was announced on September 6, 2018, running from September 10 to October 14.



Unlike the gameplay from previous titles of the series which revolves solely around the operations of The Payday Gang, Crime War lets the player experience gameplay from the law enforcement's perspective for the first time ever. Missions in Crime War are set in the same locales as the heists in PAYDAY 2 and pits two teams of four players against each other, with one playing as the heisters and the other as the police units trying to stop them from completing their objectives.

Players on the police side can play as some of the special units encountered in PAYDAY 2, and like the heisters are capable of cosmetically souping up their characters to a certain degree on top of having customizable loadouts.


Combat in Crime War is different from that of the main series, and plays much like a standard team-based shooter.

Bleedout has been removed and players on either side will die when taken too much damage, who will then be placed in a short respawn queue before they can rejoin. Both teams feature non-regenerating health with an "ultimate" ability specific to each side; activating an ultimate as a heister brings out a healing stim to regenerate a large portion of lost health, while a police player can transform into a Predator 12G-wielding Bulldozer for a short duration.




PAYDAY Crime War Trailer

PAYDAY Crime War Trailer

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