Overkill B​-​Sides
Overkill B​-​Sides Artwork
Compilation album by Simon Viklund
Released May 7, 2015
Genre Instrumental • Ambient
Label OVERKILL Soundtracks
Composer Simon Viklund
Producer Simon Viklund
Available stores Steam Store
Band Camp
OVERKILL Soundtracks chronology
PAYDAY 2 Official Soundtrack
Overkill B​-​Sides

The PAYDAY 2 OVERKILL B-Sides Soundtrack was released on May 7, 2015. The soundtrack is a collection of MP3 and FLAC audio files created by OVERKILL's former composer Simon Viklund.


The Overkill B​-​Sides was first announced on February 13th, 2015 on Simon Viklund's personal Twitter. It includes an eclectic collection of tracks composed for trailers, teasers, short movies and websites.

According to Simon Viklund it contains tracks which are "not PAYDAY-like" and ranges from British punk to the Wild West by way of traditional Croatian folk.

It may be purchased on either Bandcamp or Steam. When purchased via Steam, 15 tracks will become available for use as menu music in PAYDAY 2's Jukebox feature.

Additional music can be downloaded for free at Overkill's official Bandcamp website here. As PAYDAY 2 grows, the Overkill B​-​Sides soundtrack grows with it, and new tracks are added for free.

Please note – The PAYDAY 2: B-Sides Soundtrack will be placed in your PAYDAY 2 folder in the Steam Directory: ...Steam\steamapps\common\PAYDAY2\PAYDAY 2 B-Sides Soundtrack


There is currently only 2 official release for the Overkill B​-​Sides.

Release Format Tracks Date Country Label
Overkill B​-​Sides (Steam) Digital Media 28 2015, May 7 Flag of the United Nations World Wide OVERKILL Soundtracks
Overkill B​-​Sides (Bandcamp) Digital Media 28 2015, May 7 Flag of the United Nations World Wide OVERKILL Soundtracks
Mastering: Simon Viklund
Mixer: Simon Viklund

Track listingEdit


All tracks are composed for PAYDAY 2-related trailers, teasers, short movies and websites:

  1. Enter the Hallway – (From the "Hoxton Breakout" short film)
  2. SWAT Attack – (From the "Hoxton Breakout" short film)
  3. Showdown – (From the "Hoxton Breakout" short film)
  4. Double LMGs – (From the "Hoxton Breakout" short film)
  5. Rule Britannia – (From the "Hoxton Breakout" short film)
  6. Hur Jag Trivs – (From the "John Wick" short film)
  7. An Unexpected Call – (From the "John Wick" short film)
  8. This is Goodbye – (From the "John Wick" short film)
  9. I Will Give You My All (Ringtone) – (From the "John Wick" short film)
  10. Zagrebacka – (From the "The Butcher" short film)
  11. Meat and Machine Guns – (From the "The Butcher" short film)
  12. The Enforcer – (From the "Overkill Pack" trailer)
  13. Bad Attitude – (From the "Infamy 2.0" website)
  14. Collide – (From the "Animation Update" website)
  15. Duel – (From the "Western Pack" trailer)
  16. Pilgrim – (From the "Western Pack" website)
  17. Heroes of the Past – (From the "Historical Pack" trailer)
  18. Shinobi Lessons – (From the "Ninja Pack" trailer)
  19. Japan is a Land of Warriors – (From the "Yakuza Character" trailer)
  20. Japan is a Land of Ravers – (From the "Yakuza Character" website)
  21. Happy Birthday March for Payday – (From Payday 2's two year anniversery)
  22. Longbow – (From the "Chivalry Pack" trailer)
  23. Cries of the City – (From the "FBI Files" trailer)
  24. Caves of Cagliostro – (From the "Road to Crimefest 2015" trailer)
  25. They Chose Vlad – (From the "Crimefest 2015" trailer)
  26. Change of Pace – (From the "Economy" trailer)
  27. Fault Line – (From the "Aftershock" trailer)
  28. Sunrise – (From the "Jump Animation" trailer)
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