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"This shouldn't take long, just hold your ground."
Warning: The contents of this section are unreleased, and may be inaccurate or incomplete.

The PAYDAY 2 Secret ARG (Alternate Reality Game) has existed since before the game's release, with content related to the Secret in the Guide of Bain, and hints to the Secret having been added into the game over the years.

Due to the nature of the PAYDAY 2 Secret, this article will be split into multiple pages as it is expanded.

PAYDAY 2 Secret discussion:

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Someone should probably write a more florid description here later, but for now I'll keep it short.

Since the game is still active, the purpose of this page for now is to exist as an efficient reference for literally everything secret related (please keep it in the right categories though, if it's totally random speculation maybe put it in the infodump for now; we'll probably need a seperate "theories" page eventually if people want to contribute the more complex ones.)

And secondly for it to function as an easy source of information for people who aren't super involved in this, to cut down on general confusion.

Keep speculation out of the initial descriptions, and keep the image descriptions factual and to the point.

Secret Related Characters and Groups[]

Overview of all individual parties, organizations and dates possibly involved in the secret, with a timeline; courtesy of Finale.


Old: Originally, an alliance of three "Kings" who shared control of the world with some all-powerful item. In 1814 with the burning of the White House, a Watcher, Baldwin, attempted to steal an artifact that was the source of their power, which would be called Baldwin's Lament. Baldwin disappeared. As a result of this event, the alliance collapsed into a power struggle and the Lament was either hidden away or split up.

It's implied by Wordsmith's avatars that one of the kings is dead - implying that the others aren't. It appears that the Kings are immortal.

New: Controls Murkywater and implied to have ties to Gensec, the Garnet Group, and multiple other organizations. Leadership figures are the Dentist, and Kento, who leads Murkywater on his behalf.

They are also seeking out the Lament.


Led by Kento, and a part of/serving Kataru. There is no indication that Kento is the Dentist's Watcher.

Garnet Group[]

Powerful company that has been hit by the gang multiple times. Leader, Garnet Senior, is mysterious. Material from RvD suggests the company was involved with Kataru, and that they are also researching the Lament.

Bob McKendrick[]

DC Mayor who worked with the Elephant. Ancestor helped set up the McKendrick Museum. Has betrayed the gang- unclear whether he's working for Kataru, the Elephant, or himself.

The Dentist[]

One of the Three Kings, the Doctor. The Dentist is implied to have been operating for longer than would make sense for a person with a normal lifespan. He's been indirectly implied to have either died and returned, or to actually be a demon. This in turn implies that either the Lament gave the Kings supernatural powers. It has been revealed that the Dentist either leads, or is a member of, the new Kataru. Currently holding Bain prisoner. He is implied to be behind the "curse" that forces the Diamond to change hands.

The Elephant[]

One of the three kings. Attempted to manipulate the gang, particularly against Kataru. Was under arrest due to collusion between Kataru and the feds.

Scribe King[]

Heavily implied to be Vlad by multiple sources, including dialogue spoken by Chains in the safe house, his presence of Vagliostro's vault, his cooperation with the Dentist and lines, ingame since launch, about having a mind "like a library". It appears Vlad either wrote the Guide of Bain under the name "Cagliostro," or that Cagliostro was his Watcher, whom he dictated it to. In either case, after doing so, the Scribe King seemingly went insane and/or into hiding, leading to the idea that one King is "dead". This led to the appointment of Lindenhurst as a "regent" to manage his part of the lament.


A "regent" (someone who rules in a monarch's absence) who was murdered in approximately 1905 after hiding the Medallion of the Perseids and giving info about the whole mess to Duke's ancestor, Desmond. Apparently worked for Kataru.


Ancient order that "watched over" the Lament; basically supervised its use and prevented abuse. Treated as analogous to a squires or pages, subservient to Kataru. Baldwin and Cagliostro were both indicated to likely be members. Given some inconsistencies, it's possible the Watchers are also immortal or non-aging. It appears that for at least part of Kataru's history, each King had a dedicated Watcher (though there may have been more than just three of them).

It's indicated that all of the Watchers were killed when the old Kataru alliance broke down. It's further implied that Bain may have effectively become a new Watcher. It may be the case that Watchers also had supernatural powers, tied to preventing the abuse of the Lament.

Like Kings, it seems Watchers wear signet rings showing their association with and position within Kataru.


Main author of the Guide of Bain. Probably also a Watcher. Bain claims "he was on to the Secret." We now know that the Guide was written by either the Scribe King, or by Cagliostro on the Scribe King's behalf.


One of the Watchers, and a source of some pages of the Guide of Bain. Disappeared after attempting to steal the artifact that was the source of Kataru's power, apparently "came to grief."

Bain has apparently been seeking him for some time, as he remarks in the guide's closing notes that "the search for Baldwin continues..."

We now know that Baldwin was a Watcher working for the Dentist, and that he attempted to access the Ark in 1814, using gold he'd stolen from the Treasury. The gold was not sufficiently pure, and Baldwin was vaporized by the Ark (or possibly the Nephilim) in the attempt. This led to the sealing of the Ark and the escalation of suspicions that ultimately broke the old Kataru up.


The Boss. It has been implied that the Elephant was hoping to groom him as a new Watcher. Was being held by Kataru but as of the Hell's Island heist has been freed but appears to be infected with blood from the No Mercy patient, and is dying fast.


I have no clue what's up with Vlad. Why was he in that vault in 2015? Is he a traitor? Associated with Kataru? One of the Kings? One of the Watchers? According to the Vlad's Rodina weapon skin he has apparently "taken down entire organizations on his own" in the past, so he's not to be underestimated.

Only 2 things are certain, he apparently went to seattle and made some kind of arrangement with "The biggest crime organization in the world", going on to say that crimenet is nothing compared to their operation. (although he also says that they are larger than the elephant and the dentist, who we now know are part of the Kataru) He also doesn't appear to think much of the payday gang, not even correctly remembering Chains' alias in their exchange.

Interestingly, he remarks in the Crimefest 2015 trailer while sitting inside the vault room filled with safes that he "spits at the elephant and the dentist" (now known to be members of the new-era Kataru, and that "they chose Vlad and Vlad only."

Obviously this is a joke about the Steam Marketplace, but his choice of words are still interesting considering the entire trailer is themed after the Guide of Bain.

New: He is most definitely a King ("Send my regards to Kozak. And Simmons" - The Dentist, Hell's Island).

Timeline of secret-related dates[]

Material not directly referenced by the devs/game is in italics.

No known date. Diamond falling to earth witnessed by figure with staff, Tuva, no year given. This is likely the first Watcher of the Star- the appearances match.
No known date. Diamond traveled with Ghengis Khan's army, making the earliest possible year 1206.
No known date. Unnamed owner of Diamond, Cursed One, loses it when his castle burns down. Is not shown explicitly dying.
No known date. Second unnamed owner of Diamond loses it, is shown very killed. Figure wears armor/helmet principally associated with several possible military cultures.
Marie Antoinette, holder of the Diamond, arrested by revolution.
Codex Raptus ("Guide of Bain") supposedly written by Cagliostro.
"A View of Mount Vernon" painted by an unknown artist.
Cornerstone of White House laid. French royal jewelry stolen from revolutionary army storage.
1793 Marie Antoinette executed.
Benevolent Bank sacked by the British.
White House burns, as Baldwin attempts (and fails) to steal artifact. Kataru crumbles.
1858 "View of Mount Vernon" painted by Joachim Ferdinand Richardt.
1900 Brooklyn Bank founded.
1905 August Lindenhurst writes letter to Desmond, Duke's grandfather.
1940 Nestor Gang attempts to rob Benevolent Bank.
1945 Diamond held by Hitler at death.
1945 Golden Grin construction begins.
1946 Golden Grin opens.
1948 Brooklyn Bank dissolved.
1956 Andrea Doria sinks, carrying Diamond.
1968 Diamond recovered from diver corpse in Andrea Doria wreck, given to McKendrick Museum.(from newspaper in trailer)
1977 Beltway Bunch attempt and fail to rob Benevolent Bank, at the behest of the Dentist.

The Guide of Bain[]

Front cover

The Guide of Bain is a promotional PDF released as part of PAYDAY 2's Career Criminal Edition, to provide players with a rudimentary manual on the know hows of the game. Judging by the cover, the book itself was clearly originally owned by 'Cagliostro', as Bain has taped over his name on the cover and written his own name over the top. 'Cagliostro' is presumably Count Alessandro de Cagliostro, or Giseppe Balsamo, an occultist and noteable freemason with many stories associated with him and his travels.

Throughout the guide, bain has written down various remarks in red ink on certain pages, some of which talk about Cagliostro, and how he was "on to The Secret".

In addition to instructions on how to play the game, the guide also contains peculiar tarot-themed imagery similar to the engravings from the film "the ninth gate". Each of the nine images is signed by one of two authors, either 'CGO' or 'BDN'. It's pretty likely that CGO is Cagliostro, and many people speculate that BDN is Baldwin, who was referenced in the original PDTH secret.

Codex Raptus (CGO)[]

Codex Raptus - 1792

Codex (n.) Latin for "manuscript volume" (especially an ancient one). Raptus is Latin for "seized", from rapere "to seize".

"Codex Raptus" is likely meant to be interpreted as "guide to thievery".

MDCCXCII is the year 1792.

This image is a medieval-themed reinterpretation of the painting "De opstanding van Christus"; The Ressurection of Christ, by an unknown artist credited as the "Master of the Amsterdam Death of the Virgin". The original painting appears inside of the meth lab on day 1 of the Rats heist and on the 2nd floor of the jewlery store on Day 1 of the Reservoir Dogs heist, and is part of a diptych with the "Last Supper" painting from the original PDTH Secret ARG.

The Criminal Network (CGO)[]

The Criminal Net-Work

This image depicts a jester carrying a bag up a staircase to a small stone tower. There is a cluster of 3 mushrooms to the right of the steps, and a hot air balloon can be seen flying by in the background.

Strategies of the Successful Heist (CGO)[]

Strategies of the Successful Heist

A man peering through a spyglass stands atop a hill, beside a tree with an arrow through its trunk that is adorned with a crown, which has a square lantern containing a key hanging from its branches. Beneath the hill, a treasure chest can be seen burning.

The crowned tree in this image is commonly used in kabbalistic imagery to depict the Tree of life.

An overt reference to this image appears in the 2 murals on either side of big bank's skylight, depicting a crowned figure standing between four pillars, looking through a spyglass at something to his right and holding a single arrow in his left hand.

Tools of the Trade (BDN)[]

Tools of the Trade

This image depicts an area at the end of a pathway between 2 buildings, with a bow drill placed atop a square slab-like object.

The sun and moon are visible in the sky above either building, along with the namesake imagery of the "Wheel of Fortune" tarot card in the Rider-Waite tarot deck. A single gravestone can be seen infront of the building on the right.

Appendices (BDN)[]


A depiction of a scene near the corner between a tower and a castle wall.

There is a small window on the side of the tower closed off by 3 bars, with a plaque with the number "IV" enscribed on it in roman numerals. A steady stream of water flows out of the window and down onto the ground, forming a small river past a wiry-looking shrub.

A cloud with 3 stars under it sits in the sky above a depiction of Lady Justice, who stands infront of the wall holding a sword and a set of scales.

Alchemist (BDN)[]

Extra 1 "Alchemist"

This page shows a man wearing a long garment and a triangular necklace taking notes in what appears to be a small laboratory. He is holding a thick book under his arm with the number "III" on the cover in roman numerals, and has a tongue of flame above his head.

The poster affixed to the wall on the left side of the room is covered in alchemical symbols, from left to right: ☿Mercury, ⊖Salt, ☉Gold, ♎Libra (representative of the process of sublimation), ♄Lead, Antimony, Copper, and the squared circle (symbolising the philosopher's stone).

On the table in the background there is a skull with a bullethole in its forehead, along with 2 beakers containing some kind of liquid. Down on the floor there's a circular rug with a curious pattern on it and a 6-sided die that has rolled a 1.

Death (CGO)[]

Extra 2 "Death"

This image depicts the grim reaper sitting infront of the ruins of a castle, resting one hand on a large hourglass that has run dry and holding his scythe in the other. Death appears to be be playing a game of chess, and has placed his opponent in check.

There is a horseshoe turned away from Death under the table, and to the left of the table there is a wooden gallows with the word "MENDAX" (latin for deceitful, lying) scratched into the side of the post.

Shadow (CGO)[]

Extra 3 "Shadow"

An unarmed messenger stands infront of a castle wall, casting a shadow that is shown to be carrying a large bag similar to the jester in the criminal network.

To his right, a sword has been thrust into the ground.

Prisoner (CGO)[]

Extra 4 "Prisoner"

This page shows a prisoner in a cramped cell, with 2 barred windows and a wooden floor. A small plant can bee seen growing up through the floorboards, and the prisoner himself is shackled to the back wall with manacle on his left leg.

Someone's hand can be seen reaching in through the right window, holding a noose.

There are 32 tally marks scratched into the right wall, and five on the left.

Covered Image[]

On page 19 of the guide, bain has taped his instructional leaflets over the original contents of the page.

The etching partially exposed beneath the pieces of paper is "The Fall of Giants" by Salvatore Rosa.

Heist Timeline[]

This section is for secret-related material in specific heists. List the references in the main sections and keep theories in the speculation boxes.

Jewelry Store[]

  • The interior of the store is plastered in green wallpaper covered with a pattern featuring Fleur-de-lis symbols and the roman numeral "II".


  • The painting inside the meth lab on day 1 of this heist is "De opstanding van Christus"; The Resurrection of Christ, by an unknown artist credited as the "Master of the Amsterdam Death of the Virgin".
  • This painting is part of a diptych with the "Last Supper" painting from the original PDTH Secret ARG, and the "Codex Raptus" page of The Guide of Bain is a medieval-themed reinterpretation of it.
  • This painting reappears on the 2nd floor of the Garnet Boutique on Day 1 of the Reservoir Dogs heist.

Big Bank[]

  • The 2 murals on either side of the lobby's skylight are an overt reference to "Strategies of the successful heist" from The Guide of Bain, depicting a crowned figure standing between four pillars, looking through a spyglass at something to his right and holding a single arrow in his left hand.
    • Big Bank also has the option to use thermite to burn your way into the vault, somewhat in-line with the burning treasure chest in the Guide image.
  • There is a chance that a statue holding a globe will spawn on the upper level of the bank lobby. A globe appears at the entrance to many heists with prominent references to the Secret. The caption on the statue thanks a vocalist who contributed to the "Ode to Greed" song used in the heist.
  • In the center of the main lobby there is a staircase leading down to a pair of golden doors with a design featuring 4 golden arrows. The doors are un-openable.
  • This heist's vault was the first to contain unique deposit box loot, some of which was later added to the pool for other heists. One piece of loot is unique to this heist; an ornate box adorned with a Windstreek, a dutch compass rose, with a needle featuring a Fleur motif at one end. The compass needle points ZZW (south-southwest), with the Fleur at its rear facing NNO (north-northeast).
  • On the street outside the front of the bank, a building across the street features a radial semicircle of golden arrows above its doorway, and directly above it, a small bell tower with a clock set to 12:45.
  • One of the possible rooms that can be generated in the vault walkway area is a hallway with red wallpaper covered in Fleur-de-lis symbols.
  • Vault door engraving: ΑΠΑΤΕ [liar, deceit] Apate, god of deceit

Shadow Raid[]

  • Wordsmith mentioned Shadow Raid in the April 27th Q&A stream, and that he was impressed by the ideas the old secret team had already laid out before he started on the new branch of the story. Specifically, he mentioned that they had the foresight to refer to Shadow Raid as "Sumerian".
  • The only thing remotely Sumerian about shadow raid is the artifact statues, which are likely statues of the Sumerian fertility goddess Ishtar. The bulbous shape of the sides of the statue's hair match some depictions of Ishtar in various relief sculptures, and the red gems could be garnets, which are associated with health, vitality, and well being.

The Diamond[]

  • A monument outside the museum is topped with a globe, and contains the text of the introduction to the [add text here]. A globe appears at the entrance to many heists with prominent references to the Secret.
  • The "McKendrick Museum" has a painting of one of Mayor McKendrick's ancestors in the lobby, depicting him with a pair of scales and a lion rug. The ancestor is also making the sign of the evil eye, one of many references to it, and the star Algol, throughout the heist.
  • The inner courtyard of the museum has a repeated motif at the top of its walls, depicting the Eye of Providence, a pair of balancing scales, and the masonic compass, only with a "C" instead of a "G". While the Compass ordinarily refers to God, it is believed to refer to either Cagliostro or Caesar in this setting.
  • In the basement there are several detailed rooms, including a small library, that go unused during the heist. Developers have confirmed that in initial designs, if the heist went loud and the diamond retracted into the floor, it would enter a secured area in the basement. Players would have had to fight through a separate set of hallways in the basement of the museum to reach the diamond. The un-openable doors in the basement would have led to these areas. It remains possible that this area will see future use.

Lower Exhibition Halls[]

  • A large, unique statue of the head of Medusa appears in the lower gallery, staring either forward or upward. This is another reference to the star, Algol.

Blue Exhibit - Egyptian Room[]

  • A bust of Caesar in the corridor outside the blue "Ancient Rome" gallery is unique in that it has ages of birth and death attached. These dates, 69-64 BC, are inaccurate. Other references to Caesar, and busts in his likeness, have appeared in subsequent heists. The bust also depicts Caesar wearing a representation of the Aegis, the head of Medusa, one of several references to Algol throughout the heist.
  • The stone-like object in one of the display cases in the blue gallery is a bronze gear from an ancient greek object known as the Antikythera Mechanism, an early orrery that was used for simultaneous calculations of the true and mean position of the Sun and Moon, the lunar phase, lunar and solar eclipses, Egyptian Sothic calendar cycles, Zodiac constellations, the 5 planets greeks knew of, the position of at least 9 stars, and the dates of 4 different olymiads. Also, sidereal, synodic, Metonic, Callippic, Saros, and Exeligmos cycles of time.
  • 4 canopic jars can spawn in this room, which have stoppers depicting the heads of the Four sons of Horus: Imsety, Duamutef, Hapi & Qebehsenuef. The inscription on the body of each of the jars is the same on each one.

Red Exhibit - Ancient Mysteries[]

  • The red "Ancient Mysteries" exhibit in the left wing is filled with items associated with UFOs, conspiracy theories and cryptids. Notably, many of these items reappear in the Henry's Rock facility, implying Murkywater/the Kataru are also researching them.
    • One of the pictures on the wall shows a group of 3 people gathered before a giant humanoid creature encased in a block of ice nearly as big as a building. The giant humanoid is reminiscent of the giant mummy found suspended in a tube inside the Bio-lab during the Henry's Rock heist.
  • The sculpture hanging on the wall in the red gallery is a famous sumerian relief depicting the "Queen of the Night". It's debatable which sumerian goddess this relief actually depicts; Ereshkigal, Ishtar, or possibly Lilith. Other references to Sumerian mythology, including a mask and statue of the demon Pazuzu, appear in relation to the heist.

Rear Exhibits & Diamond Exhibition[]

  • The doors leading to the Diamond have unique patterns that are frequently interpreted as either Medusa heads or lion heads. An emblem of an eagle is on top of the door.

Golden Grin Casino[]

  • The gang retrieves the 1st Illuminati box, with the Eye of Providence on the front.
  • The casino is filled with architectural references to the secret, including compass roses and Fleur-de-lis in carpets, wallpaper and ceiling textures.
  • A large fountain/statue outside the entrance to the casino incorporates a globe. Globes appear at the entrance to many heists with prominent references to the Secret. This statue is especially similar to the statue that appears on the Scarface Mansion heist.
  • There are codes atop the cage doors in the vault on golden grin, that were not visible in the trailer, similar to how the Big Bank mural was different in its trailer
B1128 / C3334 / D5578

The only pseudo-successful attempt at solving this code was interpreting it as a Binary Coded Decimal, which results in the message "�(34Ux". This message contains a broken character (in some charsets it's a left-facing arrow), but nevertheless the interpretation of this was that it might mean "BAUX" for the House of Baux, or possibly the Aluminum (Bauxite) apex of the Washington Monument.

This is extremely debatable though, because of the broken character, and that Overkill's codes tend to give clearer answers than a mixed-case Leet speak word interpretation with a random Unicode character in front of it. Alternative BCD encodings have been tried with no luck. [8421, aiken 2421, EX 3]

Prison Nightmare[]

There are 3 messages painted onto the walls above the entrance gate and both underpass tunnels at the start and end of the mission that quote bible passages.

Above the caved-in tunnel to the right of spawn area: "The wages of sin is death"

Romans 6:23 - For the wages of sin is death, 
but the gift of God is eternal life in Jesus Christ our Lord.

Above the entrance gate: "And these shall go away into everlasting punishment"

Matthew 25:46 - And these shall go away into everlasting punishment: 
but the righteous into life eternal.

Above the catwalk over the foggy bridge in the escape area: "He that loveth silver shall not be satisfied with silver"

Ecclesiastes 5:10 - He that loveth silver shall not be satisfied with silver; 
nor he that loveth abundance with increase: this is also vanity.

Scarface Mansion[]


All of the statues in this heist are real works of art that actually exist, copies of some of which appeared as background props in the actual Scarface movie.

  • Statue of a lady holding an orb - a statue of Venus/Aphrodite titled "Venus of Arles"; Musée du Louvre, Paris
  • Statue of 2 angels dancing together - Cupid and Psyche, by Giovanni Maria Benzoni; Hermitage Museum, Saint Petersburg
  • Statue of a man sitting on a pillar - statue of Hermes? he's holding the caduceus rod atleast.
  • Statue in the courtyard of a man leaning on a fallen tree - The Resting Satyr, by Praxiteles; Capitoline Museums, Rome
  • Statue in the spawn area of lady leaning on a pillar - Statue of a Wounded Amazon "Berlin-Sciarra-Lansdowne Type"; Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York / Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Copenhagen
  • Statue by the docks of a man and woman dancing - ?
  • Small gold statues inside the staircase area - Aquarius probably
  • Large gold statue inside the staircase area - ?

  • The statue in the courtyard inside the mansion appears to reference the big bank murals, which are a reference to "Strategies of the successful heist" from bain's guide. He's holding what could be seen as a spyglass and standing between two pillars, while leaning on a felled tree to his right with a square cage lantern at his feet.
  • The statue atop the staircase to the main yard is also suspicious, with a bow and arrow laying at its feet.

Sosa's Mansion[]

  • Inside the main building, there is a large area under sosa's office that is unused in the heist and permanently locked with metal shutters. This could be used to spawn a hidden area in future updates.
  • The mural immediately to the left of the door into Sosa's office is based on the Shadow page from the Guide of Bain. All other murals in the room are loosely based on murals from Scarface- it is believed that only the paintings of a man with a staff, and the seated figure looking at a child with a bow, may be significant.

Reservoir Dogs[]

This is the heist where Bain gets taken, so it's rather important as the point where "The Secret" has been integrated into the main storyline.

  • Day 2

There was some thought taken over the pattern of the loose diamonds on the floor in the garage where the diamond bags are stashed, and whether they might have been a constellation. They're similar to Cancer, the crab, but otherwise nobody found anything that matched their layout.

  • Day 1

The Garnet Group is implied to be part of Kataru, as ambushes were set within the boutique vault itself.

The painting from Rats day 1 reappears on the upper level of the store.

Vault door engraving: ΤΨΧΗΕ [luck, fortune] misspelling of TYCHE, god of luck

  • Information on more recently released heists can be found in the Wordsmith section of the timeline below.


With the introduction of Duke, Commissioner Solomon Garrett and the subsequent Reservoir Dogs Heist, Overkill_Wordsmith, the writer for PAYDAY 2, has decided to take a more active approach to the secret, integrating it with the game's main storyline and giving the community text and image-based riddles to solve. Each image/riddle is listed below in the order they were released, along with information on recently released heists.

Email: "Annuit Coeptis"[]

From: ぶら下げ庭@昨日越えて.com (

He has plundered your seas, ravaged your coasts, burnt your towns, and destroyed the lives of your people.
Mr. Garrett, what is stopping your nemesis worth to you?

1st Cuneiform Image[]


From the hill To the path Of the river
To the crossing of The honored dead At rest
You will find a place Of reckoning

Brooklyn Bank[]

Brooklyn Bank was released shortly after Garrett recieved the cuneiform message, where the Payday Gang retrieved an artifact known as "The Medallion of the Perseids", a circular medallion with a large Fleur-de-lis carved into its surface, which is set with a marquise-cut peridot crystal. The cuneiform inscription around the edge of the medallion reads "for the watcher of the star."

In the briefing, Locke concludes that Murkywater is behind the gang's current predicament, as he is almost entirely locked out of the organization. Following up on Bain's lead on Brooklyn mentioned at the end of the Reservoir Dogs Heist, Locke had Duke examine one of his ancestor's paintings "The View of Mount Vernon," pointing towards something buried in the Brooklyn Bank's foundation, which turned out to be a small metal box containing the medallion.

There are multiple paintings titled the view of Mount Vernon: "View of Mount Vernon" by Joachim Ferdinand Richardt, and "A View of Mount Vernon" painted by an unknown artist in 1792.

Email: Merry Christmas Mr. Mayor[]

From: エンメルカル@昨日越えて.com (

The watcher Has fallen
His end will Be delivered

The pattern of criss-crossing lines in this image were found to be the streets of a small square intersection on pennsylvania Ave SE, down the road from Capitol Hill in east Washington DC. The Wheel of Fortune also appears in the lower left corner of the image, placed ontop of what is a small triangular park with a large tree, on the corner of Potomac And K.

Email: "Downtown building attack update"[]

From: // Date: 2018-01-19 15:27

Sir, Forensics is still analyzing the evidence recovered from the the site on 14th, but now that everyone is back from the Christmas break I felt that a short update was warranted.

We can confirm, as you expected, that the site appears to have been used by the Payday gang in some fashion, going by cursory analysis of the evidence. Just about all of the equipment we recovered has been destroyed beyond repair; some of it has even been mechanically compromised- drilled through, as well as neutralised with the usual electromagnetic methods. The hardware seems to have been a mix of home-made and cutting-edge industrial tech; whomever built it was no amateur tinkerer. The Lab is attempting to extract data from the pieces recovered, but they are not hopeful at this point.

DNA analysis of the blood we found is still pending- there was a lot of it and separation is taking longer than the lab expected. The variations and types of spent ammunition casings found strewn about on-site would seem to indicate mercenaries were responsible for, or at least involved, in the attack. They were professionals, at any rate. For example, they hit the place exactly when the DCPD would be slowest in responding.

The oddest thing we found was laying on top of all the debris on the top floor, where most of the blood was- a piece of old textured paper with what looks to be a hand-drawn figure and inscriptions. I don’t recognise the lettering, but I’m attaching a snapshot of it. The image has also been forwarded to our research people for further study.

I will have more for you soon, Sir. In the meantime, please let me know if you have any specific needs.

This piece of paper was recovered by the FBI among the debris from Bain's hideout on 14th after it was raided, presumably by Kataru.

Visually, Nebuchadnezzar here appears very similar to the man in the Alchemist image of The Guide of Bain, and also looks somewhat like the person holding a staff watching the meteor fall in the diamond trailer.

Top      | נְבוּכַדְנֶאצַּר  Nebuchadnezzar
Forehead | עִיר        Watcher ('iyr)
Chest    | נפילים    Nephilim / Giant

MUDUTU Seal #1[]

Added to the FBI Files on February 6, 2018, is an application labeled "MUDUTU", with half of the labels in transliterated Akkadian ("MUDUTU" meaning "knowledge, awareness, wisdom"), the other half in Latin, and its function not entirely apparent on the surface.

It has two fields, one labelled ATU (Akkadian for "gatekeeper, porter"), the other labelled KUNUKKUM (Akkadian for "cylinder-seal"), and a button labelled "ERESU" (Akkadian for "to ask, request"). Pressing the button opens a new section below, which while processing reads "Manere" (Latin infinitive tense for "maneo"; "I wait"), and all results are headed with "PHURUM" (Latin genitive plural of "fur"; "thief"). Pressing the button with missing fields returns "ERRATUM: Deficient", where pressing the button with filled but incorrect fields returns: "ERRATUM: Non recta deducto", translating to "incorrect deductions" in Latin.

From these labels, it was assumed at first this was a sort of messenger app. However, solving the riddle in the e-mail that was added to the files alongside the app and putting in the attached block of encrypted code revealed the application is a decoder.

1st field | ATU = Gatekeeper (cipher)
2nd field | KUNUKKUM = Seal  (codeblock)
button    | ERESU = Request

Seal #1:

top     | fleur de lis - hollow part reminiscient of the gem in the medallion
left    | alchemical symbol for air? (likely intended to be the eye of providence)
right   | alchemical symbol for salt?
bottom  | silhouette of the reflected diamond symbol 

(For information on each of these symbols, please refer to the Lindenhurst Pages section below.)

Email: "Shenanigans"[]

  • Answer: 35990 (36000 - 10, Alalĝar's rule minus the magnitude of the 3rd star in ALGOL)

Long was the rule of Alalĝar, diminished by the luminosity of the third idimmu in the heavens.

9AgXrvemWrETWlB3DwJjuU0FTu3qdTqGZ76TpSy19QdIiXAoLYJRm3If5OvgHB5j gd+oeIql1Jg//Oj2P9rXXNTruwoJshC5lB4eZvwpH/It8RoSk1l9YjV8zihqOb9x W2kSe5ZNTbF3gFVQNB5vXxB0jkw6YENSI+lIIfYTWGjj/qdMMhP95JForR25TYL3 zLZ6bwdCa5bqwk9Imdasi56GvMZr2uBL95WhiQY2k5OCorNxJfq7T1HWkjTQYRll 4dcTGBKa0L7SOBhpnXQUucQCg5M2bFquX8cWfqQ5Us3BcDuvD2AA4KOPZT4VdN7i vySPaw6WZh9AbCVimaGHA9f4VywWmcw+bowFpaN7R6aF5zkODO2EDQNdSywwhLcH 4f/oO+qbESRjJx7Xsf3ZhcbG7ZOb+oxFqveCSNyf/U7TdRhmF+8nslKgSuBIJF9N xQv7RdR1VGr+uq8YhVRRtgU7i9Q/HrUpbfTMVybPmLfSmZ27X9GjRnaWSgQ5m9+j 2i+fKbHWl2F64RCakTugQ2RmqEJE1KeZSLREmt/7LOKlINPz/0pCHqv4FB1msiQq XcqpqJ2uuDg9T60kVcXDC2fE/ArFn+EyzpMjzK0DK+UAlw1FHxyjVEFUXqXVMdVK 5eZeoddVtOP9+Qz9CRd1CqcD7LeAJjutBbGrT0F0H9kJ2YE9MaP4jbztSRTX32aD j5vjYZh2L+48DURqr34eSRJDNe1bT0DNv7euUXI+1+ysrZ3bSpZzZsx2qXP8rjeT co8J3SMXLsWd7t6it3Oo81h9RjV6WchVbUqS8D28eo+l9+6vwCngp7ml8fzZfPyZ 1lqsZvhsdZqMDGUDKdgoWs9rwBrVecQ6VovRS9TXPHEgBmEYXrzXbmE6ubne1CKU k8Cyl+Zjad83/d33HbHMyClrAKXnh3i5G6WSyPjvT0vkS4ZfdiUD3IUzl+/U50fP IVw+V4qdXhVgvsQ0yolZztBlgukOY9mq/FccZWu3JmeKpmM4MzmJS30OlOzQsMXc GJdlGnC6VkozMq7SDeoofU3OeSNf5BDIlJWIsepgSgsLH1acyuduZXxygPgF7HtL 7FlFLuJ3RsjWqMs+VVbVyQm7TnjeyA43ycFUJqmgHWk8B6gYBvUYDO4AohERFyBZ 2USARmFKqZS/YnS20gcbe9DFdiWlbLI6qsiPXwRECg2F7dA4qOVl6/KEFaZlCDYq xFGQMLY42CmysDj5/D1c7mq0omFEm77wRVteQbA1f8SOflKpdPFw3KmOeSP9O/lu 1Nr1x/3PkYjJh4ffHDOrz/wCUGKkT3qZ7DGy4hDR3oxHKibxn9OsMf5WQ4Z6HQUw /1yGpyA820IKMmeKFtbtUV/DOu4hbYtbo5B91Sly2gfgqy6evvB4HZusq6zYJFqG S9ZYCk5Og6fMpu1jHktBiP4EF1OnvueESmNfVl9ls5qJ+gVXE+RzaSgbnizKgljz jMFtYNN+xvewY3nquwPkVjooG40ppLm8v1sW1cJmasccTyoh4BIhRCeFlH584ZE3 PvGf0mnkXICfBe/SdWj/kqbXgMQhERWAjgsIEDkNOJ/ZlYrNznNccmXlB/C1/GKG iLJ1jX4X5NkU93MdQSJrMZ5sGyGlFpD8o9jAPAOVTiDZED8W0Jf2gioxQ8N8weez


Commissioner Garrett, you are no doubt aware by now that our organisation has taken the liberty of locating and removing the individual known as “Bain” from the criminal underworld. We are sympathetic to your frustration in not being able to bring him to justice and thus offer you a proposal.

There is a certain individual in Washington D.C. who is in possession of an item that belongs to us, and we would like that item returned. The individual in question happens to be a person of great means, as well as a member of the United States Congress, though not a very honorable one. As such, he has surrounded himself with quite stringent security and it would be difficult for even our organization to reach him and conduct a thorough search of his offices to recover it. You however, could do so, if you would be willing to set aside your oath of allegiance and strict adherence to the Law in this once instance, for your perceived greater good.

We are willing to aid you in your charge of ending, provided you facilitate the return of our item. Tomorrow, at 06.30 AM, we will have an associate waiting at the donut shop that is closest to your office. If you are interested, meet him there and you will be provided with more details.

MUDUTU Seal #2[]

Evidently fed up with the Yakuza's "shenanigans", Garrett sent his own encrypted message to the cryptic party on March 6, readable in his outbox. Alongside the new e-mail, the website also saw the change of the icon in the MUDUTU application.

Seal #2:

top     | Fleur-de-lis - hollow part reminiscient of the gem in the medallion
left    | Eye of Providence
right   | Fiat Lux, or possibly the Ouroboros
bottom  | The reflected diamond <|> "Created Universe as Reflection of God" 
center  | The Hyle triangle
message | "KATARU", "Alliance"

(For information on each of these symbols, please refer to the Lindenhurst Pages section below.)

Email: "You like riddles do you?"[]

  • Answer: 9192631760 (9192631770 - 10, the number of cycles of a Caesium-133 atom defined to be one second minus the ratified articles in the Bill of Rights)


Time is something we never have enough of, but looking at the smallest unit can make it seem infinitely long. And subtracting the number of rights I have sworn to protect, makes little difference.

hd2ua8TsDbw53XTQhc8CGwJKssJrIjjupEAlI2qCth/Gp7CIPBXQQ/34Nao6Bvoa m3FOt/8BQcDoaByDG42zbzR9lX9c+XpNfbBalpTQ2rtLaBJzMtjypIrLoSfxwUJS ZUl7zwO2pQLfF9MBu+9BtceYuRNEQZR1hbkexmTXD5yzVpSeP1CZZTeSFWSYax9m MObv97UgigMdeGJ0UjUQsr/MG2l9fts4esnGkk/mwG95FgPh2Utzn5v9Yq9SJite XAfEOHJ78LUsQXMIFHA+XNHif8xwax3KtU5ElSiqfWrfV9vXZsViKTDyjBimBu21 e9uqQ3f0w2ThmpweCCkByJWwx/bbvRrZxTDcZXq9EBt30OPzsZ8B2wfgX2KaKRRO apkdxWXi1omjzcD13+yk7RojTxzXP678/JoPlB+KIGTzLHhLjsPdJscdrM6vOhmV yZY5H7ElGxKPeZJXok8ZibKRc7/HCVAXpT2yOtu+uP66t+/A21Jh63Yh1Pp9kKNY c+BLvvHSBITrFBHf2gJJavUWRf0aLWRUTUreo3BzQhjaMWPS5nZPMNjjRkspg3X1 j+sNjIKrM7A2qtlzQJWkli6LngD4ynMjG9I0HfPjuJb0HPIthFg7OIMyC9Wnauve JEMX+4AI8G8geCPhIia1Fu7Y5bKTirLpzDF79uBdzUL8cM+prJaH8asc94n777io yQ24v6CetMhyLcUiwy+LYxjQC2baeb8h7n1Ji40ZrSspWOybVBFmP4yfMMwQhdZ1 bCgJR5sXkFPw8VA45QeN3FuCDyz2zTfGCKOdK8ZV9dziM8jMAHc3uhMOUTNm/eI9 L4apYENPP8xRLSvCiG3Fpuq/GPK0sxm5GVldJIQpkgdFOnH4wnINGHAIiiNKxP0T ocKM3Q3VtrcEdhJw0KIs7TN+QSb4vETJeW/f2R/c/9kRb8d9Bo8j5dQ05plao9sP AhUZaH/iDRI4nDrMRxW2WeMjou0IJQH5UVTJqIGIf+VTfAMSGr19jyaHohBWF0v/ GgiVbJy0f8pmTUUdQ8dIzXtjpUJXiN/rAE5aIYFJ3KvNhlF5ccl+acnnrTK4/l5I 0exL158qfMTbYpNf1g/Pge2GGfKpsw8ZftR6ZDdc4J5geGABm/xANwGXc3PW3DOr X+pNN7obj8/LUFQgEjU5VKmiRuAPj10qlwuFmdpAkX01sp/T1LxCEldA4uU8PNsl irmVxFI+Uldk6jH8KaM65M8rNsqRsSoPNy0iGmqYFEqcX+4zOoNAwhPv1OusXUjl A3EeEAaFW5wMXNRZlc6sO1/3Iypzq1i6tjBuzHcjmTT/ZF6mA97Hd2mGH4GanN0K


I met your man. The materials he supplied are being looked at to confirm they will hold up to legal scrutiny. To be clear, I have suspected he is dirty for some time, so despite the manufactured nature of the “evidence” you have provided, as well as any intent you may have to compromise my ethics for nefarious reasons, you should know that I will lose no sleep over this, illicit or not. Locking him up will be in the interest of serving the greater good.

Therefore, provided this item you claim ownership of is not overtly dangerous or has a highly illegal status, I will consent to release it to you in exchange for the individual known as Bain.

I am however concerned regarding the reaction of your representative when I asked him about the current health status of the prisoner. Justice will be served either way, it matters little to me, but it would have been preferable for him to stand trial.

Once you confirm receipt of this message, I will begin preparations to apprehend the Congressman.

E-mail: "Just so."[]

The next day, Garrett was sent an email containing encryptions within encryptions, along with the MUDUTU icon changing again.

Seen through the eye that is no longer there, a mirrored image creates and results in how many unique individuals?

52Q7kkedSBUy3yVKwkdXjhUieUgrH8tKawDdxzkz59az0najFZNJ3yOB/ESqn38/ lzUhv6Tw+eXLaVH+bVSbdftRpBBtWGEJOa1Mu8YMaANuOJ3S6f2YJxhms5xIhqFs V3SfufMwBKFO0tEpcc1DlrVEyo2ioEjk2jf+CK1jPt3++3asfng3bNKnkuNV6z7n E0AV3kDdLQ4y8rJKc1hkIKHqZBc5RSEJKr8tk7OrLtaA5tJ75tT49IbYYETyfnPa j0qFK2MAHn05EFUKGmpkIdN7CqiTKltWWYlBrVfwrUuza22mjRGtEKbCNMi4xaKl d55Ia0bhmeuTuH9lksn8umw54mbbppLIM6s2AyonS6ePrQScc73sDWNweQ3+eTaq y6/40vSc1PeTp/RgfYTC1YXdyiDtVnNu7dq3YRFnzj7Jw2+OlPBWP4G6vB7B3pV8 SHsGMPAO2wgM1GDpwmMGI5fKwCYwucHR+e60YjAkAV79mgK1Red6G655AbuFej/o UPLwYVqFIEyxCFmCvG+4s6irNiS0bE7iGrM88gdYYvvxSfiXHJkKQptWVlH/su2t dEh7tKAEo+hdOpuA8ithJ3K7VHOkntD1jy6GBkoDrVT8Ri/3+lxsOBpt/xGg1Q82 K+aQuPXB3zatXQtvdPkVGjJ3CPtkzwmqDM52YJqdx/Hl0f7zcV4cGPvNDFOitG7T Olg4MpU/sp0nDYAKr2nSbw995v7ZhAjvUF6gy5anvPGms51QQ29ZLNjaCcJNT/26 zjc5dPIjh2kn0fjVtoCrI2obKSKk48QlDqJTiicIIghvGdFUyJ55A2vQLm8Wytcn fvsNs0pX0j/yliEje2jUur/Xny1miX14Nd5aQx0dwt1gbyYaVS9gIirHWrxIQgqQ qV1OYs4ZGy+WMmN83PF7oHPOanYWSNUAb+MGiVP0VCXr1KaIf18rJGIQXB5BAQnP 9XW0R3QuGeBr1+9kgZE7gSlpZJv2RFZ1xTiYBYWb1GFXV+xBZvUltJgfq0ywLGkZ PFyOncJA4uy47D2K2ct9H/PrBv0nzUu/uApslmdwp9pbx4BCEMz8uMJ/aOau+UkX hL+5GgyEll6/n6upMsm79Afz/TT4Rw95+MSJS3bqcGAqZuIgETCz1AcKm00NweEk 3/mrMWTbj8nF6lSp3y+vVz+7FbAsBGZbSQieENhS30CB96qeJ4fnEaY2/RbEfi4C BRk/G/4DY3XtGnWx72fNtiopfRtcZVCbvSzn0q/VMSKidrAX3fEQuyyACmZqTP8n ZLW+gX12Ntnc18gc/GGqbVNJmI9nD1yCNF4KA69t5m9B2uTsUeyKcbXDUL94N7ew AX1910GznLaDGHtm7hX5NNl+j1BIQoqgtDsm7gJ2AewmXqZxdtbiHsDPfx9xPWIM g7b3Nd9YA6H3d9VbhiGKqI1FQWlZd8A8paxNFSwLZQELKJTDyUAsgQc8TBw0kCXN 4ehJkS8bYNtKnFEuaOmQeYmBYmiLFe96ntNNSvaXoYFiN9AgqyOL2yr8HaNKmCcw lONhtMzGH5TYvKjqr0wwee4oyF3wziLcIHd819xbHmpN491uypA0SRt1xmC2YdnM b6i+2XJQcXRNd6cCIHiHzJkZe6hw4H6GJ2EUiK6J4BC4qIJY8Ku2RliYz3O2yX5Z iwyybIimTDOfQr47Os1cT0eZExgFm/rNZWbnI21ogsNKoAdrCdiY1ag6r4xsbgED K8BNIw5CWoA+N625GPYF21t5fmvclFvwysm88HUhL9N22A5jisZ/zgXcR3AlkMOA IAZL9lpLAQeqSFHn/yu/sczb2eZ+zaRBBesnNyjNTq97WqILD2egsEH7STEJfjOn GP09L/scMUCKt4CtDKMJAXsV00t9HuJH34t53N5xwXDzLh1BPvqHyI1v7rmYFCLb HPxh/TPbQrLnKeahfUatHgfMPYSPgV/cgieDA9YRSPUF5XCCk8+ZVaQcIbf7qYzH KDF9lwnoxmfufJFMYOpWQ6Zv97GOMxNRHEtYuKrY1QxduDtazXcTEBj4Htkd6IWs 44cgqGPSObkzWDe5yLW5VYC8hYdPIDtAVxgsjmC+IPyP8ITTw24XJkFhCawrLMQI mKK70ODxhUfjsZSNJ9AQH2eQ5InVAY1fJ9B3jGvazDxkLTfvKjiFQZtGDmohPBGB iYi6hhFk7pXG/8HZWV0K2cC5cKw9l3eQRI3PAhcGEf2HlIRciVEkAEpDB8ibwIPQ CV1OQCrid5K+oqdiqJxIBsgLHBHFb1Sm7lkK/02KHHiicwFRdrlKTOCfgZYiykut DPLfA8h0YydfSO4H00Wj4QhGggWonVpcFndbo2FrBsjeOUcM7pIskkRYvpGL4n25 L7igpO++BLSW2thZCrokMN4NNeYIRr7UBWTFFexQy81fy929qmwe2FuCj1kVyC60 ipLprbAmwRqzMJyoGL1UrP4oFna2I1qPxeKJDevo8IHDmAsM45PQfV1jHFq2rwGv wmYoFpAsqb0LNUoTBZ1XUpbQr+xH2V56tqZaoR4xM/vSZw5wHMwu/UOB19AB7Al1 PNjlk998Dukl96TwKz9efXjMT5kzhYjmNLYEPrwPJKGdav+LAISWehlsCOG0RIb3 PHpCUBPqLujT1EFb3B4VZQzV8deydmI4ZjJUIrdUdnpRE+IHOX9lI7fZzedpxCAd FrEETXmctHHIznmq/+XgWvpWbHxv5CTZoYrlbEfatefEyP8omwpJMPH4w7EXzREl CKTYICtED18ChAoSzY0hfk4oXbwBZVMUcdc9bBCS+kOFa0Wf+YpvOAlAk1fKFOaq 65jEpBuUXEwF2sOkPCprLbzkWJ8tSAiGaXRcwQ4cWHAD4vCTo1NAJIBYYDJH0DcM yNaGOAZav0LrBYQhJHez9EArsUw7XXbXc1HEJYOXqSPrnTUISsdmOkUNE3E2vjxU


I am ΑΠΑΤΕ. In ancient Sumer, he was my nemesis and the light.

N/ebbW3NYj6UdQnBEW5tpPJmY/2VDVv7vu3U5flX+y/mDOAXRLA3qJa9tC1zBw ktDpwER78eK9BmSRH0Vdki1jqhWSL2ogk5fYyMJFL4GLcA5r4bq61qPhpTanlHbz 0qpq/7KeuiEIf31WkNyMCJm9+0P/4ZYw8Ec99RHgW9CGw29flbzCWRnDeMfIvkj6 H2B9SaC2sCSJAntluu+v3hyo4A7FwnvS3LgOOze7tkUhd81nP2CLWl0gNCuZ7nBT Eqd2q6/8zrhjcszRe9/g99iidGQrihS3+haZA7xc5ZQFAZX8Jkl6eXl3TqHzc+am 4zdVCA5cvled4n8+Ifb4sG8KYgALmcdZOC/qtYvfHtKnGDOgFK9lbMUHqid370QW oA5Klq3TPoZd7g3v5RvptQmqr0h/RIBmn/aomOo2vtwdu6ceznASDi3BaV8QK2sq gn7RoRhwowJWHo/Ij/OSJ9S3cnfdAlzrPI2E3CzYx61miiDc/e0gAsv0wf4d4dGk Nqy4P+F0MYEVarVIaUR7NM0eIjrcrBL9GrwOq5cabeC9McZY01fdyylO5iYa5rDL ZFqYY3bZmLOcMQf/0oFI1wzsccFoOYbwBTaWWrI6CNvhh0cjTuwYVjqkSR9+iL/f CW0Lu9rYazeOQmGXxSrgCZxPZkDvKDek5mW6Gt/rtJo3mfN0YQVwCm4mGLQVFkX7 XArexZ2TYjz8us8EMEsAwFnwnuPIdZAGLSa/EI0/C7WC9DJOX8YYOFbnjnB+0k/0 TpvXeHrGdNXNSYILKGbit0ZhPsKGfpPcIdPJameQecC2FBUg9t8R/2AGpepO1E2B Ya6kCBy4dTT5F6BYhkgKf+ukeAEK12PBoQerpSi4Jofpqhyo1oZSXoJyD1n67etn jD1O2lXJ6SsuhTdCI6+yJBqfbTTvN3U8zdkDmqR3gcOIDPgs1WFgM10D8x0Q4e4z fgpBg8a5KdL6VZeFi9ML3kIUEKxoyuTPYVSS0oHprwL99bcjRsiDfjf6mG5qjEbO zOG21HwgItiKDZFnqJ93Ul1t9npzLAtmsyqp++Jgun2qN6KXlhuHHx6murjIkV+d Bb8wyi/5WunDDXwafC9/Cr1yLvEB4X9KXl3zrABIGbGGF5q+PZ2+4MhZiWq2VE4f Gnluy3oPHsZ8+PH6SWDo2sBSpSnOIsaTSSTABHQwoUM1JEFONlOgdWC4DmMlikTW of9hLKkSsxfMEegLydAwRK0D49qBWvqCeWsgAvDR41IV7+dUjV+1XB86w6Skwyiv cI+mR1Qnfr8qB7ClDANVl0mE5ki44Xpea3e1SzIhRG6bbJzGWHZdJkyt9yRpbjst Zf4a+c6c+35AcNb6k9WjywLd2X046hYjWhX105p8xl1gVxR0TpN6IIMKHuYx+9yJ jK1kZci5gmzKG25AeprXvZmHMPAmuinCiLd2PJ1MwZRiFbLb0p/fuPtGfnRoEokI 6UKFNAOgJbKPoUwYaixvWR6pS5ibJZ50+ErtMIkbL/oyKlyfTmKp71oTfcp286qd Guke6jYCkKgw6KjsLQoxId375m1Ikx/oaWWvzkVyGlACAsq2IQLwrAaHc7WUA8vs DSH1e9DlXcSBWmHr5ttBBSI487mXGLvougWdunyi41Z1/uae9z3DxyaXfdC6Fwzw WKBMwZl8hOgqx1jnioZO4m02YABPo59Er/5nVknledZFBPHwi4Rp6qMTHjhc3ZWs MvqjyVBVJ6inutXZPPFRkz38Fdt9u7C+eqCEgW1CJ0C9yLpfYm2gtDoTQ5ORB4u/ x/DqcwkoNv/d9DWuTCm2+5Ny0RvA3zzaFaQO2l5yuWaNcRm5gOaSZY8BKbV2LtMC OYsLd/QkRSuAG+I+OhtSSzi4tpV0wYZdmn0gGG2/sYMge2Es/FhNr9OAolrR9hfa 8HvdU4llgNDhqWIUczEcrif0M6iWA/SroqAoT4Gfzn0nmxturczWwNtJnISN1Puy AjydRuUvx4M4cBBfrQmu2r9Sx7630mtgGbxSJDBY3omHfX+fXRtteGFOmLag54kU Dja8WbF6k56B6LvdbmWtQOa5Z+TtpxFdWH0TZvRrfnOYLwazx1q196QWDOGoWQ51


(Key from previous: Utu)
(Note: Putting "99999999" in the ATU field returns an incomprehensible jumble of text, interesting given the wrong answer with most other encryptions, and other answers with this encryption, return nothing)

I am the traveller farthest from home, but the time of my departure was not of sadness.

rgrYJQpQTq0mSA976IuiVRfS9Fnfvl140iI5d8LyLis/J/7s7yHwCtw3I78c5H 5+2sqvKt4et8JWAsY7MXQ7bzzfahGBCDMt0Dl5196k5JzZSqZB8xIpWLx09pZxY5 biXYWaTZU0u+oLOR/md9gKRpJBxff5p3Kn62GiDwbYqzgPeDxMTrCiClwjFR0E54 7OyzZk9BU6qHcEozUP3SSSrmTwmqR3whoLR+AQIMeUDIfG2U/gj++QpLBufNYs+I nObaFJgKinpim4Fhy7Hlxo5wBTZuvZP0NKgJryHOu7GPFpakDL6YbUAJh3sPWbxh 3L3gdk71/7AQRuEblRad1F3vPDeWq0ta3FNKLMpvVQJ4l5DAAJ5t6vjcAkKwrKFy guoBwLVXFuokmgbw7JlOWafKEZ7So7TLeoEHtoNewS29JwDW7WTfyJvoFM0KxVQG IRfwitczNuIw3Pu/6YU1mzymhfCfEFkqDxBNbc0MBzhl5wx5M9Io1MANg+GaBHvf OyFCkfnkn6CD0maGzejxXkXkkq4T6ooPVs3IRYn57QiNHsnlgti0iAV0zGDTrjh+ xWxdnqynw3vVKj6F+KJBZ1wbBxrCCjCj26h7G3oJN+cDWZL2hc+CxgbkIdT3WaeG jJP/S7AVltDF0XHdyZDDRyDuHTN45ujfBJ2JHcqzdbeXbF081PoN3K/zqnuWTUeO uoPsP/D7wtMyc3DWlOxa8Yls0gf1fFoFpioWdpw1qatjM2sKRAhEPMXJK/v+sd+d +Xi39Z6cWV36X91x3i3IG97A2NlopZsC44ZaIIpBKJOgUG02MJ7lCpWY6X101usR VrvhUKzSuDyRtplHOZxK11EclVJlcITjTqTIwySKOsJSMMgxrgv5YYhFaYjhrDQA 8YFVH1m3vEoPSgP4P49hqStYGyPd/XlN9fLhdwcwkkVLf+o6N7orlA6yGWYySTUN gzVE7GzNcg6SviI0UB1NXsLmfWUQO/a6K1lPTBtNfRtcoj23ouGXD2HBPrCnd+s1 ofNZUwmedCA9G1m76Z+fgcc9LnpQzHBp/zPjpDYJrVFRvgKBo2bzWfoFL2peetiF hE3739JAc3YWHTFbJ4N9EC5u7kZafsMosf5W9mD3ujhJfyUProu0EtV/c0Z0U9hd tGMpq+Q7u9nQEf0p48C+2oVSdDA+PLE1Jpfz6868wDU9nX2g/4m/G73Aq/bWhh/j ofV9l0Cjj0MxiQ8K5ZoUr7aAOa9dRnW8G6h7HMOg4T80/Fz3ms5IDXpLo8z40C7K TXrs3LqQ6VCuKDy4MLwcI3nxHYu4SnDuIhE7jmaKV+jrUhwE7uQ7iagGCvj71LUD I3QCSYouA8QULT2vifF1pAZmPepnEEmrjnN7LxkN6EwpX4p4C0AXGW2aCWg02OdM hVSeCfeZYtcxlUfAyFC5hiS84vBjyjhoj51wlP4Cqyjy9FGpQ/0y/3wCgitn5Gep


(Key from previous: 1977)
(Solution: The year in which Voyager 1, the space probe that is farthest from Earth, was launched)

I have met many gods in my life. And relayed many greetings from home.

e5FvoOepbT90r5hcfkuUMYySCDRlRUCBSq4/1HO8a540zlrjThPZNQ0jr0F2c2 DvgH6PpHaOz00YnFuc5GRk0sQBq2gVYXj3VIlmdEmgD5qWePUtT7jwUdXf4yVlSx +jlV9+zBLHtvIWS6I2drGPv52XpG4+JPuno3u7JXOY7BTZcGQpAe69r/z1laSoz1 wMKyaxgY6rvAHsooVTRk0mJy49ReOZz1SpJcy9aOwIQF3bwPAcycXoaOVnaJwIjG oRuE9A5SrCgQLYPuQFhOyIpVfE6FVh7pOUg9t8NaqAUQJdkatDKUYb0Jxxhkpcs1 2f53YoHiFYF4H+iB0DSIp8XIZSROgBReIG7zt83dwGqH7nhK5zsE2z7UjqlteGvE q4bExbq3PwBNGr+Vh1CcW8gjg/LHzINOl8+0lMV87g07xb8zY3X9mkuU760Mbh04 T3ntOe94f8bqdqXcw0N2LGtn/egfLMX8wEhkqxpCQ8HIfTeY1gs3Zm5u+FmzhdyP wpRYN3u9E484PorvET6Rbe0KdskzMiN4Aw/T+tbHbGGqCiS3QAGnFGXjT9hAORXC YF5mrBzOIqzEEki7iomw0DRxeoBNplzWONCdN2cna3ToHwUoI/yGj32+XZ3NAyT+ nkbzqmDMLuG+Y0PNo30mZr1bgDBbxgXiIyQpAEEh69cjRHGQD/Yiw/ahRKHXQkRU PgaNY31iIhr4QcyCwqE+IWJbPGmM7gT9UsoFkf+KFthvOwH+dXbcDcMOCmUNXTQc u9EnTEBPqKbjTIUxYmnskJgRnOnRRnPfyX+NuaPr8Cty3Php+bycma3SJcr7/9CK D9x1X3y/AqhhqdXgou5Ih9L4E7HY8DUrh9CrIncAVR09eXVCYllTt49bgUVVfEQE kLkmeboe6PoIqJj586Pqwn6ilTRbFNkMcJtezrGLlM3OCuZJQ11jp2XtJcYFAlcu 44Crswyb0lvB7GjQHfSMQtIU0+n+2JdOHx8JHUpcgN/9bouKpKyCkQWZIVROtryV


(Key from previous: 165)
(Solution: The total number of greetings sent to the "gods"; 3 flybys, each receiving the "Greetings in 55 Languages")
(Note: "99", "voyager 2", and "755", when put in the ATU field, returned incomprehensible jumbles of text, interesting given the wrong answer with most other encryptions, and other answers with this encryption, returned nothing)

The gods have many followers, one of which dwarfs a god I have never encountered, whose name I have forgotten.

RUaMgHXpKT4/mgH9ty3aJjalE2gvUZJLFyig8YUaHWo6wMJpnx1HHMd+obByZW BWmwpVZWn3d3ImyvCwHJiX3TLs6XkfwezhB+tz36H2/kZov4ISeVQNP6Sr0Ko+G1 sLyRvFOvuvSakjD2EGb2heAjcruAC2ZxHeuUz+3YGYA2P0qvU0cK9RdxsgTr9DMP B68tIpivWiY6L8bl8byZ1gDxtbH3nSo3A80fuZMbODnK9JFH2fYHr28NCNNct47P m3iHLMMys+3APAAIpO21oJ32DmrBLJKw+f5ssGfNBwX+ujEv4CSYnvgOUxvLQjkF zZGk0n8m33b9q66e0PMeATDeppk6yCW56/0OOewisyXWoojABDYomDuP6tRRoXOz 3w+iAPae2zAbTRrbq6EyRlmeyaeIFdTUxbXXZ8sDYb5bxZSGpefPeKj7QA/VPn5p +NQnelaooYBPOpDhPR9NXYlgsnhkaoEJUGutzAJ+BGLFmPxIx+X/gAO2yg1I1QG5 nL9bl1UTsnm2Z9VdMfvfP9RYxdzOPKNGJ8XHeTmSi7CJ15/JA/9iBNhutqM4XBcf c3eCQu7g5xPEt9hMwE+o6iJM76ld9cWJlRxfOP64cMp53HVTpHiKrdD0Pw/il9jQ


(Key from previous: Mercury)
(Solution: The planet in the Solar system that is smaller than Ganymede, a moon of Jupiter)

I was a wild man, of clay and water. SHE was my doom.

ZlzTvbQzUnV1C95G4g0yj7BVhlhz5VD8gKoB4Y5n0RQXlZxNB4Xk9+jQbW6BdL Qkhb1tk75OYH7ylg++gmgKApXB2D9XJt/Dr8dZGq8G0Xi/wr04Tc7XR9dLjbbyjq clamoBVZzgwIJ8eYsMRUre6GyicouXXSSt6bTN8uJWcJLYQJsm6UzbPDynLHRmv2 IJk9EqIXvMp3Pb7XYGv+ocoGwd+WvT7gU12k3QjN0TDpVfjoi5pqubLBpZOAKq6D 4KkHu128bu+H42Vv6GxY9sqE5gO+puq9MLreRlDlX5PBZkHWcutf3tJIJBTAzi0G +7eydSck6/+B5X4DcAYKF715meILSvbdqjfCsBwnu68yFtwgAlWHts7OQMWEOd8i


(Key from previous: Ishtar)
(Solution: The speaker is Enkidu, whom Ishtar killed by unleashing the Bull of Heavens)

Then we are in agreement, Mr. Garrett. The Kataru are pleased that Bain’s condition is not of paramount importance to you.

On the day after you have made the arrest, our representative will again meet you at the same hour, in the same donut shop, to

discuss when and where the exchange will take place.

In the PAYDAY 2 Steam discussions, Overkill employee "OVERKILL_Wordsmith" created a thread on March 2, announcing his job as the writer of PAYDAY 2, his involvement with the ARG, and his interpretation of the lore. Notably, around the time of posting, his avatar was similar to that of the symbol in the center of the second iteration of the MUDUTU icon.

On March 9, it was discovered that Wordsmith's avatar had become a key and encryption that could be fed into the MUDUTU app:

ATU: 2.7188016444864e(31)MeV/c
KUNUKKUM: xN5zCJ11KERkqNdWwz3QJVAqEkGuagkTR2443oETQ5c=

The inputs give the message "There were three."

Wordsmith's avatar changed after this discovery, to one with text in the corners that reads "one is dead".

E-mail: "Operation Karamojo"[]

On March 19th, 2018, Garrett received an email from B.Painter, informing him that he had cleared some kind of information he had been given with their legal team and that "Operation Karamojo" was ready to be put into action.

From the mention of "Karamojo" (referring to Karamojo Bell, who was a professional elephant hunter) it's inferred that the operation is some kind of raid on senator Simmons, known to the payday gang as The Elephant.

In the "you like riddles, do you?" email, Garrett mentioned in his correspondence with the Kataru that they were willing to trade Bain in exchange for the apprehension of a congressman and a certain object in his possession, and that Garrett was prepared to go through with the deal.

We now know that Simmons was detained and various items in his possession were confiscated, including the Lindenhurst Pages and the 2nd Illuminati box retrieved by the gang in the Breakin' Feds heist.

On March 29th, shortly after the Karamojo email, Mayor McKendrick sent Garrett an email demanding answers, Simmons' detention apparently having become a scandalous front page news story.

From: // Date: 2018-03-19 16:28

Sir, I’ve shown the dossier you provided me with to an agent in Legal, someone whom I trust to be discreet, and she agreed that it looks sufficient, if not completely watertight, for Probable Cause.

As per your instructions I have prepared a small team, which stands ready. Operation Karamojo is GO at your command.

IMG 0451 Mar282018.png
From: // Date: 2018-03-29 10:24

What the God damn hell? In my office this afternoon.

You better have a good explanation for this shit.

April Fools[]

On April 1st 2018, Overkill released their April Fools update. In the changelog, hidden among the various jokes one change stands out.

• Added one more cassette tape to Jackets collection

After the update an opened package marked with a yellow sticker could be found on the dining room table in the safehouse, with the words "For the gang" written on one side. The contents of the package can be found down in Jacket's room - a blue tape labelled "Bain's Awesome Mix", which contains a prerecorded message meant to be sent to them if Bain's investigation into "The Secret" ever caught up with him.

Hey Gang, (sigh) Sorry to get all dramatic on you but, looks like they got me, and you gotta assume I’m dead. Should have paid more attention in vegas.

Locke has probs filled you in on some things by now (sigh) I didn’t want to keep you in the dark about this secret society crap but there was a lot I didn’t know if we played it right, this would have been the end all. To give us everything we ever wanted and keep the cops off our asses for good.

I figured things were gonna get easier when Duke came in to help with the missing lindenhurst pages of calgistro’s book. And this watcher business. After all, his family has been knee deep in this stuff from the start, but this is bigger than us, a lot bigger.

So you gotta make a choice. Either retired to an island somewhere, let the world sort itself out and hope this shit doesn't follow you. Or keep going, help locke finish what I started. Find baldwins lament. Remember guys, whatever happens guys, trust your partners.

And Jacket, don’t you go hogging this tape, it’s not just for you.

Lindenhurst Pages[]

On April 17th, 2018, Garret recieved scans of some documents retrieved in the "Simmons raid" from B.Painter, who he had apparently asked to forward them to him.

They're old letters from someone in Duke's family, talking about how they have to "keep Baldwin's lament safe, but never let it be completely forgotten".

Ithaca, New York, January 5, 1905

My Dearest Desmond,

I trust this letter finds you well, and must offer my apologies for the long period of reticence on my part. Matters of state secrecy have kept me in thrall of late. The power of the knowledge I am obliged to keep and preserve weighs heavily on my conscience and I fear for my eternal soul as the world becomes more imperiled every day. Those in my circle whom I have entrusted with my life and darkest thoughts have become demons to haunt me. There shadows linger, and are far from the beacons they were intended to be. I am concerned that my life may end unnaturally ‘ere our forthcoming visitation

The Kings are quarelling and the Watchers are gone. No one is left to guard our sanctity. I fear one has betrayed us all. My friend, I have no moral right to ask this of you, but for the sake of all I must. There is no other whom I would place the trust of our eternal charge. In the case that my suspicions reveal themselves to be ...

... true, I implore of you to shoulder my burden. The power of Baldwin’s Lament must never be set loose upon mankind, as the tool of a sole bearer. Yet its existence must not fall out of knowledge. It is a dire legacy I beg of you to carry, but for the sake of our progeny, it must be done, lest all the history of the world become undone.

Yours always, August Lindenhurst

Explanation of Symbols on the Seal[]

The Hyle Triangle is a piece of imagery from 16th century philosopher Robert Fludd's "Utriusque cosmi maioris scilicet et minoris metaphysica, physica atqve technica historia: in duo volumina secundum cosmi differentiam diuisa" series of books. Wordsmith has confirmed that the Hyle Triangle is kind of the "Seal" or coat of arms of the Kataru / the 3 Kings, so here's a writeup that hopefully makes its meaning somewhat easier to understand.

On the Lindenhurst page's version of the triangle, there are smaller symbols placed within the 3 realms at the center of the diagram, along with the central Fleur, associating them with the realms themselves and also the 4 letters of the Tetragrammaton. The "Reflected Diamond" is placed in the realm of elements, the physical world, the symbol for "Fiat Lux" (Light) is placed in the celestial realm, space & the stars, and finally the triangular symbol at the top (believed to be the Eye of Providence because of the dentist's GGC loot) is placed in the angelic realm, heaven or the afterlife.

short description: Effectively, the hyle triangle is representative of an equal union between the "three realms of renaissance cosmology" and also Fludd's yin-yang-like idea of creation's impression on the blank canvas of the hyle in his creation theory. As for what it might represent, there's the 3 Kings themselves (Kataru), the 3 (possibly, see speculation) Illuminati boxes, which each have had one of the lesser symbols seen in the LH version of the diagram engraved on the front of them. 3 is also the number of the holy trinity, which Cagliostro wrote his alchemistic manuscript "the most holy trinosophia" about, focused on spiritual constitution through alchemy.

The "Reflected Diamond", or "Created Universe as Reflection of God" is another piece of imagery from Robert Fludd's Unpronouncable combos books.

short description: Effectively, "as above, so below". In the LH page triangle, this symbol is placed within the material realm of the elements, or the physical world.

Macrocosmic thesis, Figure 2; Fiat Lux, let there be light. This symbol turned up on the 2nd illuminati box in the Breakin' Feds heist. This is the 2nd figure in Fludd's macrocosm creation theory, and a visual equivalent for the "let there be light" part of Genesis in Fludd's ideas on creation.

20180424175531 1.jpg
This is effectively the start of Fludd's macrocosm image sequence that wordsmith's avatars were progressing through before the heist was released.

Does this box contain the light of creation? Maybe. Is it more likely to be an object that with the right context can be represented by the light of creation? Yeah probably.

Possible LH Triangle Interpretations[]


There should probably be a tabber thing of all the TSIRR stuff here, but for now heres a tldr;

Skepticguy96 makes a website, and rants about a conspiracy between the fbi and the payday gang, and while he gets some major details twisted he's more or less in the ballpark of the truth. Eventually he records garret, overhearing him dealing with the Kataru, and then receives a live feed from Henry's Rock just as the payday gang launches their assault on the facility. The Kataru then raid his place like they did to Bain, and shoot him twice, presumably killing him.

GenSec have now taken the website down, implying that they're yet another company under the Kataru's control.

Note that all of the text below has been transcribed exactly as presented in the original website.

Posted by SkepticGuy_96 April 20, 2018 3:10 pm

Welcome to this site.

When the truth calls, one must answer, even if the deep-state is probably recording, extracting and cataloguing everything I do online. The tentacles of the government goes deeper than I ever imagined, and the rotten core of Washington needs to be exposed. Everything from something as insignificant as potholes might seem like a small thing, but everything is corruption. Everything is money changing hands and whoever rules everything from sugar content in soda, which supplier of asphalt to use and the question why black painted helicopters hovers over certain houses at night.

One of my sources has promised me to get back to me soon with “something new like you’ve never seen before”. Hopefully it can help me in my search for the government's secret!

So I’m just gonna wait, and until then...I hope you’ll do the same.

Stay Vigilant and Stay Protected! And remember: there is a secret out there, and it is really real!

Posted by SkepticGuy_96 April 23, 2018 5:14 pm

So during the weekend my gyu reached out and promise me that he had “some really interesting and revealing sith.”

I’ve spent all saturday and sunday just waiting for monday to come, cause he cold not get access to a secure sever apparently. Hopefully this can shed some light on the stuff that went down in Brooklyn were the robbers seemed to not just be looking for monet and I also fund some articles talking about a weird “incident” in Alaskan. But as I had to wait for my guy to get back to me.

I spend my weekend reading up and reaching out the preppers. Cause think about it? If the government provides us with electricity and stuff, they can also take it from away. Just like that!! So you’re a sucker if you’re not prepping in some way.

I’m not really building a shelter, but I buyed like a ton of cans and some water now and also this brand new flash light. Cause when the world goes dark, you gotta have some kind light or you’ll be dead with in the hour. I promise you that! But like IF my flashlight busts, I also managed to get my hands on (and don’t ask me too get you one) some true, badass, real army hi-tech night vision goggles!

Let the end come! I’M READY!!!!!!!1!! Stay Vigilant and Stay Protected!


Posted by SkepticGuy_96 April 23, 2018 7:10 pm

Time for my live-feed. Cause my sources is about to send me this “something” he’s been taking about. Hope this goes somewhere, but I have to say he done did good so far.

Posted by SkepticGuy_96 April 24, 2018 2:09 pm

I’m still in some kind of goddamn shock after this! My guy really pulled through. So what’s the connection between the clowns and Garrett?! Are they moles maybe?

Yeah, I man, as you know, this isn’t the first time that the government has used criminals to do their dirty work. Everybody blames the mobs for everything, but go deeper, see who runs the mob! They are all just puppets, organized crime myass. More like organized white house! The mob is just a front, every time that someone needs to be taken out or a problems solved. They call some mobsters. JFK and that whole thing really came close on exposing what some suits in a rooms on capitol hill decided. But then they managed to pin it on one lonely weirdo.

Nothing could be further from the real truth. JFK was just a hit ordered by some general and executed by mobsters. As always. And now they are doing it again.

Could that “Mr. America” clown be working for Garrett? It seems weird, I mean he did shoot the camera, but why else are they inside the FBI HQ? You don’t go there unless you’re like invited?

How long has this been going on? I’ll get back to you son!!! Stay Vigilant and Stay Protected!

Posted by SkepticGuy_96 April 24, 2018 4:31 pm

I just head about an clown sighting out in a old industrial area awhile back. They were banding some pimped out guns – not like regular street thug hardware. All of them in masks I haven’t seen on those typical newspaper photos before. I will have to dig deeper here and get back too you tomorrow.

I’ll head out tomorrow after work and see it I can dig up some clues. Uncovering the truth is a heavy job to do on the side but you know what they say… someone got to do it!

I am starting a collection of leads intro this clown case. Me and my source has satred collecting police reports related to Mr. America and his gruop. I’ll set up a secure channel for anyone how wants to partake in this important work.

Send your police report here

Remeber to Stay Vigilant and Stay Protected!

EDIT: Added likn to the secure channel!!

Posted by SkepticGuy_96 April 25, 2018 1:38 pm

So I checked out this industrial area outside of the city, you know. I just wanted to give some warming about it. There’s these warehouses out there and the company owning them talks about that they use them for “goods”, but if you’re not an idiot you’ll figure out that some kind of radioactive stuff is in there.

The security is way tighter than needed for some “goods”, and it seems like the majority off all transport coming and goes at night. So like if you don’t want to experience Chernobyl up-close: STAY AWAY!!

This lead is cold liek a day old pizza I follow some other leads I have and get back to you sson. In the meanwhile Stay Vigilant and Stay Protected!

Posted by SkepticGuy_96 April 25, 2018 6:48 pm

I got words on the whereabouts of the clowns, so now I got a rendevouz with destiny. Don’t ask me how, but I mean some rumours have been circling the deep-web and I’m sure that “Mr. America” and his posse is involved in this (some have pointed them out as responsible for the shit in up north and in NY).

There’s this industrial area a bit out of town, and I know some cops have done raids and stuff and other things, cause some seem to indulge in crime and someone probably pushed the red button! Anyway, I headed out to the area, and spend a lot of time in my car, I feel like a real god damn private eye or like a one man army! But guess what!! I found the clowns!!!!1 and only took a few hours of stakeout. They came like in broad daylight, in a van, and just ran into this seemingly abandoned place. Huge brick building.

I hid in some bushes and snapped some shots. It seemed like this one guy in a weird mask looking like a statue kept talking and the other guys in even a evener rader mask and pimped out weapons were really yyy paying attention. I didn’t really hear anything, but they seemed to shout. So some kind of arguing. I didn’t see Garrett or anything like that.

It’s getting dangerous being this close to whatever is going on. But like, it’s a must. I know some of you are believers and some doubt my shit. But when the hammer of justice falls you will be judged! I promise you that! Cause don’t be a dumbass, thinking that we have like different governments and kings and presidents around the world. E V E R Y T H I N G is ruled by just a few guys. It’s all smoke and mirrors! Just connect the dots!!!

So pumped guys, I feel like Robin Hood! Stay Vigilant and Stay Protected!


Posted by SkepticGuy_96 April 26, 2018 3:32 pm

So I can’t really go into details exactly on how I gots this in my hands. Cause “they” are always listening.

I know a lot of you kinda think that drones are just harmless toy. You see some here and there, just like floating arounds. But it’s much, much more than that. Like in the 60s we had orbiting space shuttles orbiting the earth in orbit. That kept going until the 70s and 80s and the stealth planes (oh yeah we’ve had that longer than they’ve said!!) and then silent helicopters and now drones! They’re primary purpose is to capture, record and store everything they can get their hand on. We are ALL RECORDED!!!

Sometimes you see these drones, other times they hide in the darkness. All the sound from the city is covering their buzzing sounds. But I’ve trained my ears to really hear it any way! So moving around town isn’t super easy. And they guy who sent me this clip with Garrett and the clown wanted to personally hand me this. He got me this flash drive, and I’ve scanned it’s content for you. According to my guy it comes directly from the FBI sewers, straight from Garrett!! I know it’s like all corrupt and shit. Built the firewalls went ballistic according to this guy, and this was what he managed to get.

I’m spending fuckiong hours deciphering it, analyzing everything aboyt it. Cause this is probably something big. See the triangle at the bottom.? I know I’ve seen that shit somewhere else!! I will get back to you with more info. But it looks old and it’s probably important if the FBI has it. This shit keeps getting more and more realer.

As a truth seeker and believer I’ve been at this for many, many years now. But now…let’s see where it goes. Stay Vigilant and Stay Protected!


Posted by SkepticGuy_96 April 26, 2018 4:53 pm

So I found this guy online that is kinda questioned some things that I too wonder about.

He’s on sits a lot of theories and I’m gonna reach out to him. I don’t have his real name, and I don’t what to. Cause the less I know the better if Garrett kicks in the door one day. So let’s see if he I can reach him.

He’s like on forums and other such sites a lot. Like this: Until then, Stay Vigilant and Stay Protected!

Also, some of you belivers have reached out and asked for where I got my wallpaper, it’s custom, but you cans get it here:


Posted by SkepticGuy_96 April 27, 2018 12:57 pm

So in the papers today there was talks about a breakin, where someone robbed the weapons manufacturer up statef. Its just outside of town and appearantly there was some security footage recorded and now the news papers and police together are asking for information about someone in a wheelchair.

On the tapes some guy in a wheelchair is seen (but of course they don’t release that foot age so who the fuck knows right?). I don’t care that much about that, cause like alot of people sit in wheelchairs, but what my sources have told me d is that this guy have been seen out in the same industrial areas that the clown.

Maybe it all fits together? Stay Vigilant and Stay Protected!!

Posted by SkepticGuy_96 April 27, 2018 6:01 pm

Some shit is about to go down!

I’ve kept myself in the shadow, dodging every little drone I could see, or chopper or what ever they’re sending at me! I mean like people talk about chemtrails. But that’s just bullshit. I mean information are key! They collect all you personal infpo to keep trak of you and monitor you. That’s the thing that’ll make sure we are controlled. Like I always wear gloves when I’m out on town, cause every where. And I mean like everywhere there’s touch sensors that register your thumb and handprint. Cause if you know where everyone are, you can make up patterns. Like as you press the STOP button on a bus, or maybe press and elevator buttons somewhere. They now where you are and can figure out your routine and where you’re go.

Don’t make it easy for them! Wear gloves! That’s like rule #1 for me. And like the drones, and not eating food from vacuum packages. Because knowing is knowledge as I said, and we must of have our privacy!

So even though all of this crap, I had to step out, being exposed, to find out more about the clowns and Mr. America and all that. Cause like now I keep gettin closer. With the corrupt image (that I’m still deciphering) and also the video where I managed to hear Garrett, and of course me FINDING THE FUCKING HQ OF THE FUCKING CLOWNS! I could go to the police with all of this. But I’m not stupid and doesn’t wanna end up in a cell somewhere in a bunkre. I’m gonna expos this my ways!

The clowns are up to something wired. I’ve seen them carry boxes in and out of their building. The guy in a wheelchair seems to involved, and I even got a glimpse of a huge minigun type of weapon that they fired like crazy?!?! How come nobody hear that noice?!! They seem like they’re preparing, and maybe should I do the same?!!?

Stay Vigilant and Stay Protected!


Posted by SkepticGuy_96 April 28, 2018 12:37 pm

So you rember the video feed where I gots to see Garrett on the phone with the clowns sneaking around? I’ve been working a bit more with that and yesterday I hid in my car outside the FBI HQ, waiting for Garrett. So I followed him around and ended up in this suburbs. He stoped under a bridge and seamd to be waiting for someone, I managed to sneak up close and hide in the bushes. I had left my car and followed the last bit hieding the bushes and trust me when I tell you taht my heat was pounding like crazy.

This is for reals now, I can get shot. Or something. But I can not stand by idleing like a fool if something is wrong in the world. And there’s plenty of shit wrong, I can promise you that…nothing is what it seems. Everything is corruption and our reality is all twisted!

So like Garrett was obviously trying to meet up with someone but I couldn’t really see, but I guess the guy didn’t show up, so he called instead! Luckely, I had brought my recording equip so I got some audio. And I tell you, this is some mindblowing stuff1!! In it Garrett talks about Bain like some of the believers on my website have talked about, but I need to dig deeper to know who or what that really is. The phone call was super short and I think Garrett almost saw me, or at least liek I think so, so I got the hell out of there and just got back to my car and hopefully nobody saw me.

I can feel it in my body that I’m getting closer, shit is getting real. So, Stay Vigilant and Stay Protected.

Posted by SkepticGuy_96 April 28, 2018 5:05 pm

So I asked you to aid me with my work to gather police reports. And I’ve got plenty of hepl.

This is so valuble cause I’m gettin closer for every police report that has come in. Getting all these stats together has proven good for my further work with making a timeline of the clowns. Cause these clowns are not just simple robbers, they are up to something else, sometingh biggest. I do not know exactly. But apparently they’ve been around town for a while, and even around the continent. Hard for me to exactly pin point who they are, where they come from. But they’re not just americans, that I know.

So there’s a real mixx of diffrent talents in that gang. But Mr. America seems to be the leader,but I wonder if he’s the oen who’s real in charge. So anyways, the police reports have been so great, and some of them really stand out a bit more than other, liek: officer Terwynd and D.I. Why Big thanks for you aid when it comes to unveiling the truth. We apprichiate support to our cause it can’t be easy to share this with us. Also, I recommend you to move within the next three moths I would hate if soemthing were to happen to you.

But I sorry to say that I think we have a leak they seams to have found out about our endevours see for your self:

I can guarantee you that right now, you are all recorded. Stay Vigilant and Stay Protected!

Officer Terwynd’s report:

Officer D.I. Why report:

Posted by SkepticGuy_96 April 29, 2018 12:10 pm

So REVEALTHECORRUPTION contacted me earlier and said the shit is abboyut to go down, but I didn’t really catch everything causre I think he was on a train or somethgin.

I’m feeling super stressed right now, I see black vans everywhere and people ins suit following me. Obvisoulty I’m getting closer and closer. And thanks to your all police reports I can really pinpiont what eht clowns have been up to! I can’t wait fo what he’ll send me.

This is so fucking intesne and fucking shit! Stay Vigilant and Stay Protected!

Posted by SkepticGuy_96 April 29, 2018 6:50 pm

I just got a link! Chekc it out! This is priobblty gonna be the bigtest shit I’ve ever come by!!!

Breakin' Feds[]

The gang retrieves a 2nd illuminati box, with Fludd's "Fiat Lux" symbol on the front.

The day after the heist was released, TheSecretIsReallyReal's author SkepticGuy_96 revealed (in a recording he took while hiding in a bush) that Garrett had made arrangements to trade the box to the Kataru for Bain, or possibly the body of Bain, as he might not be in the greatest shape after the gunfight in his hideout.

Duke also recieved a new voice line in the safehouse, confirming what we already suspected about the Kataru.

"A few thousand years ago, three great kings got together, decided to rule the world and made a pact. They called themselves "Kataru", which kind of translates as "Alliance".

Illuminati? Freemasons? Enthusiastic amateurs in comparison. Legends say they acquired a magical artifact of some kind, if you can believe in that sort of thing. And somehow, they seem to be behind all this."

E-mail: "Ensconced"[]

On April 26, 3 days after the release of the Breakin' Feds heist where the Payday Gang steals an item Garrett was going to give to the organization, he was sent another e-mail, which seems to threaten his wife. The solution, 1212, was one of the possible codes to the safe and - possibly by coincidence - the date that the Kataru's first e-mail was received.

The word "Lamhu" is used in the message, which is one of many Sumerian names for Irkalla, the equivalent of "hell" in Mesopotamian mythology; an underworld from which there is no return.

Have a pleasant anniversary, Mr. Garrett.

iSbI4OLSvGnSUK9U10VNUdYfgrKFdDLBhbo56NJs4n0+3cXYOBURJDiSKSKDCDq0 iyMX5jq+oizhQC6mBrXPEQnzMLZmSacaPMP9pza9o37GM0y4HeMArEe2FxYQHzKX K9/v41yNq5lNJC0m+rTFKbHLX0noN/R3ql/btslrn94EeD3Qd7oKVBwiGgE1l00z 2UC+E8dPVGUV3iqQeaAyOFibAKBsUGgH1HI+Nj6xOQw+u6dZCxKiKLBLJQKvPwJk ju6qmPwP1O9FcbQaX4qkwGfc7YXWNryEHdYA3fgEao9Qjx0e/X8IRYmt5MOc70yB F1RLcivrcGbp3T4PKaUOAK/Hkxwbwxlhvu1GPXMDPkoVi/ZuQ4nI+zbPVDac26dx Ef6FV1zyaWKGk3aKYFfqA1x7BdV+G/MEdprjpXHplByghTfIQDWDxm/+WbY8GlW/ umuSA8FlDhgnF81BU2TYmr40zHJnX0brb5vJUcfOA4Rip2ynv5wbDUplxGpV9CKS benPbJe5luddVNGN8sXKBWETS0qLEqVgZoQ7eB+509JwtCACmUi2EJyQAgabM0a2 U66jW0eXoUcCOaS+KVY2R/Qm1AUG/oE6p2PEWMyiygdAKg+Zpv2FbPGYK5Wi6hBR


Mr. Garrett,

We would have thought you more intelligent than to conclude that not answering our last attempts at telephone communication would result is a positive outcome for anyone. Suffice it to say, you do not appear to fully realize whom, or what, you are dealing with.

The truth of the matter is, that if you remain loyal, fate may yet gift you the prize you seek and hinder you from falling into lamhu. Regardless of recent happenings, something is now in

motion that cannot be ended.

Henry's Rock[]

HRock diamondbox.png
HRock ark masks.png
The gang retrieves a 3rd Illuminati box, with Fludd's "Reflected Diamond" symbol on the front, and re-obtains the 1st box that they stole for the dentist, with the Eye of Providence on the front.

When the Locke sends the gang after the "reflected diamond" box, one of the possible locations for the Murkies to have stashed it is inside of a giant golden box, which locke refers to as an "Ark". Presumably an "Ark of the covenant" type of object. Atop the box are 2 eagle statues and 12 buttons with Egyptian engravings on them that have to be pressed in a specific order, which can be found in the form of photos in the piles of paper scattered around the room.

Once the box is open, those with a keen eye will notice that around the base of the box there are 3 diamond-shaped buttons engraved with each of the boxes symbols, along with a blank space at the back of the box. These become intractable once the treasure has been removed from the box, and when pressed in the correct order (△ ↻ ◁▶) cause the box to reveal 4 hidden compartments within the circular parts of the engraved base plate, which contain extremely weathered-looking versions of the original heisters' 4 masks.

One of the possible box locations is behind a door in the Rock's biotics lab, which contains a large cylindrical chamber with a giant mummy inside, suspended in some kind of liquid. This giant mummy is reminiscent of the picture from the BcKendrick museum in the Diamond heist, featuring a group of 3 people standing before a giant humanoid creature frozen inside of a block of ice.

Kataru Triangle[]

HRock kataru hyle.png
There is a large hyle triangle constructed out of metal embedded in the floor of the main room. Here's a breakdown of all the things on it and what they might mean.

Terms on the Kataru's hyle triangle, outer to inner.

Part/number association 1. 2. 3.
Extra Omnia
(beyond everything)
Sarrum Azugal
"King Doctor"
Sarrum Tillug
"King Elephant"
Sarrum Dubsar
"King Scribe"
Deus (god) nergal = sumerian god of death & disease, ruler of the underworld
The hyle an-ki = Universe. "the universe, heaven and earth"
Outer circle a'udteĝiba u = Time
3 realms of
renaissance cosmology
The eye of Providence Fiat Lux The Reflected Diamond
Links between the realms šušer udnamekam
Far away lands, in the future
a šum zumru
Empower our flesh
ki kiĝ duri
Seeking forever / Looked after forever
Tetragrammaton circles dimmea mulan
"Demon star"
galla mulan
"Police star"
namtar mulan
"Fate star"
Alchemical symbols Copper + Gold Mercury + salt Lead + Antimony
Inner triangle muš katab = holy area covering / face cover (i.e, a mask)
Cuneiform inscription = Baldwins Lament

Text Disambiguation[]

--- Three outer corners ---
1. Sarrum Azugal is "King Doctor"
2. Sarrum Tillug is "King Elephant".
3. Sarrum Dubsar is "King Scribe".

Deus (god) = Nergal - Sumerian god of disease who eventually became ruler of the underworld alongside Ereshkigal.

The hyle = an-ki = Universe. "the universe, heaven and earth" 

a'udteĝiba u = Time
• u = like 10 different words.
• Possible "u" variants that don't sound absurd = u "earth" / u "gift" / u2 "bed" / u "abuse" / u "totality"

ki kiĝ duri = Seeking forever / Looked after forever -- In keeping with the Kataru's running theme, maybe "Watched over forever?"
•  ki kiĝ = "to seek; to look after"
•  duri = "forever"

aa šum zumru = Empower our flesh / Text of slaughtered flesh (Possibly a necronomicon?)
•  aa - "aa" doesn't appear on its own the way it's written on the triangle
•  a šum = "to give power (to somebody)" / "to overpower?" 
•  a'a = "a text, the scribal exercise a-a"
•  šum = "to slaughter" / šum2; "to give" / "garlic"
•  zumru = "flesh; body; entrails (omen); body" Akk. zumru; šīru / "skin; leather; body; person" Akk. mašku; zumru

šušer udnamekam = Far away lands, in the future / sign, ever 
•  šušer = "fluttering" / "far away lands; road" / "sign"
•  udnamekam = "in the future, ever"

3 realms of cosmology = Providence, Fiat Lux, Reflected diamond
All labeled "Kataru", Alliance

1. dimmea mulan is "Demon star" | Copper + Gold   | "Doctor King"   - The dentist - Demon star? Algol?
2. galla mulan  is "Police star"| Mercury + salt  | "Elephant King" - The elephant
3. namtar mulan is "Fate star"  | Lead + Antimony | "Scribe King"   - One is dead?

•  muš = muš3 "flat space; a holy area" / muš "snake" / muš "a pot" / muš2 "face, appearance" 
•  katab = "a lid, covering; an object" / helper 

muš katab = holy area covering / face cover -- like a mask? maybe the mask of Baldwin IV?
Cuneiform = Baldwins Lament

There are three stars, three boxes, and three kings.

The words chosen for the 3 stars are also demons of the underworld in sumerian mythology. Of course, this brings into question whether they should be translated as literal words or their demonic counterparts. eg: namtar = fate, destiny / demonic messenger

Nergal - sumerian god of disease who eventually became ruler of the underworld alongside ereshkigal. 
         Associated with war, death, disease & the sunset.
Dimmea is the sumerian name for "labasu". Not much is known about her, other than that she's a phantom demoness and probably evil. 
Galla are lesser demons of the underworld, said to drag the wicked down to lamhu/irkalla.
Namtar is the messenger of the rulers of the underworld (including Nergal), the spirit of fate, and is said to command over 60 diseases.
--- Possible answers for the three stars ---
Dimmea | Demon star  | Algol
Galla  | Police star | 
Namtar | Fate star   | 
  • All three of the above could collectively be Algol; it is a triple-star system and all three words translate as different demons of the underworld.

On either side of the circles containing the names of the stars are 3 sets of 2 alchemical symbols.

--- Possible metal alloys, judging by the inner circles ---
Copper + gold, tumbaga or shakudo
Mercury & salt, sodium amalgam
Antimony + lead alloy, which increases its hardness and mechanical strength. 
                Can be found in bullets, batteries, and Type Metal.

Although they're also assigned to the outer circles, the boxes & 3 realms, too.

Icebreaker - Jigsaw Puzzle[]

Icebreaker puzzle.png
On August 10th 2018, Overkill released the promotional teaser site for the Icebreaker heist, which was quickly found to contain 3 images of puzzle pieces depicting a rainy scene hidden in the source code.

Individual puzzle pieces were posted on twitter and discord by the game's developers and voice actors over a period of a few days, and 2 hidden behind riddles. One locked behind a passworded zip file and a set of riddles posted by Overkill_Tobias, although the password was found through codebreaking before the last part of the riddle could be posted.

Our brave following was led down a path. An obstacle was presented before them, a hindrance. It would seem impassable, the solution unachievable. All tried and failed, no one possessed the ability to overcome the challenge. All but a select few. Unbeknownst to all, three champions wore selected. Noone knew who, not even the champions themselves could identify anyone else but himself.

Now they need to join their sword fight for the good of the brave following. With everyone behind them, would they overcome the obstacle? Would they be victorious? Only time can tell.

But remember that a champion is only as strong as the following he leads. They lead their strength to him and together all shall prevail.

Together the following can overcome the obstacle before them.

All they need is their champions.

I have a riddle for you: I am Starting. There are 8 and you may have 4.

I have a riddle for you: He has 4. And you may have 3.

I have a riddle for you: He has 3. And you may have 2.

Answer: SingInSin

The second riddle piece came from Overkill_Wordsmith, who posted a MUDUTU puzzle along with a riddle in his avatar that read "Stay here in paradise; then take away, and tell me that which you will find." This text references the song And There Will Your Heart Be Also by Fields of the Nephilim, and was finally solved by removing the word "Heart" that had been hidden in the code block and using it as the key.

One of my cats just came in and made a lot of noise. I ran it through the universal translator (TM) and this is what I got.


On the 8th day, the star fell and brightened the mountains. There, from the land which gave copper, came the first Watcher.

BAQf4Y6m6pZ2PIiP8LI+CNDM1lj0YUKX3q49C9sRsM8fqtEOjMYlprj+NGlQe5 uIB47cqKQihJTrIi3iXNAlrrYofF/0FDrVXTrb0naAzeLeC0Okv4nTxX2kGGVFJo Sj7JlFEd49X7/bNqyVXM9yErhRCR9Ib4RoA5lhL/TAPknvO+wmxa2k3wQ0CTBqdd 09ltJcw4AMw5hxqSa9l9ZTYj/eaNJWmX5MI2+Zhp0GQ6LYcTreRZzx1lKWy79QL/ V4XPnu+bUuvq2/4oo4sJomwMwpDl/Tf7psqdpXZ5w34LbjN6+4wMmCWEKA85o1JE ftNmhsxnkJNeATIpOAtB8aQQxed6i9TqcNcPq7qXdiPxHnplqIJRjonG1GhCIIhy 95Hp/ZU/bnMY4Vm5+qk5qv76aNvTj5eO2zvwvG6iW2enlUVg4AxLg+R/STVchsm8 gcOzpKgtL4DF7Z5i0NLgs8vzmkJdDkWvbB5rAf8WZY877horGuO8F1xETjEd5lTf 95+2am3Vnm8vKKzim0ExP0q2Y3givxXs46CtyjNb1BdEzmDthJbAvQYG7Wc6pOUQ


Such lights she gives as guide my barque; But I am swallowed in the swell Of her heart's ocean, sagely dark, That holds my heaven and holds my hell.

Ib4TYVfcCfBtCLXKzztl1PSqk99yvXkaH8udzC0BXAe04RiosXvlWxV+/qH/+x 9oS0OC/PW1dJIiR6ORKO7vLvOPpH0YYyXNio/V+8Y79TL0s3Q68po29hOO1B+K11 nV0yX/gRdv2pZRNSpf2hWqzlgqLUOiIHYgp46yvrBvBlHjiBGwTtnNQr03vABJTp G/xBzgsUkekn/AKIp8U1YXCMBVTsMN/VC7+JYzNmEYZyprFrscfDxw+8RWYQFIiZ


Look closely, my children. For in the darkness, you will see, that light most far away.



Remember! The time of rust is coming!

Icebreaker - Day 1[]

Day 1 of the event marked the release of Joy for the PC version of PAYDAY 2, and also provided information on the object being sold in the black-tie auction, identifying it as an Astrolabe, an ancient astrological device used to measure the inclined position in the sky of a celestial body.

The "Astrolabe" in question resembles some kind of telescope instead of a disc, and is said to have been "found in a lead-lined and insulated wooden box aboard the dog sled" and "unusual in design and much more complex than usual for the time period in which this style of device was common."

This update also added the 3 boxes to the safehouse trophy list, allowing us to take them out of storage and open then with the medallion, revealing that they contain several metal rings and an orb inscribed with writing in an ancient language. The diamond box is shown to be empty, meaning that we're missing 1 big hexagonal piece.

For more information on the pieces, please refer to the Coffers and their Contents section below.

Icebreaker - Day 2[]

Day 2 of the Icebreaker event unveiled a second item to be sold at the auction, an antique journal bearing the initials “A.L”, along with a gold-leaf inlay depicting a French lily.

This journal was "found amongst the possessions on the sled driver", and "appears to contain a personal account of the Shacklethorne expedition." "According to the crew roster, there was no crew member or passenger with the initials “A.L.”, therefore the sled driver’s identity remains a mystery."

Icebreaker Day 3 - Shacklethorne Auction[]

20180815213052 1.jpg

The lightning figure, possibly a Nephilim.

Day 3 of the Icebreaker event saw the release of the Shacklethorne Auction heist, in which the gang infiltrates an auction in an old manor in Salem to steal the hexagonal obsidian plate missing from the diamond box.

The promotional site was also updated with a few more of the objects to be auctioned at the venue, a gold signet ring & brass navigational telescope.

The signet ring was found on the skeletal hand of the sled driver, and "appears to be made of gold, though metallurgical analysis revealed the presence of additional unknown metallic alloys." It has an etching of Robert Fludd's "Reflected Diamond" symbol on the face and a small green gemstone in the shape of a French lily in the center. Strangely it has remained in "immaculate condition" despite being subjected to the harsh conditions of the antarctic for several hundred years.

The telescope sports leather coverings, and is approximately 70cm long when extended. "Found among the sled driver’s possessions. -- One lens has a small crack in it, but it appears to be functional overall."

After completing the heist, the plate can be displayed in the safehouse along with the other parts. Just like the other pieces, playing the piano near while it is on the table will have unexpected results; namely that a luminous pattern will appear on the plate's surface, covered in writing in the same ancient language, along with egyptian heiroglyphics, constellations and a depiction of a Mayan deity.

For more information on the plate, please refer to the Coffers and their Contents section below.

The Coffers and their Contents[]

Translation guide for the inscriptions on the objects found in each of the coffers

ObsidianPlate decipher guide.png

In the wake of the Shacklethorne Auction job, the payday gang is now in possession of all three pieces of whatever it is Baldwin's Lament is meant to be, and their descriptions have been added to the Trophies menu.

Once taken out of their boxes, the pieces vibrate in reaction to the sound of the piano in scarface's room being played. However, the obsidian plate reacts differently, and playing the piano while it is on the table will uncover luminous etchings on the plate's surface, covered in writing in the same ancient language as the rings, along with egyptian heiroglyphics, a star map and depictions of deities from sumerian and mayan creation myths.

Duke moves over to the kitchen area while the boxes are on display, and has various remarks about the "Time of Alignment" prophecy that's been foretold in various ways up to this point.

Their descriptions in the trophies menu are as follows:

The Healer's Coffer (△)
The Gold is bright enough to burn, dark enough to blind. It waits, Dead but Dreaming beneath the Earth, until the Time of Alignment. Three and One, Four and One. The Watcher returns.
Complete Golden Grin Casino and Henry's Rock on any difficulty.

The Elephant's Coffer (↻)
At the Gates of Silent Memory you stand. One, two, three, three, one. Open them and see the darkness engulf the world, to the bain of all as a new Watchman ascends. Zi dingir kia kanpa, zi dingir anna kanpa.
Complete Breakin' Feds on any difficulty.

The Scribe's Coffer (◁▶)
For Her light thou wouldst flee, but thou cannot get away and are taken to ground. From hell's heart thou art stabbed. For hate's sake, the darkness spits at thee. Thou will not find respite upon this Earth.
Complete Henry's Rock on any difficulty.

The Obsidian Plate
Some things are best forgotten, lest the secrets they hold undo the world. Offer your flesh, your heart, to stave the darkness. Stare into the abyss long enough, and you will welcome the end, for in the cracks and hollows, the Earth is good.
Complete the Shacklethorne Heist on Normal Difficulty or above.

E-mail: "Surveillance Tracker Update"[]

From: // Date: 2018-08-14 16:25

Sir, I have a short update on the surveillance tracker you asked us to arrange. We were getting a steady signal from it, but we lost it.

The strange thing is, the signal died at the very same time as that quake (or whatever it was) we had yesterday. The times coincide exactly. When it vanished, the signal was moving due south in the Pacific, after leaving through a port in Seattle. But the west coast wasn’t affected by the quake at all, which is why it’s so strange. We’ve triple-checked all the equipment and everything is working fine. We can’t explain it. Do we chalk it up to freak coincidence?

Garrett recieved this email shortly after the gang retrieved the obsidian plate from the auction at the shacklethrone estate, detailing the loss of some kind of tracking signal they had been monitoring when a localised earthquake struck DC. It's possible that the quake happened when the payday gang took the pieces out of the the coffers and uncovered the luminous engravings on the obsidian plate with the help of scarface's piano.

At the time the signal went dark, it was apparently moving due south in the pacific ocean, presumably headed straight for the coordinates of the Dreaming Temple from the obsidian plate.

E-mail: "Blocked Domains"[]

From: // Date: 2018-10-22 11:19

As per your request Sir, we have blocked all incoming and outgoing traffic to the “” domain.

As per your court order, we also managed to partially infiltrate their system. Judging by the server logs, they were sending spam messages to other government agencies as well, not just you, Sir. We traced IP addresses to both the Capitol Building and the White House- they even managed to reach the Oval Office! The strangest part though… is that they were also trying to hack a computer in a local bakery. Don’t know if that’s useful to you, Sir?

After 2 months of radio silence, commissioner Garrett recieved this email from James Wyre, further explaining why there hasn't been any more correspondence between himself and the Kataru after the exchange of The Elephant's coffer went sour thanks to the actions of the Payday Gang in the Breakin Feds heist.

The email goes on to implicate the Kataru in a much larger conspiracy within the American government, having apparently sent messages to government bodies as high up as the oval office. Their interest in a certain local bakery also might imply they are looking into Vlad's business, which was implied to be run out of a bakery on the evidence board in Hoxton Revenge.

Breaking News[]

On October 19th 2018, Overkill announced the Breaking News event, celebrating the 7th anniversary of PDTH and rumoring "Big things" were about to happen, with one reporter at the CNM news network apparently clued in enough to let people know what's going on.

The golden hoxton mask was also released along with the event, completing the set of gold masks for the original crew.

Breaking News - Day 1[]

The first day of the Breaking News event saw the release of the first CNM news broadcast, "Corruption in Congress"

Our top story tonight, congressman Henry Simmons today demanded the creation of a grand jury with the task of investigating recent claims of corruption in the highest echelons of the government, citing his recent arrest as "under alleged false pretenses" as a catalyst for the effort.

Mr. Simmons would not specify individual targets of the investigation, simply stating, "This goes all the way to the top." and that worries me.

More on this story as we get information.

It seems like the Elephant is looking to get back at the Kataru for having him detained, and has elected to go about things in a judicial manner as opposed to the Kataru & Murkywater's more military approach.

Released alongside the report was a recording from the reporter's phone, mentioning someone left a USB stick marked with the letters S.G. was on her desk. S.G. could possibly be Solomon Garrett, and it would make sense for him to want to help undermine the kataru's plans.

Additionally, a small patch was released that added the golden houston mask, with a description talking about a trial by fire for the payday gang where they will face off against "a power they haven't seen the limit of", and a plate of cupcake wrappers left on a wooden barstool in safehouse's kitchen area, among which is what appears to be The Diamond itself. After the update, vlad coincidentally dissappeared from the safehouse; Assuming the cupcakes are from his bakery, what the twist here is & how the diamond was apparently not used in the BFD as suggested by the storymode text for the Golden Grin Casino still remains a mystery.

Breaking News - Day 2[]

Day 2 was accompanied by the release of the Hell's Island heist. With the help of The Elephant, Locke managed to locate Bain, who is being held hostage by murkywater at the kataru's behest inside wikipedia:Fort Clatsop, an abandoned World War II hospital located on a small island in international waters, just off the north coast of Oregon.

The gang attempts to sneak in through the sewers, but upon emerging into the facility find themselves surrounded by murkywater guards, as the dentist addresses them over the prison's loudspeaker, quoting a line from Paradise Lost by John Milton; possibly conflating himself with the character of Satan.

"Abashed the devil stood and felt how awful goodness is 
and saw Virtue in her shape how lovely- and pined his loss."

As the gang continues to fight their way through the facility, they eventually reach the control room & locate bain in one of the cells in cellblock A, upon which the dentist delivers another line, potentially hinting at his long-rumored "immortality", and implying there may be something wrong with Bain.

"when youve been around for 'a while' you learn to let things go and see the bigger picture.
If you manage to take Bain away from here, he's all yours. It is the moral choice, afterall."

Once bain is free, he immediately rushes out of the facility, killing anything & everything that gets in his way. The dentist takes notice though, calling for Kento chase him down & make sure he doesn't make it out alive.

"And so, another player enters the board: Kento? Bain is getting away. Stop him, would you please?"
"Well my friends its time for me to leave you to it; much to do and all that, my best regards to kozak and simmons"

The payday gang then race after Bain, passing through the chamber where he was seen being tortured on the screen in Henrys Rock, and finally meeting up with him outside; bloody and bruised after killing Kento, who lays dead on the floor beside him. Bain briefly greets the crew, before collapsing onto the floor next to Kento.

"Did I win? Kento, Kento.. guys, I think he's dead. Ohwell."
"Hey guys! How do I look? What the hell took you guys so long?"

Unable to continue fighting, Locke carries Bain on his back as the gang fights their way to the helipad, escaping in a chopper locke had arranged beforehand. In his delirium, Bain mutters some interesting info while Locke carries him that sets the stage for things to come.

"Dentist, Elephant, Sputnik.. Gotta warn-"
"The gold, the gold, guys.. the mayan gold, you gotta use-"
"You're gonna need.. the gold- first world bank, the mayan stuff"

In the heist's debriefing, locke goes on to inform the crew that the murkies have infected bain with some kind of life-threatening virus, and that a medical team is looking into his condition.

Breaking News - Day 3[]

Breaking News - Day 4[]

Breaking News - Day 5[]

Breaking News - Day 6[]

Breaking News - Day 7[]

Breaking News - Day 8[]

White House Heist & the Ark of the Watcher[]

PEOC mictlan activate.png

"As his flesh is consumed the king of the undernorth laughs and judges the champions"

  • In the PEOC conference room, there is a painting of Mictlāntēcutli, Aztec god of the dead, king of Mictlān.
    • This painting matches the tattoo seen on the neck of the sick patient in No Mercy.
    • The orange part of the drawing matches his depiction in the codex borgia, while the blue part of the drawing seems to be some kind of map of an area from mountains to the sea.
    • This figure appears to parallel Nergal, from the Henry's Rock triangle.
    • To accompany the release of the heist, Overkill included an image with their newspost mocking the crew as they try to save bain from the virus (see right).

Ark geocentric array.png

  • There is a crack in the wall behind the painting, leading up to a hole showing a second surface behind the wall, with a small part of the (planetary?) array of spheres from the "dig" painting painted upon its surface.
  • The vault in this heist is reused from Reservoir Dogs, the "Tyche" model.

Piano Puzzle[]

  • Parts of the Lament can now be assembled on the table, turns into a spinning gyroscope above the plate. The device reacts when the piano is played.
  • This translates to a music puzzle: the solution is a fragment of Hurrian hymn no.6, the "first melody".
  • Start at 5th C, 1 octave up from middle C; play down into 4th octave til 2x F and then back up - this section of the piano is roughly infront of the piano stool.

Pianopuzzle visual-opti.png

  • The sequence is: C B♭ A♭ G F F G A♭ B♭

After playing the hymn, the discs will configure themselves horizontally and light up the sphere at the center, which will transcribe messages onto the plate below when interacted with. Each message describes "the four thieves" completing a specific achievement on a variety of heists. Players are assigned 20 achievements from a possible pool of 50, which need to be completed to be deemed worthy to access the Ark of the Watcher.

Google document containing each achievement listed by their order in the steam achievements menu, courtesy of: Fudglepoopman, Marc Tomasek, Dunsch, and many other members of the community.

GitHub repository containing the same information plus solutions for later parts of the Secret.

Note: After completing the piano puzzle and assembling the device, DO NOT play the piano puzzle a second time, as this will draw a new set of 20 achievements from the pool of 50, which would have to be completed to regain the worthiness requirement for the secret.

Requirements to access the ark of the watcher[]

Official kataru font guide, courtesy of Wordsmith & RandomKenny

You need to have done the piano puzzle, then have completed the 20 achievements written on the obsidian plate. The plate will rotate through the 20 achievement descriptions each time you interact with it. You can have already completed the achievements before playing the piano.

Run the White House heist. All players must have completed their 20 assigned achievements.

Once the crew reaches the PEOC, the painting in the conference room will glow and allow you to take it off the wall.

Once the glowing painting has been removed, the lobby will be locked and nobody can rejoin if they disconnect. A prompt will appear to place C4 on the cracked wall where the painting hanged, creating an entrance into the cavern below once it is detonated.

Down in the depths of the cave system there is a large wheel covered in Katarui, which asks various riddles that can be answered by rotating the central plates with the levers found in the same room. While solving the riddles, demon cloakers will spawn behind the levers. These demons will not drop ammo, so it is recommended that the crew brings ammo bags.

All of the riddles are read in a counterclockwise direction, while their answers are spelt right-to-left, as shown in the example below.

Right-front lever - Outer ring + middle ring
Right-back lever - Middle ring
Left-front lever - Confirm answer
Left-back lever - Inner ring + middle ring


Because the outer/inner levers also move the middle ring, do outer+inner rings first, and then adjust the middle ring last.

Solved Riddles:

"in the temple of gold and white I bind myself to my psyche forever"

"the legacy of alessandro cagliostro calls to the eastern star"

"I am the bearer of the greatest gifts i give you what you seek the most"

"i am trusted to guard the great wealth of the land but do not trust my words"

"twins exchange a breath the third sibling is banished until it returns"

"Upon the terrace of riches and wealth I hold what all who behold me desire"

"I stand in front of the humble man on the wicked path as a companion"

"in the sand covered land of pharoahs i am followed by the missing light"

"With my companions wisdom and ferocity I fly over that which is my land"

"that of the watcher which will be consumed in the voice of sumer"

"At the gates of silent memory the lizard gods speak thy number"

"I must face two to ascend lest I meet my final journey in this challenge"

"among old recovered things four couples are eternally locked in their love"

After solving four riddles, the vault will open, revealing a long corridor leading to a vast cylindrical chamber with a gold-capped obsidian pyramid resting at the center of a wide platform. Once inside, stay near the pyramid until The Dentist begins his monologue addressing each member of the team, note the ashen remains of Baldwin on the floor near the connecting bridge, then start to walk back towards the entrance. The stone doors will open, revealing Bain and Vernon Locke being held at gunpoint. Bain will give the signal to shoot the Dentist, which must be done quickly and without leaving the thresholds of the Ark room, or he will shoot either Bain or Locke, failing the mission.

Once The Dentist is dead, a countdown to failure will begin. Haul the Mayan gold bag into the room with the golden pyramid, then dump it on the floor and place each bar into a slot on the ground. Once all slots have been filled, the Ark lights up and the heist ends.

Avatar Images[]

Breakdown of all the different elements in wordsmith's profile images.

Wordsmith Image
Bain Image
Background Image
Fleur de lis (hollow part reminiscient of the gem in the medallion)
The Hyle Triangle
Strategies of the Successful Heist, Leg of the lookout
Macrocosmic Thesis
Key: 2.7188016444864e(31)MeV/c
Code: xN5zCJ11KERkqNdWwz3QJVAqEkGuagkTR2443oETQ5c=
Decoded: There were three
Alchemist, "III" book
Macrocosmic Thesis
One is dead.
Prisoner, Top of the chain
Macrocosmic Thesis
"Who, my friend, can scale the heavens?" (The epic of Gilgamesh)
Only the Gods, by going to the underground place of Shamash.

Mankind's days are numbered; whatever they achieve is but the wind. Even thou art afraid of death, in spite of your heroic might.

Therefore, Let me go ahead of thee, let thy mouth call to me: "Advance, fear not!"
Tools of the Trade, Gravestone
Macrocosm, thisonemaybe? + the "interpenetrating triangles"
"People are lost; that fills me with wretched dismay" // Gilgamesh and Huwawa A; line 24
"I craned my neck over the city wall: corpses in the water make the river almost overflow. That is what I see. That will happen to me too -- that is the way things go.

No one is tall enough to reach heaven; no one can reach wide enough to stretch over the mountains. Since a man cannot pass beyond the final end of life, I want to set off into the mountains, to establish my renown there.

Where renown can be established there, I will establish my renown; and where no renown can be established there, I shall establish the renown of the gods."
4 heister masks
Macrocosmic Thesis, final figure
Star from Appendices
The production of the planets
Hyle Triangle (Central rings)
Shadow, lines at the center of the messenger's shadow
Statue of Quetzalcotal - from the Temple of the Feathered Serpent, Teotihuacan
Tlamiz (it will end)
Shadow, Messenger's shadow + Death, Chess pieces
Atlantis painting from The Diamond, depicting the view from the side of a boat of a large pyramid in the distance with the rising/setting sun/moon partially obscured behind it.
No message, but the chess pieces from the Death page have been superimposed over the original image, forming the likeness of 2 doorways at the front of the pyramid and an onlooker in the foreground.
B44b50453022d372d13528118174673a6af58274 full.jpg
"Dusk fell around the heisters, The evil-looking clouds above gave Dallas a shiver of foreboding. Lightning cracked, as the heavy rain trickled down the sides of his mask and into his collar, making his skin itch. The yellow light coming from the windows of the old building offered no solace, as shadows danced around them. Was this where the story would end? Was this where the final piece of the puzzle would be unearthed?"
kadath, Ancient city of the Great Ones from H.P. Lovecraft's "The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath"
Code: ic0u/7SEIj8l0p9H8Dc7S3QZqQv6UvJmtoewpnQAt57bcMes5xEJrF8aeO8mFATs
Answer: Dream-Quest
All three codes led to
never say...
Code: Dsn2P4iOTYba6vIeNwAfafO8+DXsToWm4flFGDkzX9aQMLp4SOO4Qg6Mw5tx4Il6
Answer: die
All three codes led to
... better lock your door
Code: 0X7UWm7GMZLDzlMabZjZICd/wHzZ0LTfqISGbuj88p0dKWz2g/8ln3G7mipVxJPu
Answer: three four
All three codes led to
Atlantis painting from The Diamond (section of rainy sky in the top-left corner)
stay here in paradise
(then take away and tell me, that which you will find)
This avatar was used to solve a code posted by wordsmith during the Icebreaker event.
Derelict painting from The Diamond (bottom-left corner)
The Kings Highway
Another will die

The last will ascend

Strategies of the Successful Heist, Cage lantern
Mummy painting from The Diamond (area near the skull)
No king shall fall

While the irin serve

Strategies of the Successful Heist, Crown
Tomb painting from The Diamond (carving on the left wall of a mayan warrior from the temple of warriors in Chichen Itza)
When he saw what
He had written
The scribe went mad
The Criminal Net-Work, Jester's cap
Thing painting from The Diamond (section of rainy sky along the right edge of the canvas)
Shutnik (prankster, joker)
Wordsmith avatar.jpg
Symbol at the start of the sequence of alchemical/planetary symbols below the pyramid in the Ark of the Watcher
Skull of an Ark Guardian, with red glowing eyes
It begins
C B♭ A♭ G F F G A♭ B♭
The uneven brick wall of the hidden door leading in/out of the Ark of the Watcher.
The game is afoot
Symbol at the start of the sequence below the pyramid in the Ark of the Watcher
Happy Holidays

Dead Ends[]

Several mysterious elements have popped up in PAYDAY 2 over the years, but have been concluded to not have any relation to the secret for the reasons listed.

  • "Answer the Phone": not a -definite- dead end, but this was a false rumor spread during the PDTH ARG that it was possible to answer the phone on counterfeit when the cops called the house. Needless to say it wasn't true. This -could- be made relevant at some point though.
  • There is a mysterious message that talks about "the secret" on the answering machine in the safehouse, left by someone named "Callahan". All of the phone messages were added as part of a community contest, and this was a small prank done by Finale to bamboozle the thread when the safehouse was released. The message (with glitched out sections in bold) was: "It's just a jump to the left and then Baldwin to the right. With your hands on your hips, you bring your stars in tight. But it's The Diamond that really drives you insane. Let's do The Secret again. Got it? Good. Be careful not to-"
  • A mysterious briefcase is an objective in Boiling Point, which some curious players have asked about being related to the secret, but the briefcase is most likely a reference to Biting Elbows' music videos, the inspiration for Hardcore Henry, and likely will not be relevant to the secret.


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