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This article is about the PAYDAY: The Heist mission. For the PAYDAY 2 mission, see Panic Room (Payday 2).
PanicRoom poster.jpg
"The definition of safe house is changing"
—Poster tagline

Panic Room is a heist that involves a daring smash-and-grab operation that begins with the team entering a dilapidated apartment-building-turned-gang-hideout under the pretense of making a drug deal. The real target, however, is the steel panic room filled with cash and bolted to the floor of the building's third story.


"Deep inside the projects, a fortified building. Inside the fortified building, a meth lab. In the meth lab, a panic room bolted to the floor. Inside the panic room, a fortune in cash. Getting into the building is easy, but how are you going to get inside the panic room? If you can't get in, how are you going to leave with the money? Simple, steal the whole room."
—In-game description.

The heist begins with the crew being invited to the building operated by a gang of armed drug dealers. Posing as buyers, the crew enters the building with the intent of stealing the gang's panic room, which is filled with cash and drugs. The heist can be initiated by the crew, and it is recommended to do so after finding the gang's leader, Chavez, who posesses the key to the room housing the panic room.

Once the crew obtains the key, either by tying down Chavez or killing him, the crew must attach four saws to the base of the panic room, two saws on the floor of the third floor, and two saws on the ceiling of the second floor.

After the panic room has been detatched from the rest of the house, a helicopter will arrive to drop off a bag of C4, which lands on the roof, on a walkway on the front facade of the building, or in the alley behind it. Using the C4 the crew must destroy the area on each floor directly above and around the panic room. When this is done, the crew must defend the chopper while it attaches a large electro-magnet to the panic room. Once the chopper has left, the crew must escape by accessing the sewers from the basement.

Hidden throughout the apartment complex are bundles of cash that can be picked up by the player for an instant reward. If the player takes 10 of them during the heist, then they are rewarded with the Are there more than two? trophy.



Objective Reward ($1,000’s)
Normal Hard Overkill OK 145+
1 Entrance (back alley) 29 36 72 72
2 Drug deal (lobby) 29 36 72 72
3 Locate the panic room (floor 3) 29 36 72 72
4 Find Chavez and get his key 87 109 217 217
5 Get into the panic room (floor 3) 58 73 145 145
6 Detach the panic room (floors 2 and 3) 58 73 145 145
7 Keep the saws going (floors 2 and 3) 145 181 362 362
8 Wait for the explosives (roof) 87 109 217 217
9 Take out the snipers (roof) 116 145 290 290
10 Rig the C4 charges 290 363 725 725
11 Move away from the C4 (floor 2) 116 145 290 290
12 Wait for the helicopter to return to the roof (roof) 87 109 217 217
13 Secure the roof (roof) 203 254 507 507
14 Attach the magnet (floor 4) 232 290 580 580
15 Defend the helicopter (roof) 174 218 435 435
16 Escape (basement) 261 326 652 652
Total 2001 2503 4998 4998


  • When C4 is planted (in any of the highlighted spots) the player character may say "We're all clear, now let's blow this thing and go home!", a quote from Han Solo in the movie Star Wars.
  • On difficulties below Overkill 145+, room 145 (the secret room with 40 bundles of money) still spawns, but it cannot be opened.
    • A glitch (now patched) allows the player to grab the cash bundles through the floor of the room directly above it, regardless of the difficulty.
  • There are four unusable first aid kits from Left 4 Dead in room 145.
  • The official soundtracks for this heist are Phoney Money and The Take by Simon Viklund. It is the only heist in the game to have more than one official music track.
  • There is a giant toothbrush in one of the bathrooms. It used to be smaller but the developers have made it bigger as a reference to comments made by the popular Youtuber Uberhaxornova.
  • Sometimes one of the thugs will shout "Eat shit and die!" a possible reference to the videogame character Duke Nukem.
  • In the area that looks like a reception area, there is a filing cabinet in the corner. If jumped on, it can be used to grab cash through the roof.
  • In the lobby, there's a punching bag with the logo of Overkill Software on it.
  • Dallas may declare he put the last saw on the panic room or placed the last of the C4, regardless of who actually did.