Portable Saw

Portable Saw
Enforcer: Ammo Specialist Tier 2
Basic (2 pt): Unlocks the OVE9000 portable saw for you to use as a secondary weapon.
Ace (4 pt): You gain 1 extra saw blade for the OVE9000 portable saw. You replace your saw blades with carbon blades, increasing your saw efficiency by 40%.


The saw is considered a fully automatic weapon by the game. It fires at a rate of 400 RPM. Each time the saw is used and it comes in contact with an object, a random amount of ammunition between 6-15 will be deducted from the total ammo capacity of the saw. If the saw reaches 0 ammo when deducting this amount, any additional deductions necessary will carry over to the next saw blade. Consider a saw that has two blades, one of which is unused (150 ammo) and the second of which has 10 ammunition remaining. When the saw contacts an object, suppose the game randomly decides to deduct 12 ammo. The first saw blade will be entirely depleted, and the additional deficit of 2 ammunition will be deducted from the fully unused blade, bringing it to a total of 148 ammo. [1]


For those that desire to use the OVE9000 saw but do not want to sacrifice a more capable primary weapon, this skill should be obtained. Even if additional skills to boost the weapon are not obtained, it can be handy to have the saw in a secondary slot to quickly saw through doors (if enough ammo bags are available) or though ATMs for extra cash while being able to fend off enemies easily.

Because the saw is technically a weapon, some damage increasing skills (namely Berserker) allow the player to do more "damage" to objects, allowing them to be opened at a lesser ammunition cost to the saw. Therefore, players with the saw may wish to consider investing in Berserker in order to open deposit boxes with a fewer number of taps from the saw.


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