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Pre-Planning is a mechanic in PAYDAY 2 introduced in the Big Bank DLC. Replacing the Assets feature on several heists, pre-planning allows players to (within pre-determined parameters) tactically pre-place some of the dead drops, purchase backup, extra gear, insider helps or even change the escape plans (if a majority of the players agree with it). However, pre-planning also limits the amount of available assets by having limits on the amount of "favors" the players can use, which does not scale with the chosen difficulty but varies with the heist. The price of individual assets, however, do scale with the chosen difficulty.

All assets are unlocked by Sixth Sense Aced.

To aid the players in communication and planning, the pre-planning screen shows the blueprints of the heist the players are currently playing. Players are also able to draw on the blueprint to aid with planning.

Heist Appearances[]

Heist Appearances DLC[]


You Owe Me One.jpg You Owe Me One
In the Big Bank job, start the Big Bank job after having spent all 10 favors in Preplanning. Unlocks the Retro Foregrip for the Falcon rifle.


  • Despite being formerly exclusive to heists given by The Dentist, pre-planning as a feature was implemented onto many newly-released heists and superseded the Assets functionality of several old ones from other contractors as well.
    • The Dentist still comments during pre-planning on most heists, regardless of the heist and contractor.
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