Pumping Iron

Pumping Iron
Fugitive: Brawler Tier 2
Basic (2 pt): Your melee attacks against non-special enemies do 100% more damage.
Ace (4 pt): Your melee attacks against special enemies do 100% more damage.


This skill increases the damage you deal to enemies using melee attacks by 100%. The basic version only increases damage against regular enemies, while the aced version will now include the damage bonus to special enemies.

This damage bonus is applied before Berserker, greatly increasing the damage output Berserker can grant.


Pumping Iron is very beneficial for conserving ammunition, and when engaging in close combat using a weapon that has a lengthy reload time. Since the skill increases damage by a percentage, it should be combined with a high-damage melee weapon, for example the Shinsakuto Katana.

Note that meleeing special enemies aside from the Shield is risky, even with the melee weapons' great damage.

Note that the basic version of the skill will not show up on a weapon's total statistical damage, as it is not technically activated, and the damage does not actually affect all enemies. It'll appear once aced to reflect the damage shown applies to all enemies in the game.


  • The original name of this skill in the older versions of the game was "Steroids".
  • The skill was likely inspired by the 1977 docurama of the same name (in name) and the central professional bodybuilders (in effect).
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