This article is about the Reputation system in PAYDAY: The Heist. For the revised system in PAYDAY 2, see Reputation (Payday 2).

The Reputation (rep) level of a player is their respective "level" and the number of upgrades they have unlocked. Reputation is earned by collecting cash, which is awarded for completing objectives and challenges, and can sometimes be scavenged. The cash required to level up is different for each level. The reputation limit is 193 for players with the Wolf Pack DLC and 145 without, so that each player can unlock every upgrade in the trees available to them. Players below reputation 145 are unable to play on Overkill 145+ difficulty.

During a heist, aside from completing challenges and collecting cash bundles or jewelry, the player will receive cash only upon completing an objective. Bonuses are awarded when a heist is completed, but not when a heist is failed. Each civilian killed by a player will subtract from their individual end-of-heist bonus, but the total penalty cannot exceed the total bonus. If a player joins after the heist has started, then any objectives that were completed prior will not count towards their "objective completed" bonus.

Upon gaining a level on Hard difficulty or below, the player's health and ammunition, including each weapon's current magazine, will be fully replenished; however, deployable equipment and cable ties will not. The player will also be revived if they are down, or released if in custody.

Cash rewardsEdit

Easy Normal Hard Overkill Overkill 145+
Objective completion* 0.5x 1.0x 1.25x 2.0x 2.0x
Per civilian killed −15K −35K −75K −150K −550K
End-of-heist bonuses
100% objectives completed 750K 1000K 1500K 3000K 3000K
Per surviving crew member 25K 50K 150K 500K 2000K

* For each objective, there is a base amount that is multiplied according to the difficulty level (with some possible rounding error). On Normal difficulty, the sum of all objective completion rewards in any heist is between $1,500K and $2,000K.

Experience tableEdit

The cash required to level up increases linearly (with rounding errors) from $1,400K to $2,000K between reputation 0 and 3; then from $2,000K to $7,793K between rep 4 and 144; then from $10,500K to $16,000K between rep 145 and 192. In the table below, some of the "To level up" column values are off by $1K, and the "In total" column is derived from the "To level up" column.

Note that the "Total Money Made" figure shown on Steam stats pages is understated; see the in-game Stats menu for an accurate value.


Four more years Four more years
Reach level 145. This gives you the presidential masks for further campaigning.