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Career information
Role Assault Raidclass assault
Warcry Berserk Warcry assault
Affiliation(s) US Naval Seabees (formerly)
Special Operations Executive
The Raid crew
Biographical information
Nationality Raid flag rivet American
Language(s) English
Physical description
Hair color Bald
Ethnicity Caucasian
Appearance(s) RAID: World War II
Portrayed by N/A
Voiced by David Collins
Quotes Quotation page
From the rough part of Chicago, Rivet is a wise-cracking tough guy. Raised in a family of gangsters, Rivet learned early on that you had to fight to survive.

Rivet is a US Naval Construction crewman and former gangster, and one of the key founding members of the Raid crew.

Rivet's default class is Assault Raidclass assault.


Rivet is purebred American gangster. He was left looking at a short walk to the electric chair, but somehow he managed to sign up for the Navy Seabees. But he was frequently sent to the brig for fighting, gambling, stealing, shooting and insubordination. The Germans caught him up at Kasserine Pass. Sounds perfect for us.

Customization optionsEdit


  • Judging by his delinquent background, motif and penchant for wise-cracking, Rivet was based on Hoxton.
  • Based on several idle quotes while in Camp, Rivet's father owns a Peacemaker .45 or a contemporary equivalent.
RAID: World War II
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