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Rogues Gallery Rogue gallery icon
Outlaw Raid Info
Mission days 1
Loud / Stealth ✔ / ✔
Loot Painting
Experience ? (Easy)
? (Normal)
? (Hard)
? (Very Hard)
Internal name

Rogues Gallery is an Outlaw Raid in RAID: World War II, in which the Raid crew must break into a Nazi-controlled art gallery and liberate it of its valuables.




The escape truck will deposit the players in or near the parking yard opposite of the gallery. There are usually around three guards posted right outside the premises, one of which will stay still next to the door while the others will patrol back and forth.

The mission can be completed loudly or stealthily, and the resulting gameplay will be almost identical save for the added presence of enemy troops. The points of entry are the heavily-watched front door, or the back alley. Once inside, the players must then spread out and bag all of the paintings they see, for these are the objectives. At least one painting must be secured for the escape to trigger.

Occasionally, there can be a big safe in the right-handed back office from the main entrance that can be opened with a key to reveal one to two crates of baggable gold. The key can be on the desk in either office, or on one of the counters out front.


  • A truck may spawn in front of the gallery, either to the sides of the main entrance or in the parking area directly across from it. The truck may or may not have additional paintings to collect, and will always be guarded.


  • If stealth fails, an enemy tank will sometimes park right outside the main doors and will open fire on any player in sight.
    • The tank fires slowly with a noticeable reload process, and has to rotate its turret around to do so, so fleet-footed players can juggle the paintings back and forth to secure them while confusing it.
    • The tank cannot fire directly below the tip of its muzzle, therefore allowing players to take cover immediately next to it without fear of being shot.


  • Rogues Gallery is an almost one-to-one copy of Jewelry Store sans the cameras and civilians, complete with a back alley and a big safe in one of the back rooms.
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