Running From Death

Running From Death
Fugitive: Revenant Tier 2
Basic (2 pt): You reload and swap weapons 100% faster for 10 seconds after being revived.
Ace (4 pt): You move 30% faster for 10 seconds after being revived.


As described, "Running From Death" provides a significant boost to weapon swapping and reload speed by 100% upon revival for the basic version. Any player, especially with a LMG that has a long reload time, can finish off (remaining) enemies or swap to another firearm. 

The aced version allows a revived player to move faster. Said revived player should quickly seek cover. Other players who specialize in the Mastermind skill tree may want to consider using the skills Combat Medic and Painkillers as additional support. Both skills can provide a revived player with the aced version of this skill more health and a boost to damage resistance. Uppers and Inspire can also be acquired to quickly revive downed players in the heat of battle.

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