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Rust's character icon.

Rust FBI Files.png
Rust's profile image in the FBI Files.

Rust's sketch in the FBI Files.

Rust's paper craft model.

Career information
Role Biker
Indirect Contractor
Affiliation(s) OVERKILL MC (formerly)
The Payday Gang
Signature weapons
Ranged Breaker 12G
Melee Chain Whip
Biographical information
Also known as Tom Bishop
The Devil
Nationality USA American
Language(s) English
Age 61
Physical description
Hair color White
Eye color Blue
Ethnicity Caucasian
Appearance(s) PAYDAY 2
Portrayed by Ron Perlman
Voiced by Ron Perlman
Quotes Quotation page
Room Rust's Corner
Internal name wild
FBI Description
FBI Files: Tom Bishop, more commonly known as “Rust”, is a seasoned biker affiliated with the OVERKILL MC, who recently seems to have joined forces with the Clowns. Rust has a long history of violence and he’s notoriously known to be a ruthless bastard. We are currently investigating what made Rust suddenly shoot up a bar and kill his biker buddies. Scott Sagano is an OVERKILL biker whom we managed to arrest during the attack on the OVERKILL clubhouse, where many of the bikers were killed by Rust and the PAYDAY gang. Sagano has willingly offered to work with law enforcement in exchange for entry into a witness protection program. According to Sagano, the OVERKILL MC recently got their hands on some type of advanced weaponry that they are planning to transport on a freight train. If that somehow ties into Bain’s sudden interest in the bikers, then we can’t miss this opportunity to make our move. If they are really bold enough to rob a moving train, I’ll be damned if we don’t make them regret it.

Tom Bishop, also known by his preferred alias Rust, is a Biker, and the 16th playable heister in PAYDAY 2. He was released on June 16th, 2016 in his own character pack, alongside the Breaker 12G Shotgun and Chain Whip melee weapon. 


Prior to PAYDAY 2[]

Rust was a biker and a member of the OVERKILL MC's Washington D.C. chapter. But that was before he was offered an opportunity of a lifetime to join the infamous Payday gang. Rust now needs to make a decision regarding loyalty.


To disrupt the OVERKILL MC operations, I need a man on the inside, and that man was Tom "Rust" Bishop. With the help of the Elephant, we offered Rust a chance to make a real PAYDAY, and Rust was quick to oblige. He killed off his former motorcycle brothers to testament his new loyalty to me and that sealed the deal. With Rust on our side, we can now proceed to my next plan.


  • Rust is the oldest member of the PAYDAY Gang with a known age, at 61.
  • Rust's overall design was inspired by many well-known biker-themed pop cultural figures and media.
    • His biker design along with his choice of actor, Ron Perlman, is a possible reference to the American crime drama series Sons of Anarchy in which Perlman played Clay Morrow, a member of the main cast for the first five seasons and a recurring role in the sixth.
      • Also, during his teaser the bartender, John, was played by Andrew McPhee, who also appeared in Sons of Anarchy as Keith McGee, one of the original members of the Sons Of Anarchy MC.
    • Additionally, his clothing and choice of weapons also resembles a composite of Marvel comics characters Johnny Blaze and Daniel Ketch, better known as the second and third Ghost Riders, respectively, with the main draws being the former's original, non-spiked road leather outfit and the chain whip of the latter.
    • The handling of his signature Breaker 12G shotgun also took several cues from the titular character of Terminator 2: Judgment Day. This is even lampshaded by Almir Listo himself in Rust's character spotlight video.
  • Like Jimmy, Rust did not make use of a facemask prior to joining the crew. He was given one as a welcoming gift by Dallas at the end of his teaser.
  • When answering a pager, Rust may ask the operator if they have seen Hellboy, the movie series in which Perlman portrays the titular character. He also voices his desire for a third film.
    • The red horns on his mask may be a reference to his role as Hellboy.
    • He may mention The Fellowship of the Ring, saying that Boromir was his favorite character, and that he's not a bad person, just misunderstood.
    • He may also briefly sing part of the chorus to Baha Men's 2000 hit Who Let the Dogs Out?.
  • Rust is the second heister whose signature weapon is a shotgun, following Bonnie.
  • Rust wears a necklace made from a spent shotgun shell with Dallas' name etched into it. This along with the fact that he officially inducts him into the crew and provides him a clown mask as a welcoming gift suggests that they were acquaintances in the past.
  • Rust is rather notorious within the community for his constant use of repetitive expletives, calling out special units with cursing prefixes (such as "punk-ass") and telling deceased specials to "suck it", among other things. Presumably, this is to fit in with his image as a "tough biker guy".



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