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This article is about the safes that are encountered throughout heists that contain loot. For the safes that contain skins, see Safes (Gameplay).

A 100 x 100cm Frank Yaeger safe in Jewelry Store.

Safes are secure locked containers holding valuable objects. They are often times the targets in almost all heists.


In order to access the content inside the safes, the safes must be opened. Most of the time, the safes must be forcible drilled open to be looted of their contents. The amount of drilling time required to open a safe varies, with a trend of increased drill time as the safe's size increases.

The skill Drill Sawgeant reduces the amount of drilling time by 15% at Basic level, and 30% at Ace level.

A number of skills can be used as alternative, faster methods to open a safe:

  • Nimble enables the player to pick most safes' locks in 45 seconds.
  • Shaped Charges enables the player to blow open most safes with C4 charges.

Titan Safes[]

A Titan safe in Diamond Store.

Titan Safes are rarer variants of the normal safes that sometimes appear in certain heists (usually holding mission-critical items) or as replacements for the normal black Frank Yaeger safes on Mayhem difficulty and above. They also appear on Diamond Store and Big Oil on all difficulties.

Titan Safes cannot be blown open with shaped charges nor do they have a lock to be picked. They also take longer to drill open compared to their Frank Yaeger counterparts.

Safe statistics[]

Frank Yaeger Safes[]

Size 50cm × 50cm 50cm × 100cm 100cm × 100cm 50cm × 200cm
Intel Safe50x50.png Safe50x100.png Safe100x100.png Safe50x200.png
Drill time 180 240 300 300
Drill Sawgeant 153 204 255 255
Drill Sawgeant Aced 126 168 210 210
C4 needed 1 1 4 4
Pick time 45 45 45 45
Appears in

Titan Safes[]

Size Titan 50cm × 50cm Titan 50cm × 100cm Titan 100cm × 100cm Titan 50cm × 200cm
Drill time 240 300 360 360
Drill Sawgeant 204 255 306 306
Drill Sawgeant Aced 168 210 252 252
C4 needed n/a
Pick time n/a
Appears in


  • "Frank Yaeger" is a reference to "Franz Jaeger" of the "Olsen Banden" (The Olsen gang), a fictional Danish criminal gang in the eponymous film series and the Swedish adaptation "Jönsonligan", where it is a notoriously hard-to-crack safe.
  • The Titan safe company has the "Suck It!" company motto printed in block letters below the keypad, close to the lower right corner of the safe door. The safe is specifically designed without a conventional lock to deter theft, though this is also a serious design flaw for a safe (see below).
    • Despite the the tried-and-true design of a safe, it suffers from the fundamental weakness of having to be accessible by a locksmith or other authority in the event of a lock-out or malfunction, which forms the basis of safe-cracking. Were the Titan safe to be manufactured in real life, its sturdiness would cause problems to its user as well should the keypad break, or be tampered with with electronic countermeasures. As Titan safes uses electronic locks, an ECM Jammer would realistically be extremely effective when it comes to cracking one.

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