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This article is about the safes that contain skins. For the safes encountered throughout heists containing loot, see Safe (Payday 2).

Safe and Drill cards

"Rise like a Sputnik! Vlad’s brand new Weapons Deal lets you bring out the very best in your favorite guns with a huge update to the Black Market. This Weapons Deal opens up a brand new way of allowing you to personalize your weapons with skins, mods and more!"
—Black Market Update announcement site.

Added during CrimeFest 2015 was the new safes feature that randomly awards players with a safe when the corresponding card is picked during a payday. When opened, the safe will yield a random weapon or armor skin which may or may not provide additional bonuses to gameplay.

Prior to Update #100, safes, to be opened, required drills that were either bought in-game with real money, gotten from card drops, bought on the Steam Community Market, or traded between players, but safes introduced after the update do not need such drills. See the "Removal of Microtransactions" section below for more details.

As per Update #199 Mk II A, pre-U100 safes are now back in the rotation pool under the Post-U100 conditions, effectively making every safe obtainable once again on payday and free to open, for the exception of the Complete Overkill Safe. In addition to being back in the rotation pool, safes can no longer be listed in the Steam Market.

Safes & Drills[]

"Vlad’s operation is smuggling brand-new, precision-engineered Safes from Washington state to Washington D.C. But these safes are tough to open. Only the best heisters, with the right tool, can crack them."
—Black Market Update announcement site.


  • Community Safes have a slightly higher drop chance than Developer Safes, and Event Safes have a very rare drop chance.
  • The First World, Slaughter, Christmas, and Goat safes were achievement rewards, later reintroduced as card drops without drill requirement.
  • As per Update #199 Mk II A, safes cannot be listed into the Steam Market.
    • Listings made previous to this update are unaffected, are still listed, and can be purchased.



  • The Completely Overkill Safe was granted to owners of a limited-quantity DLC, thus were non-marketable and are limited to one unit of each type per player.
  • Retired safes are no longer obtainable via card drops/achievements.


Note: Drills are only for old-generation safes. New-generation safes can be opened for completely free, and thus do not have drills.

"You know the drill! Each safe can only be opened with a specially-designed drill, which can be acquired from the Steam Market. Buy a drill, and then use it or trade it - the choice is yours. Gang, the Black Market is open!"
—Black Market Update announcement site.


  • The First World, Slaughter, Christmas, and Goat Drills are achievement rewards, and the Completely Overkill Drill was granted to owners of a limited-quantity DLC, thus are non-marketable and are limited to one unit of each type per player.
  • Non-achievement drills can be bought in-game for $2.49 / €2.19, or for variable prices on the community market.
    • Unused drills can be traded and/or sold on the Steam Community Marketplace.
    • Retired drills are no longer obtainable via card drops/achievements, but can be used, bought/sold on the Marketplace or traded between players as usual.


  • Update #79 introduced the mechanic to PAYDAY 2 and the CrimeFest 2 and Sputnik Safes. Update #90 removed the CrimeFest 2 safe from card drops, and Update #99 removed the Sputnik Safe from card drops.
  • Updates #86 and #88 introduced the achievement-unlocked First World and Slaughter Safes respectively. They became unobtainable with Update #94, and were reintroduced as card drop safes in Update #105.1.
  • Update #90 introduced the Completely Overkill Safe, given to owners of the COMPLETELY OVERKILL Pack DLC released in limited quantities during the Hype Train community event, along with the Dallas Safe. Update #99 removed the Dallas Safe from card drops.
  • Update #92 released the Bodhi Safe. The safe became unobtainable with Update #100.
  • Update #93 introduced the achievement-unlocked Christmas Safe. The safe became unobtainable with Update #94, although some players have reported getting the safe after it was supposed to be deactivated. It was reintroduced as a card drop safe in Update #105.1.
  • Update #94.2 introduced the achievement-unlocked Goat Safe. The safe officially became unobtainable with Update #100, although it had been unobtainable a while before that due to players achievement-duping the safe. It was reintroduced as a card drop safe in Update #105.1.
  • Update #95.2 released the Wolf Safe. The safe became unobtainable with Update #100.
  • Update #97.3 released the Jimmy Safe. The safe became unobtainable with Update #100.
  • Update #99 released the Sydney Safe. The safe became unobtainable with Update #100.
  • Update #103 released the Biker Safe, the first weapon skin safe to not require a drill.
  • Update #107 released the Community Safe, the first safe to contain community-made weapon skins. Update #123 removed the Community Safe from card drops.
  • Update #108 released the Chains Safe.
  • Update #113 released the Hoxton Safe.
  • Update #123 released Community Safe 2.
  • Update #128 released the Scarface Safe and removed the First World, Slaughter, Goat and Christmas safes from rotation.
  • Update #132 released the John Wick Safe.
  • Update #138 released the Armor Safe.
  • Update #140 released the Community Safe 3.
  • Update #145 released the Sangres Safe.
  • Update #151 released the Community Safe 4.
  • Update #154 released the Aldstone's Heritage Safe and the Armor Safe 2: WWII.
  • Update #157 released the Community Safe 5.
  • Update #167 released the Community Armor Safe 1.
  • Update #172 released the Community Safe 6.
  • Update #177 released the Duke Safe.
  • Update #182 released the Community Safe 7.
  • Update #191 readded the First World Safe, the Slaughter Safe, the Christmas Safe, the Goat Safe, the Biker Safe, the Community Safe, the Chains Safe, the Hoxton Safe, the Community Safe 2, the Scarface Safe and the John Wick Safe.
  • Update #199 Mk II A readded all but the Completely Overkill Safe to the drop rotation.
  • Update #199 Mk II A removed the capability to list safes into the Steam Market.
    • Safes listed before this was applied will not be affected and can still be purchased. However, new listings cannot be made.
  • Update #199 Mk II A released the Community Safe 9.


  • Update #90 removed CrimeFest 2 drills from card drops.
  • Update #99 removed Sputnik and Dallas drills from card drops.
  • Update #100 removed Bodhi, Wolf, Jimmy, and Sydney drills from card drops.
  • Update #199 Mk II A removed drill requirements for all but the Completely Overkill Safe.
  • Update #199 Mk II A converted drills, except the Complete Overkill Drill, into their corresponding safe.

Safe drops[]

Unlike other loot drops, safes cannot be farmed in a conventional sense.

Safes in general don't quite have a drop "rate" per se, with the exception of the first unit one receive, which is at random. Safes (and previously drills) aren't part of any loot table, and therefore cannot be affected by drop rate bonuses from skills and perks, but are periodically given from a "server", to prevent spoofing of the system via cheating softwares. Whenever a payday screen loads, the game checks with the server, if the player haven't received their weekly safe, one will most likely drop, and vice versa. After this drop, a seven-day timer counts down towards the next safe.

Safes require actual ownership of the game to drop, as they are linked to the player's Steam inventory. For new purchasers, some game activity is required before a safe will drop. Players playing PAYDAY 2 on free weekends are not entitled, and sharing the game via Steam's Family Share system will only award one safe to the account that's playing at the moment the timer runs out. Achievement safes are awarded on condition and are not affected by the above mechanics.[1]


"Aside from looking awesome, a skin offers more than cosmetics. Skins can improve the stats of the weapon, perhaps making it more stable or affecting concealment. Some skins come with associated mods, capable of further improving the stats. Finally, a rare Stat Boost modifier might come with the skin, giving you that extra edge."
—Black Market Update announcement site.

Comparions between the base weapon, the base weapon with just the decoration scheme, and the skin mod in its entirety.

Upon opening a safe, the player may be awarded with a weapon or armor skin, an aesthetically-modified iteration of an in-game firearm/armor that, for the former, has a chance to come with slightly augmented stats. Some weapon skins also come with attachments already incorporated (see below).

Skins are equipped like a normal mod item, meaning that ownership of the base weapon (and by extension, its DLC) is required to work, and armor skins can only be applied onto articles currently unlocked. For weapon skins that come with mods, DLC ownership of the included attachments is not required.

Unused skins can be traded and/or sold on the Steam Community Marketplace.

Skin rarity[]

Skin rarities are color-coded: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Upon receiving a skin, the safe door will glow in the color of that particular skin's rarity and a music track will accompany the reveal, with the rarer ones having more upbeat and elaborate themes.

Upon acquisition, a skin is given a rarity based on its type, sometimes a condition (e.g, Battle-Worn), and a Boost tag if that skin confers additional performance improvement.


Randomly a skin may not have a condition tag at all, be it a Common type or even Legendary.


Boosts comes in two types, Stat Boosts which improve a random stat of the relevant weapon, and Team Boosts which provide a slight increase to the XP and money gained during missions. Team Boosts from many players can stack and will affect the whole team.

Skins have a 10% chance of coming with a stat boost, regardless of condition. The stat boost itself is predetermined for each weapon skin.[2] Equipping a standalone boost will override a skin's bonuses until removed.

Generic boosts are typically applicable to all weapons.

Weapon-specific boosts are as the name suggests, only available to certain weapons and weapon types.

Skin attachments[]

While Common and Uncommon skins are merely retextures of their base weapons, some Rare and Epic ones come with modifications attached, free of charge. These parts are not intrinsic, and can be swapped out at will for others that might potentially confer the desired stat bonus(es).

A skin's integral attachments are temporary, and as such do not remain in the player's inventory when the decoration scheme is removed from the weapon. Applying one such skin onto a given weapon will also remove all of said weapon's currently installed attachments without refunding their cost, and the replaced mods will not be put back on if the skin is unequipped. When applying a skin that comes with a sight onto a weapon that's currently equipping that same optic, the reticle will not be reset and vice versa.

Legendary skins also come with pre-fit attachments, however, Legendary skins up until the El Toro Furioso cannot be modified due to them brandishing unique modifications not found anywhere else. This means that Legendary skins that come with optics cannot have their reticles customized, and Legendary-grade shotguns can only use the ammunition type they came with. The El Toro Furioso and all Legendary skins released afterwards are able to be fully modded and their pre-equipped modifications swapped out, which effectively allows players to replace the skins' boosts with another if they so choose.

Weapon skins[]

Armor skins[]

Player-created skins[]


Also announced on the Black Market update site is Steam Workshop integration that allows players to create and share their own weapon/armor skin designs.

Players are given a wide range of control over their creations such as custom attachments, coloration, states of wear and tear and stickers, if any. Currently, not all weapons in the game are compatible with weapon skins, and it is likely some, such as the Golden AK.762 and Jacket's Piece, never will be.

After a skin is created it can be uploaded to the Workshop to be rated by the community, with the most popular skins being selected to feature in the Community line of safes. When selected for rotation, player-made skins are graded separately by Overkill, with those deemed worthy of being Legendary possibly being given a unique part when implemented into the game.

As of current, there have been nine Community safes released to the public, containing a total of 144 player-made skins, with nine of them being Legendary-grade.

An instructional guide to skin designing can be found here

Removal of Microtransactions[]


PAYDAY 2 Update 100!

Following the full acquisition of the PAYDAY IP by Starbreeze in May 2016, Overkill executive Almir Listo has announced the studio's plans to modify the microtransactions system, allowing future safes and their contents to be openable without having to buy a drill. Safes will continue to randomly drop as payday reward, as well as being purchasable (as is their content) on the marketplace. Due to the changes mentioned above for future drills, all "old" generation safes have been discontinued immediately.

The safes, drills, and skins that were in circulation prior to the update will remain as is, though no longer drop. Skins, safes, and drills are still available from the market, and drills for the old safes can still be bought from Overkill[3][4]. While the first new-generation safe was advertised to be released on June 24th, it was actually released a day earlier.


Au Ticket.png Au Ticket
In the First World Bank job, find the Titan Safe and collect the special item inside.
From October 22nd, 2015, to January 14th, 2016, awarded one First World safe and drill.
Pork Royale.png Pork Royale
In the Slaughterhouse job, find the marked pig, secure it in the container and then finish the heist on OVERKILL or above.
From October 24th, 2015, to January 14th, 2016, awarded one Slaughter safe and drill.
We Do It Live!.jpg We Do It Live!
Complete all days of the Framing Frame job on the OVERKILL difficulty or above with each crew member using no skills, wearing suits, wielding Platypus 70 sniper rifles and Judge shotguns.
From December 17th, 2015, to January 14th, 2016, awarded one Christmas safe and drill.
You Can Run, but Not Hide.jpg You Can Run, but Not Hide
Find and secure the goat in the Firestarter heist on the OVERKILL difficulty or above.
From January 27, 2016, to June 2, 2016, awarded one Goat safe and drill.


  • None of the equippable skins adversely affect weapon Concealment in anyway despite a large number of them sporting very bright, shiny colors and other vanities. In fact, some skins may randomly come with rather hefty boosts to Concealment if the player is lucky enough.
  • Modifying a weapon with a skin equipped will also transfer the decorative patterns onto the newly-added attachment(s).
  • All of the Legendary skins' histories and origins are listed on the FBI Files website, in the Firearms Database under the "'Legendary' Weapons" tab. Additionally, all of the skins have a description in the Steam Community Market, usually containing the same info on the weapon, some are described on the website where the safe from which they can be obtained is announced, and a few of them are described in e-mails to Solomon Garrett.
    • Half of the skins' origins in the Firearms Database are cited from "Crimepedia", while several are cited from "darkchan.orion" or "", both references to 4chan. The rest have unique sources, or no source at all.
  • The AK is the only weapon to have a skin in every pre-Update #92 safe.
  • The Kobus 90 is the only weapon to have more than one Legendary skin.
  • The First World, Slaughter, Christmas, and Goat Safes are the only old-generation safes so far to be reintroduced as new-generation safes. As of Update #128 they have once again been pulled from rotation, however.
  • Most members of the Payday Gang has a safe with thematic skins that corresponds to them, with those of newer DLC heisters being typically released shortly after their respective character packs are made available. As of current, the crewmembers without a corresponding safe are Houston, Clover, DraganJacket, Bonnie, Sokol, Jiro, Ethan, Hila, and Joy.


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