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San Martín Bank

San Martín Bank

Job bex 01 df

Heist Info
Contractor Vlad
Contract Days 1
Loud / Stealth ✔ / ✔
Stealth bonus 15%
Loot Fabergé Egg
Romanov Treasure
Internal name bex
Achievement(s) Now Hit Me With The Music Gunpowder Glory Silencioso y Codicioso
Trophies Trophy-Vlad'sTape
While a Vlad heist, it's counted towards Locke's contractor achievements.

San Martín Bank is a PAYDAY 2 heist released on Feburary 27 2020 in Update 199 Mk II A.


Vlad catches wind of the Payday gang's operations in Mexico and requests some help while they're still there. Apparently stealing the Murkywater plane in Mexico caused problems for not only The Dentist, but for Vlad as well, and that the Payday gang kind of "owes him one".

The Coyopas own a bank in Mexico, the San Martín Bank, mainly using it to host illegal activities like money laundering. They also hold some Russian Treasures of the Romanov Dynasty that Vlad claims to be family heirlooms.

Break into the bank and reclaim Vlad's loot to keep the Ukrainian happy.


  1. Enter the bank
  2. Get past the gates
  3. Find the safe
  4. Find some tape
  5. Find the manager's fingerprints
  6. Get the key
  7. Get past the gates
  8. Find the manual
  9. Open the vault
  10. Find the code
  11. Open the vault
  12. Shut down the lasers
  13. Secure the loot (4 minimum)

  1. Enter the bank
  2. Get past the gates
  3. Open the security barrier
  4. Find the server room
  5. Find the IT guy on the upper floor
  6. Get the IT guy to the server room
  7. Hold off the cops
  8. Open the vault
  9. Signal the pilot
  10. Wait for the drill parts
  11. Assemble the drill
  12. Start the drill
  13. Protect the drill
  14. Repair the drill
  15. Protect the drill
  16. Secure the loot (4 minimum)


Players are given 10 favors in this heist. Most of the assets are extra loot drop offs. Vlad can also arrange a surprise loud entry to throw the cops off their feet. Template:SanMartínBank/PrePlan


Players start outside around the main fountain area right in front of the bank. The first objective is to get inside the bank. You can either walk through the main entrance while still in casing mode or walk in through the sides; the left side leads to a staircase to the three levels of the building the the right side has scaffolding which you can shoot the tag off the fire escape ladder and the ladder will drop down.

First major objective is to locate the manager's safe. The safe will be in the manager's office, which is located in the middle of the back of the staffroom, hidden behind one of the bookshelves. Rummage through the books until the safe is located. Next, you will need to grab some tape from a tape holder. The tape holder will be around or inside the large meeting room or on the manager's desk. After getting the tape, you will need to find the manager's coffee cup, who the manager himself is usually right next to, so getting around him without alerting him will be quite difficult. After obtaining his fingerprint, go back to the safe in his office and open the safe to obtain a key to unlocking one of the security gates (opening one opens all). This entire process can be bypassed by drilling any one of the security cage doors (240s drill without Drill Sawgeant), and drilling that door will only open that door, so it may not alter guard patrol routes.

After unlocking the gates, go through them to find the door to the vault. Similar to The White House's west wing, there will be a RFID reader, which upon being interacted with, will display two colors lighted up; red, green, blue or yellow. You will need to find several power boxes and cut the wire corresponding with the two lighted up colors. However, unlike the White House, the power boxes do not display a color and will display a number. In order to find out which wires to cut, you will need to locate a blueprint manual in one of the ground floor back rooms which tells which number corresponds to which color. After finding the manual and studying it, locate the boxes and cut the wires based on what the manual displays. For example if you need to cut a red wire and the manual says that number 736 is the red wire, find the power box with the number 736 and cut it. If you spend too long looking for a box, a correct box will eventually be marked out for you.

After cutting the wires, go back to the door with the RFID reader, which should be now open, and go investigate the vault. The vault will require a 4-digit code to open. There will be a note on the side giving a name to whomever is on vault duty. Find the the office seat of the name in question on the first floor staffroom. After finding the computer, hack it to initiate a 30s hack, after which it will display the 4-digit code necessary to open the vault. Return to the vault and plug in the code. If you spend too long looking for a computer, the correct computer will eventually be marked out for you.

With the vault door open, another problem presents itself; lasers. The lasers completely block the entrance to vault so no way around. The lasers will need to be deactivated by turning the power off from them. The power box to the lasers will be in one of the two rooms on the roof (one guard patrols the roof). Go to the roof to deactivate the power and return to the vault and loot it. Lasers can be deactivated at any time.


  • Kill all guards (two wandering and one camera operator, opening certain doors can change guard patrol routes so another can walk in) and the civilian on the ground floor back room for ease and safety of moving loot.
  • Buying the garbage truck preplanning asset at the mechanic's shop will make moving loot much easier and safer as there are only two civilians and a guard who are ever there.
  • The pager operator will NOT send additional guards when 4 pagers are answered.
  • When buying the dead drops (be it body or ammo bags), place them in the mechanic's shop as there is easy access to it from the bank. If you place them in the plaza, you risk getting spotted by a civilian or cop/guard, especially if the drunk Mariachi band preplanning asset was purchased.

Entering the bank will be the first objective. You can enter by drilling through one of the metal gates to get inside. Alternatively, buying the Vlad's Surprise asset from preplanning will bring Vlad's brother in law in and he will ram his car into the bank entrance. You must then attach the winch to the bank teller window and signal him to yank the door off, before driving off. Doing this will provide a quick and simple way into the bank without having to wait for the drills.

With the alarm sound, there will be bars blocking the vault from entry. You will need to disable them by finding the server room in one of the back rooms. After you find it, you will need to locate the IT guy on the upper floor. He will be a man in a white shirt and black trousers with short black hair and glasses, getting close to him will highlight him in yellow. Escort the IT guy to the server room and he will start the hack. The federales can interrupt the hack by turning off the power, after which it will need to be manually turned on again and shouting at the IT guy.

With the security bars turned off, you can enter the vault room. However, due to Vlad's poor information, the vault is not easy as thought and will need to be cracked open with The Beast, the same drill used in The Big Bank. Run outside and signal Bile to send three bags of The Beast. Move each of the three bags to the vault and start the drill. Similar to the Beast in the Big Bank, the drill cannot jam, however it will malfunction a bit and will need to be repaired with spare parts. There will be a van outside whose back doors can be opened. Open the doors to the van to find a box filled with spare parts, and return to the Beast and repair it, this can occur up to 4 times. After the vault is finally open, you can bag the loot. If you bought the zip line asset, you can send the bags to the zip line and it will send it right outside the van, but this does not secure it, and the Mexican police can still steal the bags. Be careful as Snipers will be stationed on the church and SWAT Van Turrets can be deployed outside and near the escape van, which can quickly down heisters. After securing all or enough loot, get to the escape zone and leave.


  • Location of the manager's safe will be behind a different bookshelf each time.
  • The tape holder will be in a different spot each time, around or inside the meeting room or inside the manager's office.
  • Manager and his cup will be in a different spot each time, either in the small room adjacent to his office, in the staff breakroom (his cup can be on the kitchen counter or on a table to the side) or inside the meeting room.
  • Colors of the RFID reader will alternate between two colors each time.
  • Location of the RFID manual will be in a different room.
  • Locations of each power box and their numbers will vary each time.
  • The person on vault duty will be different and so will their computer and the 4-digit code.
  • The power box to disable the lasers will be in a different room on the roof, and the actual room locations will be different.

Mayhem+ ChangesEdit

All cameras will become Titan cameras.

The FBI FilesEdit

San Martín Bank does not have an entry.


  • Despite being a stealthable heist, there weren't any stealth bonuses attached to it until at least Update 199 Mk II B, which gave it a bonus value of 15%.
  • Locke will constantly pester the gang about finding the safe even if they entered the bank by drilling through a door, thereby making finding the safe completely unnecessary. Locke continues to pester the gang when an escape is available.

Gage Courier PackagesEdit

Achievements & TrophiesEdit

Mariachis Have More Fun Mariachis Have More Fun
Complete the San Martín Bank job on the Normal difficulty or above. Unlocks the "The Minstrel" Outfit.
Is That a Gun or a Guitar? Is That a Gun or a Guitar?
Complete the San Martín Bank job on the Hard difficulty or above. Unlocks the "Dust Devil" variant of the "The Minstrel" Outfit.
Keep Playing to the Sound of Money Keep Playing to the Sound of Money
Complete the San Martín Bank job on the Very Hard difficulty or above.
Guitars And ARs Guitars And ARs
Complete the San Martín Bank job on the OVERKILL difficulty or above. Unlocks the "Skin of the Saint" variant of the "The Minstrel" Outfit.
Play Me a Narcocorrido Play Me a Narcocorrido
Complete the San Martín Bank job on the Mayhem difficulty or above.
Your Gunfire is Drowning out my Trumpet Your Gunfire is Drowning out my Trumpet
Complete the San Martín Bank job on the Death Wish difficulty or above. Unlocks the "Teotihuacan" variant of the "The Minstrel" Outfit.
Mariachi Day Mariachi Day
Complete the San Martín Bank job on the Death Sentence difficulty. Unlocks the "Calavara" variant of the "The Minstrel" Outfit.
The Ballad of San Martín The Ballad of San Martín
Complete the San Martín Bank job on the Death Sentence difficulty with the One Down mechanic activated.
Now Hit Me With The Music Now Hit Me With The Music
The rhythm is the boss. Unlocks the "Sombrero" Mask.
Kill one of the Mariachi band members in the San Martín Bank job with the El Ritmo melee weapon.
Gunpowder Glory Gunpowder Glory
In the San Martín Bank job, let the heist go loud before anyone enters the bank and keep all enemies away from the fountain plaza until the escape is available on the OVERKILL difficulty or above. Unlocks the "Skull White" weapon color.
Silencioso y Codicioso Silencioso y Codicioso
In the San Martín Bank job, complete the heist in stealth having secured all loot and emptied all deposit boxes on the OVERKILL difficulty or above. Unlocks the "Dollar Green" weapon color.

The following teasers were added on February 21st, 2020, and removed in February 27th, 2020.

Achievement locked Where are wwe now?
Where are wwe now?
Achievement locked Are wwe lost again?
Are wwe lost again? No..
Achievement locked Wea re noow vvery lost!
We are noow vvery lost!
Achievement locked we can't be sure
we can't be sure
Achievement locked if fate will be kkind..
With aall that is
Achievement locked ffound in the air.
ffound in the air.
Achievement locked Hope//Dreams and
Hope//Dreams and
Achievement locked unhingged adventures
unhingged adventures
Achievement locked we willl bring thhe fun
we willl bring thhe fun
Achievement locked iff you bring the brains!
iff you bring the brains!

  • When you type in the duplicate letters in each teaser achievement into a web search url, it will bring you to The secret code is 'MYSTRONGRUSSIANPASSWORD'.
  • Play Me a Narcocorrido is a direct reference to Narcocorridos, a subgenre to the Regional Mexican corrido music genre whose lyrics recount the exploits of drug traffickers.
  • Silencioso y Codicioso is Spanish for "Silent and Greedy".


  • This is the first heist in the game to feature a letter with an accent in the heist name.
  • This is also the first heist to be contracted by Vlad since Stealing Xmas.
    • San Martín Bank is also the first stealthable Vlad heist since post-release.
  • This heist features the return of the The Beast drill which has not been used by the gang since the Big Bank Heist.
  • San Martín Bank is the third heist in the game to be set entirely outside the United States, preceded by Boiling Point and Border Crystals.
  • This is the third heist after Boiling Point and Cursed Kill Room to feature regional enemies unique to their heist, that being the Policía Federal (Mexican Police Force), if one does not count Murkywater Mercenaries as they appear in several heists.
  • Vlad makes a reference to Goat Simulator by wondering if Mexico has a lot of goats or not.
  • The name plaques at the employee cubicles are those of famous Hispanic celebrities, athletes, and more, such as "G. del Toro", "J. Lopez", "R. Nadal", and so on.
  • Although set in Mexico, among the loot from opening safe deposit boxes are rolls of US dollars.
  • San Martín Bank, along with No Mercy, Border Crossing and Border Crystals do not have an entry in the FBI Files heists database.
    • This could have been an oversight by OVERKILL or because the heist was set outside the United States, it did not concern the FBI.
      • If the latter reasoning is correct, that did not stop Boiling Point from having an entry despite being set outside the United States.
        • The reasoning may be incorrect, however, as the FBI can investigate outside of the USA, and has done so before.
  • Inside one of the deposit boxes is a tape that implicates Vlad and his involvement with the Dentist. The Payday gang does not destroy the tape as requested and it can instead be found and listened to in the kitchen of the New Safehouse.



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