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Sangres's character icon.

Sangres FBI Files.jpg
Sangres's profile image in the FBI Files.

Sketch-max-large new.jpg
Sangres's sketch in the FBI Files.

Career information
Role Sicario
Affiliation(s) The Payday Gang
Signature weapons
Ranged Castigo .44
Akimbo Castigo .44
Melee El Verdugo
Grenade Smoke Bomb
Biographical information
Also known as Machetazo.
Antonio Benítez Rodríguez.
Zannnin na Oyabun
Nationality Flag of Mexico.svg.png Mexican
Language(s) English, Spanish
Age 33
Physical description
Hair color Brown
Ethnicity Hispanic
Appearance(s) PAYDAY 2
Portrayed by Joseph Balderrama
Voiced by Joseph Balderrama
Quotes Quotation page
Room Sangres' Cave
Internal name max
FBI Description
FBI Files:Judging by witness reports about his accent, “Sangres” is almost certainly of Mexican origin. He appears to be a very dangerous individual, and his style and excellent proficiency with weapons lead us to believe that he may previously have been working as a hitman for one of the Mexican drug cartels.

Through police informants south of the border we know that one of the cartels in Monterrey has an assassination contract out for one Antonio “Machetazo” Benítez Rodríguez - their best hitman who suddenly one day defected and disappeared, stealing a valuable arms shipment that was coming in for the cartel from the US. It’s possible that this defector and “Sangres” are one and the same man.

If “Sangres” and “Machetazo” Benítez Rodríguez are indeed the same person, it may be that his rapid recruitment into the Payday Gang after entering the US was facilitated by the arms smuggler known as “Gage” - this theory is based on what we know of the smuggler’s connections to the Payday Gang and his frequent dealings with the Mexican cartels. We’ve tried to pressure Gage about this matter but he just clams up, which only confirms our suspicion that he at least knows something.
"My name is Sangres, and I have seen much blood."
—Sangres introducing himself.

Sangres is a former Mexican Sicario and the eighteenth playable character in PAYDAY 2. He was released for free on May 4th, 2017 alongside his signature weapons and perk deck to celebrate the annual Cinco de Mayo festival.



Sangres is a dangerous man. He spent many years working as an enforcer and assassin for a drug cartel in Monterrey, Mexico. Then one day he decided to defect and crossed the border to the US, looking to make the big bucks. Gage introduced him to the Payday Gang. He's as skilled as he is ruthless and with those revolvers he can really light things up. And yeah... check out that razor-sharp machete.


  • Sangres is the second Hispanic heister in the series after Scarface. Like Scarface, Sangres' perk deck also involves a unique throwable item that runs on a cooldown instead of being limited in quantity.
    • Additionally, both heisters formerly had FBI sketches of their masks instead of their actual faces.
  • "Sangres" means "bloods" in Spanish, and is the second person singular present indicative and subjunctive of the verb "sangrar" (to bleed), which is technically incorrect when used as a noun. A more correct version of the name would be "Sangre", without the "s" at the end.
  • Like Jimmy and Duke, Sangres is the only other heister to carry their signature weapon in pairs lore-wise.
  • Since "Sicario" roughly translates into "Hitman" in English, Sangres is technically the Mexican equivalent of John Wick. Unlike Wick whose career base solely upon assassinations, however, the duties of a Sicario may even extend to drug cartel bodyguards and enforcers.
  • Sangres is the third "free" heister in the game after Bodhi and Jimmy to be added post-release.
  • Sangres is not the winning design of the #MyHeister community contest.
  • Sangres was inducted into the gang by Gage.
    • He is the first heister to be inducted by someone who is neither a contractor nor heister.
  • Due to being introduced late into the game's lifespan, none of the heisters currently have voice lines calling out specifically to Sangres.
  • Like fellow heister Bonnie, Sangres has a noted preference for alcoholic beverages, specifically tequila and beer, the latter of which he can be seen drinking most of the time in his private room of the Safe House. If his room is upgraded enough it will even sport a fridge for the express purpose of chilling his rather sizable stockpile of drinks. He does have a noted distaste for American beer, however, comparing its taste to donkey urine.
  • Sangres' shirt rack.

    As seen in the Safe House, Sangres seems to have a preference for colorful tropical shirts, with a collection of them hanging in his room by default.
    • This translate into the game itself as well, as Sangres' floral shirt switches between several different colors and designs while on menu screens. As of a recent update, he also wears a variety of different colorful shirts during heists. This makes Sangres the only heister that does not have a fixed attire.
  • Unlilke other heisters, Sangres wears the Lightweight Ballistic vest under his shirt rather than over. Even though the vest itself is barely visible, while looking similar to his black undershirt, it will still incur a concealment penalty.
  • Because Sangres was released after the The Search for Kento, he does not have a Paper Gang model, nor any Loading Screen Trivia.
  • Sangres has always wanted to visit Japan, and will do so alongside Jiro in the secret ending of The White House.




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