Masking upEdit

  • "Let's go to work."
  • "Let's do it!"

Calling CrewmatesEdit

  • "<heister name>, come with me!"
  • "<heister name>, follow."
  • "<heister name>, come on."

Completing a heist Edit

  • "Woo, perfect strike, cabrónes! *laughs*" (Woo, perfect strike, assholes!)
  • "We're done!"
  • "Yeah, we're done!"
  • "Woohoo, mierda!!" (Woohoo, shit!)
  • "Hahaha, yes! Si!" (Yes!)
  • "Ahaha, how about that, amigos?" (Ahaha, how about that, friends?)


  • "Down!"
  • "And stay down!"
  • "Stay down!"
  • "Life, or death.  It's your choice. Choose wisely, and stay down!"
  • "That's right, stay still!"
  • "Thats right, don't move!"
  • "I can do what I want with you, but as long as you behave, I want you to live. (laughs)"
  • "'Bit-- Don't move!"
  • "Anyone that moves, I will shoot them!"
  • "Stay where you are."
  • "Quiet, now. no phones."
  • "Dont try anything, or there will be blood, pendejos." (Don't try anything, or there will be blood, motherfuckers.)
  • "Stay quiet, and you will live."
  • "Just stay down, and stay quiet, and you will live."
  • "Your life is nothing to me! So don't do anything stupid, now."
  • "Remember where you are, no heroics or you die."


Spotting a cameraEdit

  • "Watch out for that camera."
  • "Keep away from the cameras."
  • "Watch the camera, güey." (Watch the camera, dude.)
  • "Uh-uh-uh-uh, camera."
  • "Stay off that camera."
  • "Hey, there's a camera there!"
  • "Watch out for the cameras, güey." (Watch out for the cameras, dude.)

Spotting a guardEdit

  • "Look out, guard!"
  • "Hey, there's a guard there."
  • "Theres a guard!"
  • "Look out, a guard!"
  • "Theres a guard, be careful!"
  • "Shh, a guard."
  • "Watch out! guard!"
  • "Hey, watch it!"
  • "Cuidado, eh? Guard!" (Watch out, eh?)


  • "What the hell?! Carajo!" (Damn!)
  • "OK, that's it. Vámonos, let's do this." (Let's go, let's do this.)

Special enemies Edit

SWAT Van Turret Edit

  • "(Spanish) it's a SWAT van!"
  • "The cops have a SWAT van!"
  • "It's a SWAT van!"


Drill/Saw/Hack interrupted Edit

  • "Mierda, it's stuck!" (Shit, it's stuck!)
  • "It's stuck."

Drill/Saw/Hack finished Edit

  • "Finally, the drill has finished!"
  • "The drill is done."
  • "It's finished!"
  • "The computer is done."
  • "It's done!"

Picking lock Edit

  • "We call this a Mexican lockpick."

Keycard obtained Edit

  • "I got the keycard!"
  • "Alright! A keycard!"
  • "Got a keycard!"
  • "Hey, I found a keycard!"
  • "Hey! I got the keycard!"

Opening something (e.g. Big Bank vault/security room) Edit

  • "Hey. Let's open the door."
  • "Let's open that door, güey." (Let's open that door, dude.)
  • "Come on, let's get that door open."
  • "Carajo, let's just open it!" (Fuck, let's just open it!)
  • "Come on, let's get it open."
  • "Let's just open this thing."
  • "Open sesame. Yeah, man!"
  • "Yeeah, that's it, open for business."
  • "Heheheh, open up, yeah!"
  • "Hahaha, we're in."
  • "Beautiful! We're in!"
  • "Yeah! It's open!"
  • "It's open! *laughs*"
  • "OK, we're in!"
  • "We're in, güey!" (We're in, dude!)
  • "OK, the thing is open! Yeah!"
  • "Hahaha, opened up! Mexican style!"

Searching for/finding Objective Edit

  • "Find him."
  • "Find her."
  • "Search the place."
  • "Come on, man, find them!"
  • "Come on, man, find the mark!"
  • "Come on, we have to find it."
  • "Keep looking, güeyes!" (Keep looking, guys!)
  • "There she is."
  • "There he is."
  • "I spotted the mark."
  • "I see the mark!"
  • "There they are."
  • "I found one here!"
  • "Hey, here!"
  • "Hey! It's here!"
  • "Hey! I found it!"
  • "Here it is!"
  • "There it is."
  • "Found it!"
  • "I found it! Here, here!"

Objective CompleteEdit

  • "Well done! Come on now, next one!"
  • "Good! Now the next one, vámonos!" (Now the next one, let's go!)
  • "Muy bien! Now keep going, go, go!" (Very good!)
  • "Muy bien! Now the next one." (Very good!)
  • "Muy bien! Now the next objective, go!" (Very good!)
  • "Muy bien, amigos! But don't stop, huh? Let's go!" (Very good, friends!)
  • "That's great, but don't rest yet! Let's go, huh? Next objective!"
  • "OK! Now keep going!"
  • "OK let's go! Vamos!" (Let's go!)
  • "Done."
  • "Next objective, vámonos!" (Next objective, let's go!)
  • "That's great! Now let's go, next one."
  • "Great job! Now the next one."

Unbagged loot spotted Edit

  • "We need to get this stuff out of here."
  • "Let's move this stuff out!"
  • "Let's clear it all out!"

Securing loot Edit

  • "That's one."
  • "OK, that's one secured."
  • "Here's one more!"
  • "Another one!"
  • "Haha, one more!"
  • "One more!"
  • "One."
  • "Uno mas, one more!" (One more, one more!)

All loot secureEdit

  • "OK! That's all of them!"
  • "That's all of them."
  • "OK, everything is secured."
  • "That was the last one!"
  • "That's the last one."
  • "We have all of them secure!"
  • "OK, we got everything."

Escape available Edit

  • "That's our escape ride."
  • "Over there, our getaway!"

Mission eventsEdit

Loud noise (e.g. C4 explosion, wall destruction) Edit

  • "Watch out now, this will go boom!"
  • "OK, take cover! This thing will explode!"
  • "Ah-haiii! What a bang!"
  • "Hey, ka-boom! (spanish)"
  • "What a bang, amigos!" (What a bang, friends!)

Negative events (e.g. vault door closed in Bank Heist) Edit

  • "Chingado, what now?" (Fuck, what now?)
  • "Carajo, what do we do now?" (Damn, what do we do now?)

Cloakers in vents Edit

  • "They're in the vents!"
  • "Bastardos, they're in the vents!" (Bastards, they're in the vents!)

Cops taking loot Edit

  • "Hey, the cops are taking our stuff!"
  • "Hey, they're taking our stuff!"
  • "Pinche mierda, the cops are taking our things!" (Fuckin' shit, the cops are taking our things!)
  • "Pinche policía! They're taking our stuff!" (Fuckin' cops!)
  • "Cops are taking our things! Pinche cabrones!" (Fuckin' assholes!)
  • "Chingados, the cops are taking our things!" (Shit, the cops are taking our things!)

Map-Specific QuotesEdit

First World Bank Edit

Going Loud Speech (AI-Controlled only) Edit

  • "Hey, this is a robbery. But listen up amigos. We don't wanna hurt you, if we don't have to. We want the bank's money, not your money, huh? Your money is insured by the gringo government, so you won't lose a peso. Think of your families, and don't try anything stupid, OK? You stay down, and be quiet, and we'll be out of here soon, and you can all go home! Comprendes?"

Searching for manager Edit

  • "Where is that manager?"

Looting Vault Edit

  • "Is that enough, amigos?" (Is that enough, friends?)
  • "Let's empty it. Leave nothing behind."
  • "What, are you from Campeche?! Take it all!"

Aftershock/Hotline Miami/Bank Heist Edit

Approaching trash piles/meth lab/dog abusers Edit

  • "Carajo, what's that smell?!" (Damn, what's that smell?!)

Beneath the Mountain Edit

Spotting Murkywater personnel Edit

  • "There's Murkywater all over!"
  • "Bastardos, they're Murkywater!!" (Bastards, they're Murkywater!!)
  • "Pinche Murkywater!" (Fuckin' Murkywater!)

Counterfeit Edit

  • "Hm! There's a crowbar here."
  • "I found a crowbar!"
  • "I found one."
  • "There's one here!"


After Alex grabs Mr. Sturr's limo Edit

  • "Here it comes."

Spotting Helicopter Edit

  • "Mierda, fucking chopper!" (Shit, fucking chopper!)
  • "The cops have a helicopter."
  • "It's a SWAT helicopter!"

Striking Taxman (to push him towards the chair)Edit

  • "Sit down here.'"
  • "Siéntates, sit down." (Sit down, sit down.)

Yelling at Taxman (to get the passwords)Edit

  • "Time to talk!"
  • "You talk, or you DIE! Your choice!"

Birth of SkyEdit

Jumping out of the planeEdit

  • "Why am I doing thiiiiiiiis?!?"
  • "Woooooooo!!"
  • "Aiiiiiiieeeoo!"
  • "Hey, did I bring my chute?! (spanish)"

Safe HouseEdit

Talking to specific heisterEdit

  • to Sokol "So what do you think of the USA, amigo, huh? Easy dollars, no?"
  • to John Wick "Hey, hombre, you're a professional! You got (spanish word), unusual for a gringo!"
  • to Jimmy "I like you, Jimmy. You're dangerous, like me!"

Talking to any heisterEdit

  • "Man, you should see my old boss' house in mexico. Fucking gold toilets, expensive cars... Live tigers? It's crazy!"
  • "Drop in whenever you want! And we'll have a tequila, and watch some mexican movies. Guns, sicarios, mariachis, its all good stuff!"
  • "Hey, what do you think of my (spanish word)? She's nice, huh?"
  • "Washington is a strange place, no?"
  • "Always keep your eyes open, and your machete sharp, that's what my mother says!"
  • "In Monterrey, there's a saying. "One bird in the hand, is easy to strangle! *laughs"
  • "This house is great! Now let's just, paint a huge Mexican flag on the van, and it'll be perfect! *laughs*"
  • "How much of that whiskey can you drink, anyway? Huh? You should try tequila. It sharpens the mind! But if you're weak, it makes you crazy like a wolf!"
  • "I'm glad you recruited me! I'm like a foreign specialist worker, you'll get tax breaks!"


  • "Hmm... Did I clean my guns today?"
  • "Have some tequila! It's good for your complexion!"
  • "Gringos, puta. No style, no brains. Pendejos."
  • "Ugh, the beer in this country, hombres... Tastes like donkey piss."

Sangres' Room tier 1Edit

  • "I like this place! Eh, it needs some work, but it's home!"
  • "Man. I should get a new TV!"

Picking up a Gage Mod Courier Package Edit

  • "Got it!"
  • "Hey! I got one!"

AI-Controlled OnlyEdit

Casing modeEdit

  • "I'll wait."
  • "I'll wait here."
  • "I'll wait here for now."
  • "Go on ahead. I'll wait here."
  • "I'll keep watch. You go ahead."
  • "You got this, amigo." (You got this, friend.)
  • "I'll be ready if things go bad."
  • "I'll have you covered, don't worry."
  • "I'll come and bring hell if you need me."
  • "I'll have my guns ready when the cops show."
  • "If the cops show up, I'll give them a Mexican welcome."

Acknowledging player commandEdit

  • "Yes!"
  • "Alright!"
  • "Yeah, we'll do it!"
  • "We're on it!"
  • "You got it!"
  • "OK."
  • "I'm on it."
  • "I'll do it!"
  • "Doing it now."

Assault wave inbound Edit

  • "The cops are preparing an assault, get ready."
  • "Incoming."
  • "Bury these bastardos!" (Bury these bastards!)

Assault wave ending Edit

  • "OK. We took care of the cops, now let's take care of business."
  • "Maybe they'll leave us alone now, so we can get things done."
  • "Alright amigos, let's get back to work." (Alright friends, let's get back to work.)
  • "OK finally, some peace and quiet. Let's get to work, güeyes." (Let's get to work, guys.)
  • "Now they've learned to fear us. Let's get back to work."
  • "We really fucked them up. *laugh* Now let's get back to business."

Undetermined Edit

Note: These lines appear in the English version of the game, but the conditions that cause them to be played are not known for certain. Please move them to the correct category if you happen to know what causes these lines to play.

  • "Hm. I don't like this."
  • "Use you gun, güey! Shoot it!" (Use your gun, dude!)
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