Carbon Blade

Saw Massacre
Enforcer: Ammo Specialist Tier 3
Basic (3 pt): Reducing the wear down of the blades on enemies by 50%.(sic)
Ace (6 pt): You can now saw through shield enemies with your OVE9000 portable saw. When killing an enemy with the saw, you have a 50% chance to cause nearby enemies in a 10m radius to panic. Panic will make enemies go into short bursts of uncontrollable fear.


The basic version reduces the amount of ammo you use to kill enemies with your saw e.g. if you normally use 12 ammo to kill your enemies, you now use 6 ammo. The aced version allows you to bypass shields and every time you kill an enemy with the saw, you have a 50% chance of making enemies panic.


Obviously, this skill promotes using the OVE9000 saw as a combat weapon, and is only useful if you use it to kill often; if used in combination with Extra Lead and Portable Saw, the saw can turn into a semi-reliable CQB weapon. However, unless the user has said skills and/or access to Ammo bags, it is usually recommended to keep ammunition for important saw-worthy situations such as opening gates, since saws are relatively ineffective as direct weapons.

The aced effect can be useful for players looking to use the saw often, as it can make situations easier to handle by forcing large amount of law enforcers to panic. Uses of this include distracting cops while making an escape, or helping a teammate.

Berserker can be used to increase the saw's direct damage, and thus make it easier to benefit from the aced skill.

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