Masking upEdit

  • "This is capitalism, baby."
  • "Let's have some fun."
  • "Alright, let's kick some ass."
  • "Welcome to America."
  • "This'll be over in a minute."
  • "Okay, Chicos."
  • "Gotta make the money first."
  • "Okay, let's fucking do it."
  • "Okay, let's get rich."
  • "Okay, okay, let's go."

Heist successEdit

  • "I don't know what just happened, but we did it"
  • "How'd you glad Tony Montana came along?"
  • "This is what happens when you work with the best."
  • "It's fucking payday, motherfuckers!"
  • "That was wild, man! Let's do it again!"
  • "We fucking did it!"
  • "That was a real work of art, that one."
  • "We should do this more often."
  • "Silent and professional. Like fucking shadows."
  • "I told you we was gonna make it! I fucking told you!"
  • "While the world sleeps, we rob it blind."

Using Inspire Skill Edit

Assault: Edit

  • "This ain't over yet, get up!"
  • "You okay, c'mon, get up and shoot!"
  • "Get up and kill these bastards!"
  • "I know you're a survivor, get up!"
  • "C'mon, get up!"

Downtime: Edit

  • "Back into the fight,man!"
  • "Get up, these assholes can't kill you!"
  • "Get the fuck back up!"
  • "Get up and fight!"

Deployables Edit

Ammo Bag: Edit

  • "Who needs extra ammo?"
  • "I dropped an ammo bag here."
  • "Refill your ammo here!"
  • "Ammo bag is right here."
  • "Plenty ammo here if you need it."

Special unitsEdit



  • "Shit, a shield."
  • "Carajo, it's a shield."
  • "Fucking shield."
  • "It is a shield."
  • "They got a fucking shield."
  • "Shield."
  • "A Shield."
  • "They got a fucking shield."

Killing ShieldsEdit

  • "Shield shouldn't have gotten up this mornin'!"
  • "I killed the shield!"
  • "No more shield!"
  • "I blew the shield's brains out!"
  • "Shield motherfucker, you dead now."
  • "Shield got fucked!"



Killing TasersEdit

  • "Taser got a fucking power outage."
  • "Bastard taser is dead."
  • "Taser is dead!"



  • "Bulldozer."
  • "Bulldozer incoming."

Killing BulldozersEdit

  • "I got that dozer fuck!"
  • "Bulldozer got fucking bulldozed."
  • "Bulldozer went down, baby!"
  • "Bulldozer's dead!"
  • "The bulldozer's going to fucking Hell!"
  • "I fucked that dozer, fucking good."
  • "How'd you liked that dozer, huh?"


  • "It's a cloaker."
  • "Motherfucking cloaker."
  • "Cloaker."
  • "The fucking cloaker had it coming."


Killing CloakersEdit

  • "Bye bye, cloaker!"
  • "Cloaker got fucked up!"
  • "How you like that, cloak fucker?"
  • "Cloaker is fucking dead!"
  • "Cloaker cocksucker is dead!"
  • "I got that sneaky cloaker."
  • "Cloak that you motherfucker."



  • "A fucking medic."
  • "They got a fucking medic."
  • "They have a medic."

Killing MedicsEdit

  • "We just killed us a medic!"
  • "Medic got a trip to the morgue!"
  • "Dead medic!"
  • "I wasted that medic fuck!"
  • "Fucking medic went down!"
  • "The medic is dead."
  • "Sent that medic to the hospital!"



  • "Sniper."
  • "It is a sniper."
  • "Watch out, it is a fucking sniper".

Killing SnipersEdit

  • "Fuck you, sniper!"
  • "Aww, look at the dead sniper."
  • "Sniper is fucked."
  • "Sniper's dead!"
  • "I killed the sniper."

Pager responsesEdit

  • "Sorry control, I was just scratching my balls. You don't know what I mean, cause you ain't got no balls but that's okay."
  • "What!? Everybody masturbates on the job sometime. Yeah, you too, I fucking saw you."
  • "Come on, I was taking a shit okay! Is that okay with you? You gonna leave me alone or what?"
  • "Hey, you ever been to Cuba? Well I have, it fucking sucks. It's too hot, and there's Commies everywhere."
  • "Hey, no reason to be so edgy control. Everything is fine over here."
  • "Hey control, how much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? Yeah I know, its driving me crazy!"
  • "Hey control, the radio just went fucking deaf for no reason. Why we use this crap anyway? We are not in fucking Cuba."
  • "It's okay control, yeah just changing the batteries, this radio is piece of shit you know?"
  • "It's okay control, I thought I heard some strange noise but it was just my stomach."
  • "Uh yeah, listen, there's some guy here, you know? Never mind, it was nothing."
  • "Why we have this fucking radios anyways? Nothings gonna happen, we should just go home."
  • "Hey, I'm fucking bored here, how long is left to my shift you assholes?"
  • "I'm getting tired to this shit, I'm tired to you. That's for sure, we should stop talking like this."
  • "Okay hey control, it seems to be fire here, oh wait a minute, no hang on, no fire. I'm just hallucinating cause i'm so fucking bored."
  • "It's okay control, I was just saying hello to my little friend, you know what I mean? hahaha."
  • "Control, think maybe we should take a rest of the shift off, okay? Go home, go to a bed, get a drink, get laid. I'm not gonna tell on you."
  • "I've been having dreams my friend, really bad dreams, I like to talk about it, you wanna talk?"
  • "Hey control, just checking if you are awake, you doing okay there?"
  • "It's okay control, everything is cool, no Cuban criminals in the area, only American criminals with no balls. No I'm kidding, no criminals."
  • "Sorry control, I was just thinking about your mama, no I'm kidding I wasn't. Really c'mon I love you okay? not like that you know, ehh as a friend."
  • "Stop calling me all the time, oh, I call you? When? It was nothing, wrong number."
  • "What? you thinking i'm sleeping on the job? You don't trust me? What if you gonna do if you don't trust me huh? We have to talk about this, one later."
  • "Fuck this, I wanna play some cards. I come to you okay? I'm won't talk to the boss if you don't."
  • "All good here control, I just stepped on a lizard and got a little surprised. We're going in and out, nice and quite, just like in the spy movies."
  • "Hey, control, I was just thinking about joining the army, you know, see the world, meet interesting people, and kill them, what do you say?"
  • "Yeah hey, I wanna large family pizza with a pepperoni cheese and mushroom, maybe a six pack of beer?"
  • "There's nothing happening here, I should go home, you should go home."
  • "Hey control, you called me before but I was fucking bored couldn't bring myself to talk, but now here I am. You happy now? Huh?"
  • "All quiet here control, it's too quiet. Just send us a tequila, hookers? Maybe some blow?"
  • "You know? You could be a bad guy who killed control and I'm pretending to be there. How would I know? You could be coming for me right now. huh?"
  • "Hey control, I had been having all these strange kind of dreams lately, We got clowns with guns chasing me. Is that normal?"
  • "I answer you when i fucking want to okay? I've had a hard life you know? I work for this, now let me fucking do my job peace and quite alright? stop calling me all the time."
  • It's okay control, I just went brain dead here for a moment you know? This job is for fucking morons, yeah, yeah that's right, I mean you."
  • "I was just thinking we could pass time making for prank calls, best one buys drinks okay?"
  • "No, I'm not alright, I'm pissed okay? When I get back there, I'm gonna fucking kick some ass all over the fucking place."
  • "How the fuck does this radio work anyway? You got a fucking manual? What am I supposed to do with this?"
  • "Oh sorry, I was just thinking of this story about Castro falling in love with a donkey, it's a true story, beautiful donkey you know? And this fucking Priest walks in, you know this one? No? Ahh too bad."
  • "You keep quiet will you? Bad guys could be sneaking around here, I don't want them to hear you."
  • "I think there was a piece of tin foil on the antenna, it's fixed now."
  • "Hey, you take it easy when you talk to me okay? That's right, I'm fucking okay, now leave me the fuck alone."


  • "Fire!"
  • "Say hello to my little friend!"
  • "Catch this!"
  • "Eat this, Pendejo!"
  • "Fire in the hole!"
  • "I got something for you here!"

Civvie Control Edit

Stopping Civilians Edit

Keeping Civilians down Edit

  • “Don‘t move.“
  • “No fucking Heroics ok?“

Map-Specific Quotes Edit

Birth of Sky Edit

  • “Geronimo!“
  • “Fuck yeah!“

Safe House Edit

Talking to Any Heister Edit

  • "I should go visit Miami soon."
  • "I got a big fuckin' house in Miami, you know? It's huge."
  • "I'd like to see those cop cocksuckers try to storm this place. They'd be fuckin' dead!"
  • "I feel at home here, you know? I like you guys."
  • "Hey! You play the piano? No? You ever shoot at a piano?"
  • "I got ears, you know? I hear things..."
  • "You ever got a question about something, you come to Tony, OK? I know shit."

Talking to Specific Heister Edit

  • to Wolf "Hey Wolf! You're a funny guy! And you got balls. I like working with you."

Scarface's Room at tier 1 Edit

  • "It's not much, but it's better than what we had in Cuba."

Scarface's Room at tier 3 Edit

  • "This is paradise! I love it!"

Unidentified Edit

  • "What the fuck you talking crazy for? You fucking high, or what?"
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