Scarface Mansion


Job mansion

Heist Info
Contractor The Butcher
Contract Days 1
Loud / Stealth ✔ / ✔
Stealth bonus 15%
Loot Money
Experience +2,000 (retrieving USB stick)
+3,000 (unlocking house)
+1,000 (entering house)
+1,000 (lowered safe)
+8,000 on opening safe
+500 (per secured bag)
+1,000 (placed final car magnet)
+2,000 (collected all paintings)
+1,000 (torching paintings)
+1,000 (interaction with shutters)
+4,000 (open up lobby door)
+2,000 (finding correct coke bag)
+1,000 (finished phone call)
+2,000 *interacting with shutters)
+1,000 (killing Ernesto Sosa)
Internal name friend
Achievement(s) You Cockroaches Wanna Play Rough? Every Dog Has His Day Say Good Night to the Bad Guy Say Hello to My Big Friend Look at These Pelicans Fall What? You Want Me to Dance?
Trophies Trophy-PelicanKiller Trophy-ScrapMetal
"I have been running guns in the Caribbean for a while. It's been very profitable, but some of the old movers in the region don't approve of my presence on the local market. The Bolivian Sosa Cartel specifically. As they could not compete with me on level terms, they decided to attack my operation - sinking one of my ships, stealing my merchandise and killing my operatives. That was very unwise. Now they must pay. You will collect that payment, in blood."
—The Butcher offering the heist

Scarface Mansion is a heist released with the Scarface Heist DLC, released on December 15, 2016, the first heist contracted by The Butcher since The Bomb Heists.


Similar to Hoxton Revenge, this heist involves the player gang trying to infiltrate an estate, gaining access to a VIP's personal quarters and assassinate them while pilfering their loot stash in the process. It can be completed silently or in loud combat.


  1. Get the USB stick from the head of security
  2. Hack the laptop (90 seconds)
  3. Enter the house
  4. Stealth:
    1. Find the switch
    2. Search through the yayo
    3. Make the call
    4. Enter the office
  5. Loud:
    1. Wait for Bain's plan
    2. Gather the paintings
    3. Burn the paintings
    4. Wait for Bile
    5. Attach the magnet to the cars
  6. Kill Ernesto Sosa
  7. Open the safe
  8. Secure the loot (4 bags on Very Hard and lower, 6 bags on Overkill+)
  9. (Optional) Secure more loot
  10. Escape!



Ammo Bag
Price: $6,000 (Normal)
$9,000 (Hard)
$12,000 (Very Hard)
$18,000 (Overkill)
$30,000 (Mayhem)
$42,000 (Death Wish)
$54,000 (Death Sentence)

Doctor Bag
Price: $6,000 (Normal)
$9,000 (Hard)
$12,000 (Very Hard)
$18,000 (Overkill)
$30,000 (Mayhem)
$42,000 (Death Wish)
$54,000 (Death Sentence)

Camera Feed
Price: $11,000 (Normal)
$16,500 (Hard)
$22,000 (Very Hard)
$33,000 (Overkill)
$55,000 (Mayhem)
$77,000 (Death Wish)
$99,000 (Death Sentence)

Asset-bodybags bag
Body Bags
Price: $7,000 (Normal)
$10,500 (Hard)
$14,000 (Very Hard)
$21,000 (Overkill)
$35,000 (Mayhem)
$49,000 (Death Wish)
$63,000 (Death Sentence)
Requires the Aced Sixth Sense skill to unlock
Nade asset full
Grenade Case
Price: $3,000 (Normal)
$4,500 (Hard)
$6,000 (Very Hard)
$9,000 (Overkill)
$15,000 (Mayhem)
$21,000 (Death Wish)
$27,000 (Death Sentence)
Requires the Gage Weapon Pack #01 DLC to unlock
Recon Intel
Price: $3,000 (Normal)
$4,500 (Hard)
$6,000 (Very Hard)
$9,000 (Overkill)
$15,000 (Mayhem)
$21,000 (Death Wish)
$27,000 (Death Sentence)

Rope Ladder
Price: $4,000 (Normal)
$6,000 (Hard)
$8,000 (Very Hard)
$12,000 (Overkill)
$20,000 (Mayhem)
$28,000 (Death Wish)
$36,000 (Death Sentence)


Risk Levels

Asset gage assignment
Gage Courier Packages


The heist begins with players at the entrance of the outside mansion property. Multiple gangster guards are stationed around the perimeter, alongside with security cameras (titan cameras on Mayhem and above). Players can go in guns blazing or utilize stealth to complete the heist.

In any case, Bain informs the crew to find the head of security who is located somewhere outside. He is identified with his green outfit and will be located at a random location, such as the docks or near the parking lot. Like Chavez from Panic Room, he is easy to defeat and upon his death, he will drop the needed USB stick. If players have gone loud, he may have additional gangsters to protect him and the police force will not arrive until his death.

The laptop that needs to be hacked will be in a random location, either in the tool shed near where players started off or in a garage close to the docks. As it is being hacked, players will need to find the corresponding circuit box to lockpick and rewire it to continue the hack which can occur at least twice. After it is completed, the doors to the mansion will open.


If a stealth approach is favored, be sure to mark guards and ensure a chosen route is clear of them. If the camera feed asset is bought, it can be used to spot other guards and the head of security. However, it will be positioned in an area where guards will frequently patrol.

PD2 Yayo not found

These are the yayo (cocaine) packages found throughout the Mansion. Most of them open up to look like this.....

PD2 Yayo found

.....but only one of them contains this recording device. This is the package you need to find.

The head of security is technically a security guard, and will be marked as one. As such, if he is alerted, it is advised to quickly eliminate him before he alerts the operator or fires his weapon. If he spawns in the dock area, a silenced shotgun can be used to shoot his body into the ocean without having to bag the body.

After players gain access to the mansion interior, they must open the rest of the compound and avoid the inside security. Guards patrolling the mansion interior are equipped with pagers, unlike their outdoor counterparts. The Butcher mentions she smuggled a microphone recorder in a bag of yayo somewhere in the mansion.

After it is found, the player with it must initiate a phone call to trick Ernesto Sosa. The alarm will sound if a player disconnects from the phone call interaction before it is completed, similar to a pager.

Once it is done, the security doors to his office will open and after lockpicking the room door, players can sneak in to quietly eliminate him. After it is done, the floor safe can be quickly raised to bag the loot.


Eventually, The Butcher herself radios in and tells the crew in order to bring Ernesto Sosa out, they will need to infuriate him. To do this, they must destroy his treasured possessions. Bain points out that he sees numerous paintings scattered throughout the different rooms in the mansion. Bain suggests the gang gathers the paintings in a pile and burn them (the amount will adjust according to the difficulty). The two locations to pile the paintings are either the courtyard or the roof. If not picked up earlier, a player should search for a can of gas scattered around the map while the others take the paintings. After the pile is lit on fire, Ernesto is outraged, but not enough to confront the crew.

The Butcher points out that the paintings wern't enough to enrage him into coming out to fight. Bain calls in Bile to airlift several cars he sees outside the mansion. Players are required to attach a magnet to said car. The first two cars will be dropped in the ocean, and as for the third, Bile gets creative and drops it directly on the mansion. Finally, Ernesto gives in to his fury and opens the rest of the compound.

Additional gangsters and ceiling turrets are fought in the newly opened area. Unlike other heists, the turrets are very easy to defeat but still inflict the same amount of damage like a normal version. After they are defeated, the doors to where Ernesto is are opened, allowing the crew to finish him for good.

Ernesto Combat

In Loud, Ernesto will be equipped with this vest.


If the alarm is sounded before players can reach Ernesto Sosa, the safe beneath the floor must be lifted upwards with winches and they must not be interrupted. Once done, players can secure the yayo or/and the money bags at a random escape point. It will be either the escape van from where they started from, a boat at the docks, or at a driveway far away from the mansion property.


  • The outside guards do not have any pagers, it is possible to kill them all if not in front of cameras.
  • It may not be wise to ECM rush at the beginning, as outside guards can shoot at players and alert the guards inside the locked mansion, who will be impossible to eliminate.
  • Suppressed shotguns are excellent for launching guards over walls and into the water, freeing up body bags for guards in more difficult positions.
  • If the heist has gone loud and the escape van is located in the driveway, it may be wise to only take the yayo and not the money bags. This route is the worst compared to the other escape points as it has very little cover and it is a perfect place to get attacked by snipers.
  • Ernesto Sosa is the sole camera operator for this heist and if he is killed, players will no longer have to worry about the cameras if the heist remains in stealth.


  • The head of security will be at a random location. He will be either in the docks or at either side of the mansion property.
  • The security laptop can be found in either the garage or the tool shed near the front entrance.
  • The electrical boxes that must be re-wired while hacking the laptop will vary.
  • The location of the first set of opened shutters and the button to unlock the rest may differ each time.
  • The location of the paintings and gas cans and where to burn them with gasoline will vary. Players may have to burn the pile in the middle courtyard, in front of the mansion entrance, or on the 2nd floor.
  • The crew will escape in a random way either by boat at the docks, escaping in the van by running down the driveway, or escape after the van crashes through the wall near the start of the heist.

Mayhem+ ChangesEdit

  • Titan cameras are installed in place of normal ones.

The FBI FilesEdit

A Miami Beach mansion rumored to belong to the Sosa Cartel was hit in the early hours of the morning. One of the bodies identified on the scene bore a strong similarity to photos of Ernesto Sosa, believed to be the Cartel’s top man in Miami. Confiscated security footage identified the attackers as the Payday Gang.

My Notes: What was the Payday Gang doing in Miami hitting the Sosas? We’ll have to partner with local law enforcement and investigate what the connection is.

Achievements and TrophiesEdit

You Cockroaches Wanna Play Rough? You Cockroaches Wanna Play Rough?
Complete the Scarface Mansion job on the Mayhem difficulty or above.
Every Dog Has His Day Every Dog Has His Day
Complete the Scarface Mansion job on the Death Wish difficulty or above.
Say Good Night to the Bad Guy Say Good Night to the Bad Guy
Complete the Scarface Mansion job on the One Down difficulty.
Say Hello to My Big Friend Say Hello to My Big Friend
On the Scarface Mansion job, kill the boss with the Commando 101 Rocket Launcher on the Overkill difficulty or above. Unlocks the "Panthera Tigris" mask, "Black Marble" material and "Diablada" pattern.
Look at These Pelicans Fall Look at These Pelicans Fall
On the Scarface Mansion job, find and shoot the two pink flamingos. Unlocks the "Exalted" mask, "Oxidized Copper" material and "Liberty Flame" pattern.
What? You Want Me to Dance? What? You Want Me to Dance?
Complete the Scarface Mansion job in stealth in 13 minutes or less on the Mayhem difficulty or above. Unlocks the "Barrori Flex" mask, "Red Velvet" material and "Coin" pattern.

The following appeared on December 13, 2016.

Achievement locked Doing
Achievement locked Heists
Achievement locked Is
Achievement locked Better
Achievement locked With
Achievement locked Friends

Look at These Pelicans Fall Look at These Pelicans Fall
On the Scarface Mansion job, find and shoot the two pink flamingos. Unlocks the "Exalted" mask, "Oxidized Copper" material and "Liberty Flame" pattern.

The flamingo ornaments spawn in two of 6 different locations, all beyond the boundaries of the map, making the use of high-accuracy weapons almost required for the achievement. For their exact locations, consult this guide.

That'll Leave A Scar! That'll Leave a Scar!
Complete the Scarface Mansion job on the Normal difficulty or above.
Playing Rough Playing Rough
Complete the Scarface Mansion job on the Hard difficulty or above.
The Only Care I Have... is my Yayo The Only Care I Have... is my Yayo
Complete the Scarface Mansion job on the Very Hard difficulty or above.
The World is Yours The World is Yours
Complete the Scarface Mansion job on the Overkill difficulty or above.
Casa de Palma Casa de Palma
Complete the Scarface Mansion job on the Death Sentence difficulty.
Settling a Scar Settling a Scar
Complete the Scarface Mansion job within 15 minutes in loud on the OVERKILL difficulty and above.

Trophy-PelicanKiller Pelican Killer
Shoot 20 pelicans on the Scarface Mansion job.

A minimum of ten sessions on this map is required to unlock the trophy since only two of the ornaments will spawn in a single match. Completing the heist is not required for the trophy progress to register.

The flamingo ornaments spawn in two of 6 different locations, all beyond the boundaries of the map, making the use of high-accuracy weapons almost required for the trophy. For their exact locations, consult this guide.

  • Despite what the trophy name claims, actual pelicans are not present in the Scarface Mansion heist. The target decorations the player must shoot for the Pelican Killer trophy are plastic flamingos instead, which is a completely different type and genus of birds from pelicans altogether.
  • The World Is Yours is on the statue that Tony Montana falls in front of in his demise in Scarface, as well as being the subtitle of the 2006 video game based on the film. Additionally, the trophy's description refers to a quote from Tony Montana.


  • This is the first heist in which The Butcher gives instructions via radio.
  • Ernesto Sosa himself uses two weapons depending if the heist is in stealth or has gone loud. If confronting him in stealth and is alerted, he will use a Bronco .44 to defend himself. Otherwise, if going loud, he will use a Little Friend 7.62 to blow up his office door and against enemies.
    • If stealth breaks before opening the windows of the mansion, he may appear on a balcony to harass players when opening a circuit box. He can be stunned when shot at but cannot be killed.
  • Compared to the actual Scarface Mansion in the movie, this version of the mansion is extremely simplified. While the iconic front exterior is mostly maintained (but also greatly reduced), the back exterior which had a hedge maze and a mini zoo with a live tiger is reduced to only a dock.
    • The interior is also alot less grand and more crammed than the actual. For example, the interior entrance to the office in the movie has a recreation room and a spiral staircase leading to the upper level.
    • Most of these changes can be somewhat justified as intensive renovations following the events of the movie and modernization of security systems.
  • According to previous Overkill model maker, Victor Petersson, there was an easter egg statue of Universal character Woody Woodpecker, but was most likely taken out at the last minute possibly due to copyright concerns.[1]


  • +2,000 on retrieving USB stick
  • +3,000 on unlocking house
  • +1,000 on entering house
  • +1,000 on lowering safe
  • +8,000 on opening safe
  • +500 per secured bag
  • Loud:
    • +1,000 on placing final car magnet
    • +2,000 on collecting all paintings
    • +1,000 on torching paintings
    • +1,000 upon interacting with the security (shutters) button
    • +4,000 on opening up lobby door
  • Stealth:
    • +2,000 upon finding correct coke bag
    • +1,000 on finishing phone call
    • +2,000 upon interacting with the security (shutters) button
    • +1,000 upon killing Ernesto Sosa in stealth



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