Shadow Raid

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Heist Info
Contractor Bain
Contract Days 1
Loud / Stealth ✘ / ✔
Stealth bonus 5%
Loot Money
Assault Rifles
Samurai Armor
Experience 4,000 (3 bags)
+4,000 (stealth escape)
+6,000 (securing armor)
+500 (per bag, up to 16 times)
Internal name kosugi
Achievement(s) In the Shadow Raid job, secure 4 bags of loot. In the Shadow Raid job, secure at least 6 bags of loot and escape without killing anyone. In the Shadow Raid job, secure a piece of every available type of loot, including money, gold, cocaine, artifact, painting, weapons and server. In the Shadow Raid job, secure all 4 pieces of the samurai armor. Completing this achievement will unlock the “Somen Mempo” mask. In the Shadow Raid job, secure 16 bags of random loot including all 4 pieces of the samurai armor. Complete the Shadow Raid job on the Death Wish difficulty or above.
In the Shadow Raid job, complete the heist in stealth while having the Vulcan Minigun and HRL-7 Rocket Launcher equipped. Complete the Shadow Raid job on the Mayhem difficulty or above. Complete the Shadow Raid job on the Death Sentence difficulty with the One Down mechanic activated.
Trophies In the Shadow Raid heist, steal all the Samurai Armor before grabbing or securing any other loot, playing on OVERKILL difficulty or above.
"It's quiet out there tonight. Keep it that way."
—Heist tagline

Shadow Raid is a one-day heist in PAYDAY 2 that was released on May 29, 2014, as the fourth free heist to be added to the game.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Contracted by Bain, the heist is notable for being the first of its kind, being entirely stealth-focused; if the alarm is raised, players have one minute to complete the objective and return to the van.

The rewards are such that purchasing the contract with offshore money can be substantially profitable, with over a 500% margin if enough loot is secured. The experience however is extremely poor unless ECM rushed.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  1. Loot the depot without raising the alarm
  2. Secure the required amount of loot (3 on Normal, 5 on Hard, 7 on Very Hard, 9 on Overkill and 12 on Mayhem+)
  3. (Optional) Secure more bags
    • (Optional) Secure the contents of the high-security vault
  4. Escape!

Pre-Planning[edit | edit source]

Update #48 added pre-planning to Shadow Raid, along with Framing Frame day 3 and all variations of Bank Heist. Pre-planning in Shadow Raid is similar to The Big Bank in that players can choose where to place assets, such as Loot drop off points and the Thermite Paste case. The total number of favours available for pre-planning on Shadow Raid is 8, which does not scale with difficulty.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

The crew starts outside, a short distance from the gate into the main yard; there are several guards and civilians patrolling the yard itself. From here, there are several entry points:

  1. Through the front gate if a guard is not nearby, however can be bypassed by using the "Sprint Jump Crouch" exploit.
  2. The stairs to the right of the gate lead to rooftops overlooking the main yard. Jumping directly to the ground will result in incapacitation so heisters should aim for the double stacked container first.
  3. For a safer approach, climb onto the vent next to the stairs and fence. This will allow you to hop over, providing a faster way in, and minimizes detection.
  4. Not far to the left of the gate is a removable manhole, which leads down to a network of sewers. The sewers lead to several other manholes, including a couple inside the main building, but this requires purchasing thermite paste to bypass metal grating. Be very careful when climbing down manhole ladders, as it is easy to lose footing and falling to the floor below, leading to getting downed. Move toward the ladder to minimize risks of falling.
  5. Heading past the manhole leads to a neighboring building, which can be climbed. A crowbar spawns near the corner of this roof on Normal and Hard, and this roof may be used to jump to the roof of the warehouse from where the security room can be accessed relatively easily. This area provides a good view of the outside of the warehouse.
  6. Continuing further down the path leads to a chain-link fence, and the side and back of the building. The building can be entered by secure doors (one on the ground floor and two on the first floor, can be accessed if there is a stair), or by climbing down a ladder to a sewer grate on the left (requires thermite paste to bypass).

Once inside, players should take great care, as the building is heavily patrolled by guards and workers, and a single alarm means fleeing. Players must first find the crowbar(s) (check Item spawn locations) in order to start opening crates; crates can be found throughout the main warehouse, locked inside cages, and inside the helicopter-dropped container. To get a better situational awareness of the interior, players can crouch-walk along the roof beams at the top of the main room without much risk of detection, so long as they have a suitably low detection risk.

Key areas of interest include the main vault, located at the back of the main warehouse; and the security room, found one floor up. In order to unlock the vault, players require two keycards, one of which can always be found on the camera operator. One can be found on the worker in an orange jumpsuit, patrolling Murkywater guards sometimes carry one, and on lower difficulties a keycard can always be found on the counter in the kitchen. After acquiring two cards, co-ordinate to insert them within 10 seconds of each other and access the samurai armor. Failure to place both keycards in the slots within the time limit will result in the system disabling, locking the vault and rendering the Daimyo's armor inaccessible.

After collecting several bags of loot, one or two designated players should start moving bags to the vehicle (or a nearby located drop-off location bought) in piles, heading through the sewers or out the back to minimize detection. Passing the gate with care, bags should be loaded before returning inside: by doing so, the risk (and cost) of an alarm drops significantly, and allows players to use the little time available to escape.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Alarms[edit | edit source]

  • Guards near the escape van.

    Do not, at any point, raise the alarm! Doing so will leave you with only 1 minute to complete the objectives and escape.
  • Should the alarm go off, multiple Murkywater mercenaries will spawn throughout the map. In particular, 3-5 of them may come out of a building across the street from the compound. As this is very close to the escape zone and players are likely to be wearing suits, they should exercise caution. However, throwing several grenades at them will kill them or will stun them long enough for everyone to escape.
  • If caught, treat the mission like an escape sequence. As the time limit for escape is only 60 seconds, and remaining loot can be anything from light (e.g. paintings or cocaine) to very heavy (e.g. gold or artifacts), be sure to weigh odds of escaping against the amount and type(s) of remaining loot.
    • Loot drop-offs bought from pre-planning can be a potential lifesaver. For example, the Waterfront garbage loot drop-off point can be used to secure heavy loot instead of hauling them back to the escape van if close. This can be crucial, especially when hastily securing loot to meet the minimum requirement if the alarm has gone off.
  • If discovered, consider chain-deploying ECMs to delay the alarm. Doing so can add time for the crew to secure loot and escape. A full crew of high-level heisters can delay the alarm by almost 4 minutes with 2 ECMs each, potentially also blocking pagers and security cameras if the operator is still alive.

Skill & Perk Deck builds[edit | edit source]

  • Builds for this heist should be primarily based on stealth, mobility and bag-carrying. Skills such as Duck And Cover, Parkour and Transporter should be considered essential. While any good stealth build will perform well on Shadow Raid, a few specific details can be added:
    • Forced Friendship is more or less useless as it is often safer to kill and bag civilians than take them hostage, at least unless a civilian is near the room with a breakable window. Stockholm Syndrome should not be used at all.
    • Hardware Expert is particularly useful as the heist will often reach a state where the remaining Murkywater guards are stationary and therefore may not be able to spot a drill on the cages in Small Goods storage. This may save a keycard for the vault.
    • Aced More Firepower allows the trip mine deployable to be of value (see Equipment below)
    • Aced ECM Specialist is often of rather dubious value, however on Shadow Raid it is very helpful if the heisters are forced to kill a fifth guard as it will delay the inevitable alarm and forced escape.
    • ECM Overdrive and Nimble are not required to be aced as there are neither doors nor safes which can be opened with them. The lockpicking speed boost of the latter will have subjective use, ultimately down to the path one wants to take through the compound.
    • Nimble Basic is of almost no value even on Mayhem+, as the camera room is relatively easy to access without being spotted.
    • Due to the toughness of the Murkywater guards. Always bring a high DPS weapon that can kill these guards in one to three shots, to minimize the chances of them opening fire. The Judge shotgun is a great option for that.
    • High Value Target Aced's increase mark duration can be very helpful keeping an eye on guards' locations.
  • As combat should be avoided entirely on this heist, the Burglar perk deck is the best choice, although in a full group one player should consider the Crew Chief deck for the crew stamina bonus. For speed, the Yakuza perk deck might also be viable.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

  • In general, keeping detection risk to an absolute minimum is the main priority. For this reason only the Two-Piece suit and the highest concealment weapons available (so long as one is silenced) should be used.
  • Consider a hard-hitting, high-DPS silenced weapon, such as a suppressed shotgun (which has the added benefit of being able to propel bodies out of sight) or suppressed Deagle. Murkywater guards can soak up a lot of damage if alerted, especially on higher difficulties.
  • In general trip mines are the most useful deployable. Probably the best places to put them are the main staircase, the roof staircase and doors from the main storage area to small goods storage. Body bag cases can also be helpful to a small crew in order to allow killing civilians while leaving favors free for more useful assets (Even though, as guards can get stuck, it's possible to just go through the whole heist without needing a single body bag if you are careful enough). In larger groups ECM Jammers can be used for chain-delaying the alarm.
  • Use the thermite paste to burn through grates in the sewers below the warehouse for additional exit/entry points. Be aware that only two cans of paste will spawn, and there will be three or four gates in the map; since only one can be carried per person, coordinate usage to prevent wasting them.
    • However, with the bug allowing pickups to be duplicated if picked up at the same time as someone else, it is possible to purposefully (or even accidentally, in some cases) end up with more thermite paste cans than there are gates in the map.
    • Thermite paste should be used in advance if carrying heavy loot and/or to escape if the alarm is raised. Burning the grates can save invaluable time compared to backtracking at a risk of getting caught.
    • The grate at the waterfront entrance should be prioritized if the boat zipline asset is unlocked as it allows players to move loot from small goods storage to the waterfront with minimal risk of detection (the stationary guard in that area can be crouchwalked past with a low enough detection risk, or killed if necessary). You can also open the 2 that leads from the warehouse to the van, for the cost of a extremely long bag moving time and having a riskier and longer time moving out of the area close to the river tug.
  • A Sniper with the Theia Magnified Scope or Box Buddy Sight can be used to mark guards in the yard, simply by aiming at them.

Guards and Civilians[edit | edit source]

  • The Murkywater mercenaries in the warehouse and the security guards in the yard all have pagers and the number of responses is limited to 4, so only kill those who are definitely necessary to advance.
    • However, Murkywater patrols will often be static somewhere in the warehouse (due to them having patrol points on the balcony, which they can't access if the doors to it are locked, making them get stuck). By avoiding these guards, it is possible to move loot freely without having to kill them. This means that two to three out of the five Murkies that patrol in here can be killed, giving players practically free roam throughout the warehouse as long as they leave the static guard(s) alive and avoid them. This assumes however that the helicopter does not drop off more mercenaries.
  • Guards and workers can deviate from patrol routes, so they can change floors or enter the building without warning. This combined with the random chance of more guards arriving via helicopter requires caution to be exercised at all times.
  • Opening doors will also open new paths for the AI, so it is advised to only pick doors when it's necessary as doing so will eventually allow guards and/or civilians to walk into an area that was previously safe. Lockpicking the doors to the balcony will prevent patrolling Murkies from becoming stationary (this is because the locked balcony doors disallow them from complete their waypoint if it's one of the two they have on the balcony, out of other 29 waypoints).
  • The Murkywater mercenaries are as durable as GenSec Elites, but a single hit will always kill them if they are not alerted. Being seen undoes this, however, and in most cases a single, silenced headshot will not be enough to kill.
    • Poisoning alerted guards with the Kunai Knife or the Shuriken is usually enough to ensure they will not be able to shoot or make their pager calls, and then die from the poison.
  • Although the metal and wooden containers emit a loud audible sound when opened, they do not alert NPCs.
  • Trucks in front of the warehouse can be interacted with, which triggers their alarms. This lures one of the guards to the truck. This can only be done once per truck, and trucks inside the warehouse cannot be interacted with.
  • Five minutes after entering the depot, there is a high chance that the approaching Blackhawk chopper will drop off two to four more mercs, who will patrol the warehouse area or block off routes by idling in high-traffic locations and often near other guards, making further looting of the warehouse next to impossible.
    • The helicopter can be "forced" to drop the cargo instead of dropping troops by standing on the left side of the helipad (in comparison to when you look to the river tug) before it spawns. Players must be in position about 5 minutes after initially entering the compound (timer starts when Bain notes to check the containers) and stand or crouch just next to the helipad, towards the railing over the front of the warehouse and towards the main gate. By facing towards the docks area, heisters will see the helicopter approach and should leave the helipad immediately if the helicopter is not carrying a cargo container (hanging from a cable below it).
  • There are few places to safely leave hostages, therefore killing civilians is recommended if you have any bodybags available. Bodybags can be disposed of either by throwing them into the water or using the loot ziplines to remove them from the main area of the map. You can also move hostages into the server room or at the area close to the window to the waterfront garbage, but moving them might be rather risky.
    • Be aware that body bags on the tug may be seen from the roof.
    • Among the few safe places listed above, the red Murkywater containers are not included. Civilians, when told to follow, are not able to enter the containers, but can actually walk through the doors of the container if it is opened. As such, it is probably more beneficial to simply kill civilians and take a cash hit, as opposed to leaving hostages somewhere and jeopardizing the heist.
  • Guards will be alerted if they see the vault open, but civilians will not. For this reason, it is suggested to secure all the bags required to complete the heist before opening the vault.
  • There is a chance some guards may not move at all from a specific spot, often denying that area for heisters unless he is killed. This can be quite troublesome especially if unsecured loot is too close to a stationary guard, thus forcing some players to rush and quickly bag loot from within the warehouse prior to this event when possible.

Keycards[edit | edit source]

Orange worker with the yellow hardhat

  • The mercenary watching the cameras always carries a keycard. Additional keycards are carried by randomly patrolling Murkywater mercenaries, as well as the worker in the orange suit with the yellow hardhat. On lower difficulties another keycard spawns in the kitchen besides the locker room.
    • If you are not soloing this heist you can easily 'dupe' the camera guard's keycard if everyone attempts to pick it up at the same time (just like the thermite paste) allowing you to effectively get up to four keycards by killing a single guard.
    • It is strongly advised to lockpick the door close to the interior windows and not the door near the yellow cages, unless you have an silenced shotgun to launch the guard to a corner he can't be seen in, or due to the situation (ex: stationary guard close to the room)
    • Players may need to either bag the camera operator's body or use a silenced shotgun to propel his ragdoll into a corner. A civilian or another guard may see the body through the opened door when they patrol near the room.
    • The chance of patrolling Murkywater soldiers holding keycards are as followed: The 4 patrolling soldiers are picked from a pool of 9, 3 of which have keycards. This means that there is an 11.9% chance for neither, 47.6% for 1 keycard, 35.7% for 2 keycards, and 4.8% for 3.
  • Once the first keycard is inserted, players will only have 10 seconds to obtain and insert the second. A player can only carry one card at a time, so if soloing:
    • Subdue one of the card holders while they are near the vault so that you can, within 10 seconds, insert the first card, run to the second, pick it up, run back to the vault, and insert it.
    • If the NPCs near the vault turn out to not have keycards, consider using un-silenced drills on two card-locked cages on the first floor. The noise may lure a mercenary or a civilian close enough to use their card, should they happen to have one.
    • If not playing on Mayhem+, consider knocking out a camera near the vault; doing so will prompt a guard to inspect the broken camera (even if the operator is dead).
    • If playing solo, get the camera operator's card and wait until the orange worker civilian comes close or kill guards close to it, so you can get an keycard really close to the vault. So it becomes possible for you to open the vault alone.
  • Since keycards are very important and hard to come by, holders should exercise caution when close to the yellow cages, and should inform new players of their usage. By using it on a cage, accidentally or otherwise, players will effectively waste it on a single bag of loot \ none at all at the cost of the samurai armor. Also be careful not to use the keycard when interacting with drills on the cages.

Loot[edit | edit source]

  • It is best to loot the warehouse first before the exterior yard, due to the helicopter dropoff which may bring more Murkywater guards (see Guards and Civilians above) who will patrol around the warehouse or worse, secure some areas by permanently staying at a designated spot, making some loot harder to obtain if not done already.
  • If stashing loot (or body bags), be warned that there are only a handful of safe locations on the map. Some of the best include the sewers (anywhere in the sewer network will be out of sight of the guards); on the roof behind the stairs down; in the power central building to the west and in the corners of the security office.
  • Preplanning allows a number of methods of securing loot, each of which have their own strengths and weaknesses and should influence the strategy for the heist:
    • The zipline to the river tug reduces bag carrying (useful for solo runs) and fully removes any bags placed on it from the map, eliminating any risk of detection later. However, accessing it can be tricky as a security guard will always spawn either blocking direct access to the docks from the warehouse or waiting at the bottom of the (possible) ladder down from the balcony on the upper floor. With some lucky spawns (ladder present, guard at the back door) the dock loot zipline can be very efficient as loot can be moved to it directly from the yard, via the sewers from the lower floor of the warehouse and simply thrown from the roof or balcony from the upper floor. With unlucky spawns, making much use of the loot zipline will require extra effort and caution.
      • Note that with care you can move bags between the outside grate and the zipline without alerting the guard. If he is in the doorway you will have to crouch up and down the ladder and crouch-walk for a short distance; if he is at the corner you can simply crouch-walk past him. In both cases you will need to travel along the edge of the water.
      • Similarly, you can crouch-walk past the guard at the corner when travelling between the yard (via the cut fence) and the zipline in the back.
    • The roof loot zipline is more or less the opposite, there is still substantial bag-handling to do when bringing loot down to the van, but the ease with which the roof can be secured makes it a sound choice if choosing to work from the roof down. While Murkywater mercenaries and civilians will patrol to the roof, it is a fairly safe location to eliminate them and therefore can make controlling the warehouse relatively easy. Note that the zipline can be used to move body bags across to the other roof and out of sight as well. Be warned however that the roof zipline is just about visible from the ground, guards may notice a player attaching a bag so this should be done quickly. Guards can also spot bags as they drop off the zipline, but not long enough to be alerted from it. Players should do their best to keep a count of how many bags have been sent across the zipline so that they can leave the warehouse and load up once the objective has been achieved rather than continually going back and forth to load a few bags.
    • The sewers can be used for extracting loot, however this is only really feasible in conjunction with thermite paste (otherwise at least one heister will have to sneak in and out of the sewer grate in the main yard) to burn through some of the grates. Whilst the grates prevent the players from moving freely through the sewers, bags can be thrown through the narrow gap beneath them, allowing safer movement even when thermite paste runs out. In general the sewers are an excellent, if somewhat laborious, method of moving loot when playing with a group, the greatest strength being that they are without doubt the fastest and safest way of accessing and extracting the samurai armor. Solo players will not reap as much benefit for a number of reasons; firstly because opening the vault solo is very difficult; secondly only one canister of thermite paste can be carried at a time, requiring a tedious trip back to the van to grab the second; and finally the drop into the sewers is just enough to down a player and it is easy to fall in and be downed instantly without hope of revival, failing the heist. Even without thermite paste, the sewers can provide a means to move loot between the Small Goods Storage area of the warehouse via the entrance near the vault across to the docks via the entrance in the power central annex building. This is especially useful when using the docks loot zipline to the tugboat.
    • Loot drop-offs can be used to dump loot quickly around the perimeter of the warehouse. These offer similar advantages and disadvantages to the docks loot zipline, potentially requiring use of a pager response to use effectively and instantly removing loot from the map. However, the waterfront drop-off is far more valuable than the docks zipline, as it can be used without using a pager (even on Mayhem+ if one avoids the guard that only spawns on those difficulties), and you don't need to wait a few seconds to use it allowing faster securing of loot.
    • The Waterfront garbage loot drop-off point is one of the more popular purchase-options. If the guards nearby are eliminated or not present, it can be the fastest, and potentially the most secure place, to secure loot. Also, the window on the warehouse close to it can be safely destroyed as long as no guards are close, as guards don't patrol there, unless if they get a custom waypoint for any reason (for instance, broken cameras) which makes it an rather easy way to move the loot. If playing with other heisters, its better to have one upstairs to notify when it's safe to break the window.
  • There are two piles of sacks stacked at the right corner of the exterior yard near the escape vehicle, you can climb onto them to cut a hole into the fence ontop of the walls to create an additional loot-extract/escape point. If the bags are thrown through the fence they'll be out of the guards' sight while also being right next to the escape vehicle. Note that you cannot get back in through the fence if you decide to use it to escape. Fitting into the opening can be tricky so make sure no guards/civilians are nearby when attempting.
  • There are eight static, dark red, Murkywater-branded shipping containers around the yard which can be opened. Each one sometimes contains a stack of baggable cash, and in rare cases, two. The total number of cash bags that can be found in the containers is always 4.
    • Some of the containers can only be opened from one end due to things blocking the other. Check if a container can be opened from both ends, and then pick the end that is more concealed.
    • Sometimes the helicopter that arrives to the compound drops off a ninth container instead of more mercenaries. The container is always directly in front of the warehouse, always contains an artifact, is already opened at both ends, and emits a loud sound when dropped. You must be extremely careful when moving it, as the artifact is the heaviest item in this heist and will leave you vulnerable when moving it to the nearest safe spot.
  • Top priority should be finding a crowbar to open the various warehouse crates. Whilst some items are left unsecured on shelves, most of the loot is within closed crates of two different shapes: dark brown rectangular crates propped against a wall will always contain paintings, while yellowish-brown rectangular crates can either contain coke, gold, artifacts, money, or nothing at all.
    • Do note that items not enclosed in crates mean the crowbar isn't required on lower difficulty heists, albeit at the cost of less loot. As higher difficulty means higher loot requirements, the crowbar may be essential on Very Hard+ games. Though it is really easy to find, as it has many guaranteed accessible locations for it to appear.
    • Whilst there can be enough loot in the front yard to complete the heist on lower difficulties, the layout and number of guards (and on higher difficulties, number of bags required) can complicate matters. Securing items from within the warehouse is, to a certain degree, actually easier than raiding the yard, and generally also more profitable.
  • Do not leave loot bags in the warehouse's exterior yard, as mercenaries who patrol the roof will spot them and raise the alarm. Always have them indoors, in the sewers or outside the compound's walls.
  • Check every room of the warehouse for loot. There is at least one possible loot spawn in every single room. Some pieces of loot may be easy to miss as they blend in with the environment (e.g. cocaine on an electrical box on Small Goods Storage ground floor, or loose money which can easily be mistaken for a decorative prop), so search thoroughly if going for all the loot.
  • The Shogun's armor weighs about the same as a bag of money. Therefore, if chain-ECM tactics are necessary, players can quickly move the shogun's armor through the sewers before the alarm is raised.
  • Drills will need 60 seconds on the cage doors, or 40 if Drill Sawgeant is aced. However as the drills will inevitably jam, it is advised to stay near them.
    • It is best to memorize the patrol routines of the guards, as a poorly timed placed drill can alert a civilian or guard, or both.
    • Alternatively, with the Butcher Mod Pack 2, a saw with a Silent Motor can be used to less noisily open the cages.
  • The maximum number of loot bags that can appear in this heist is 25 (on Very Hard and Overkill), 24 otherwise. The actual amount that can be found might be lower.
    • There are 8-11 loot bags spawned at random spawn points outside of Murkywater crates and shipping containers:
      • 2 bags of weapons on Overkill and below, 1 on Mayhem and higher. Due to a bug another may spawn.
      • 2 bags of Coke. Due to a bug another may spawn.
      • 2 bags of cash
      • 2 painting crates on Overkill and below, 1 on Mayhem and above.
      • 1 server
    • There is a set of Samurai Armor (4 bags) in the vault
    • There will be a maximum of 4 bags of cash in the Murkywater shipping containers in the courtyard
    • 1 guaranteed Artifact dropped by the helicopter
    • In the 9 guaranteed Murkywater crates 4 contain items on Normal and Hard, 5 on Very Hard and Overkill and 6 on Mayhem and above.

Item spawn locations[edit | edit source]

Variations[edit | edit source]

Exterior[edit | edit source]

  • The number of cameras and their locations vary.

Helicopter dropping the container with an Artifact inside

  • During the mission, a helicopter will arrive 5 minutes after the crew first enter the depot to do one of the following:
    • The helicopter will drop a container in front of the warehouse with a distinctive metal clang that can be heard throughout the map. It contains a crate that requires a crowbar to open. Inside the crate is an artifact. As it is extremely heavy, make sure the area is clear before packing the artifact, and carry it to the manhole to the northwest of the container. As such, heisters may choose to steal the artifact after securing the other loot bags.
    • The helicopter will unload up to 4 mercenaries on the roof (depending on difficulty), who will then proceed to patrol the warehouse and surrounding areas. One of them may hold a keycard. By standing where the helicopter should land, it is possible to force the helicopter to bring in the container (see Guards and Civilians above).
  • The front gates may be open at the beginning of the heist, giving patrols a clearer line of sight. In this case they are opened inwards, as opposed to outwards when a player picks the lock.
    • A stationary guard may spawn by the gates, but can often be bypassed, especially if the player(s) opened the gate outwards.
    • Exercise caution when carrying the loot back to the escape vehicle. Security guards may be able to see heisters across the opened main entrance.
  • There may or may not be a ladder near the dock that leads to the left side roof terrace.
  • The guard smoking at the dock is stationed at either the base of the ladder or at the basement door (which will then be open). He never moves, forcing players to work around or neutralize him. If stood at the basement doorway he may turn to look towards the fence at the front. This means he is temporarily looking away from the waterfront and players can cross quickly between the pile of tires and the space behind the blue cargo container. Another word of caution is a security camera may spawn near him.
  • There may or may not be a fourth gate blocking off the manhole to the northeastern part of the sewer network (the one in the maintainence shed by the boat zipline area).
  • If the additional drop-off point was unlocked during pre-planning, it can be placed outside the walls near the docks, next to the warehouse entrance, or in the northern part of the yard. Alternatively, the abandoned lot may be used instead, which is in the northeastern part of the yard.
    • A stationary guard can spawn next to the dumpster by the warehouse entrance who will not move, rendering the dumpster useless if that was marked as the additional drop-off point. Fast players can however, crouch infront of the dumpster, stand up, load the loot and quickly get back into the crouching position without the guard getting fully alerted. Make sure the guard is facing another direction and that the area is clear since you will be standing in the open. This will be harder with heavier bags (especially artifacts) since they will often bounce off the rim first and thus be spotted by the guard.

Interior[edit | edit source]

  • The number of cameras and their locations vary.
  • Crates have randomized loot (except for painting crates).
  • Keycard and enemy spawns are random. The security room guard and the civilian wearing the full orange worker outfit with a yellow hardhat are the only certain spawns, making these two a priority when searching for a card.
    • There is a keycard spawn in the kitchen if playing on difficulties below Very Hard.
  • A mercenary can spawn right next to the vault and remain there, forcing players to deal with him if they want to get into the vault.
  • The locations of the loot on the map, aside from the bugged ones, are random.

Mayhem+ changes[edit | edit source]

  • All cameras are Titan variants.
  • There will be a guard stationed outside in the alleyway to the left, who will patrol along the alley and down the stairs towards the edge of the dock. Players must either kill him, refrain from using that route, bypass him via rooftops, or wait under the metal stairs each time they need him to pass by. It is strongly discouraged to carry an artifact through the alley while he is alive, due to the severe speed reduction not giving the looter enough time to get out of the alley before he notices them.
  • The Murkywater guards are extremely resilient if alerted, capable of surviving burst-fire damage to the head and body. This can give them plenty of time to fire their weapon and alert everybody in the area.
  • The ladder near the dock leading up to the balcony now rarely spawns.

The FBI Files[edit | edit source]

It appears that there was a burglary on a warehouse registered to Murkywater. However, there has been no official word on this, and our only lead on it comes from overheard conversations with Murkywater personnel we occasionally employ. Of note, however, is that the market was flooded with foreign banknotes and ancient artifacts shortly after.

My Notes: The Murkies aren’t saying anything about what went down that night. Can’t blame ‘em. If they’re moving as much illegal contraband as we suspect, they wouldn’t want us sniffing around.

Bugs[edit | edit source]

  • Murkywater patrols sometimes idle inside walls in the staircase. They may also be facing the interior of the wall, minimizing their field of vision.
  • Flying guards

    At the back of the area with the containers, a glitch may occur where guards pass through walls and walk in the air, before returning to the ground.
  • By standing on the helicopter landing pad, close to the edge of the roof, players can block the landing area for the helicopter, thereby forcing it to drop an artifact container in the yard rather than additional Murkywater patrols. A player must be in position before the helicopter spawns and makes the announcement.
    • The helicopter will only spawn five minutes after the first player enters the Murkywater depot.
  • If a guard sees the vault open, he will be alerted but may not call.
    • If another guard see the one alerted by the door, he will raise the alarm.
  • Additional coke and weapons can be available; Report.
  • Guards have a tendency to go stationary.
  • Guards will still respond to broken cameras after the operator is dead, making the Side Job "Jacket of Invisibilty" much more difficult.

Achievements & Trophies[edit | edit source]

I Will Fade to Dark.jpg I Will Fade to Dark
In the Shadow Raid job, secure 4 bags of loot.
I Will Pass Through Walls.jpg I Will Pass Through Walls
In the Shadow Raid job, secure at least 6 bags of loot and escape without killing anyone.
I Will Take With Impunity.jpg I Will Take With Impunity
In the Shadow Raid job, secure a piece of every available type of loot, including money, gold, cocaine, artifact, painting, weapons and server.
I Will Walk Faceless Among Men.jpg I Will Walk Faceless Among Men
In the Shadow Raid job, secure all 4 pieces of the samurai armor. Unlocks the “Somen Mempo” mask.
I Am Ninja.jpg I Am Ninja
In the Shadow Raid job, secure 16 bags of random loot including all 4 pieces of the samurai armor.
I Will Die and Die, and Die Again.jpg I Will Die and Die, and Die Again
Complete the Shadow Raid job on the Death Wish difficulty or above.

The following appeared on May 19, 2014. They were replaced on May 27, 2014, with the release of Shadow Raid.

Achievement locked.jpg I
Achievement locked.jpg Will
Achievement locked.jpg Not
Achievement locked.jpg Eat
Achievement locked.jpg You
Achievement locked.jpg Alive

  • The Japanese characters on the achievement I Am Ninja, カワリミ (kawarimi), refers to a ninja technique using logs or straw men as decoys.

I Have No Idea What I'm Doing.jpg I Have No Idea What I'm Doing
In the Shadow Raid job, complete the heist in stealth while having the Vulcan Minigun and HRL-7 Rocket Launcher equipped.
The One That Had Many Names.jpg The One That Had Many Names
In the Shadow Raid or the First World Bank Jobs, find and pick up the five hidden Robot Trophies. Unlocks "The Robot” mask.
Is There Anyone There?.jpg Is There Anyone There?
Complete the Shadow Raid job on the Normal difficulty or above.
Murky Deals.jpg Murky Deals
Complete the Shadow Raid job on the Hard difficulty or above.
Shinobi Wibe.jpg Shinobi Wibe
Complete the Shadow Raid job on the Very Hard difficulty or above.
Like a Shimmer Through the Night.jpg Like a Shimmer Through the Night
Complete the Shadow Raid job on the Overkill difficulty or above.
The Shadows Are Your Friends.jpg The Shadows Are Your Friends
Complete the Shadow Raid job on the Mayhem difficulty or above.
Operation PayNight.jpg Operation: PayNight
Complete the Shadow Raid job on the Death Sentence difficulty.
Like Taking Candy From a Heavily Armed Military Force.jpg Like Taking Candy From a Heavily Armed Military Force
Complete the Shadow Raid job on the Death Sentence difficulty with the One Down mechanic activated.
I Will Succeed With Dignity.jpg I Will Succeed With Dignity
In the Shadow Raid job, complete the heist without using any pre-planning favors on OVERKILL difficulty or above.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Shadow Raid is the first heist in PAYDAY 2 where:
    • "Going loud" to complete the objectives is not a valid option.
    • Enemy spawns are specifically set. Only security guards and Murkywater mercenaries will ever appear.
    • Prior to Update #36, Shadow Raid's unique background music would always play every time the heist is started, like those in PAYDAY: The Heist. Since then Shadow Raid's music track can be played on other maps.
  • The once-familiar Murkywater PMCs from PAYDAY: The Heist are reintroduced in this heist.
  • Scrolling down to the bottom of the screen during pre-planning reveals that the Murkywater compound is situated on the bank of the Potomac river.
  • The crew breaks into this same warehouse again during the Meltdown heist, though that one is during the daytime and loud-only.
    • According to Bain in Meltdown, he may mention, "Got memories of this place at 4:00 AM", implying Shadow Raid had taken place at said time.
  • Though there is no explicit contractor for this heist, Bain sometimes mentions Gage during the heist, possibly implying that Gage is the contractor. If true, this would be the first contract given to the crew by Gage, indirectly through Bain.
  • Whilst most heists are restricted to only two varieties of carried loot, Shadow Raid is the first to have up to eight types: money, gold, coke, artifact, painting, weapon, server, and armor.
  • The Japanese characters on the title card, 影の襲撃 (kage no shūgeki), mean "shadow's raid" if translated directly.
  • The announcement page contains the text "Stay low, stay silent, avoid guards and gunfire." This is a quote said by one of the heisters at the beginning of Diamond Heist in PAYDAY: The Heist.
  • When one of the team bags the first artifact, Bain will sometimes say "There is only one place we can sell that: Marrakesh". This is a reference to a quote in the film Raiders of the Lost Ark; at the beginning, Indiana Jones states that the main antagonist Beloq "can only sell the Golden Idol in Marrakesh".
  • The heist summary originally said "Stealth is an option" prior to Update #132.
  • If any loot bags are thrown into the water behind the warehouse, they will respawn back at the sewer entrance at the waterfront. Body bags will be removed from the map entirely, eliminating the risk of someone finding them.
  • None of the crew is holding a silenced weapon on any of the heist's related medias. This is contradictory, as using either of them would quickly doom the mission by way of detection.
  • The shipping crates on this heist (and, by extension, in the entire PAYDAY 2) have the Chinese phrase "发货速度也很快" written on them, which literally translates to "delivery speed is also very fast".
    • The phrase could have originally been intend to mean "High-Speed Shipping".
  • Prior to Update #67, it was possible to crack open and take the painting through the wall of the cage that was locked in. Now, a keycard must be used to access this cage. This requires heisters to find four keycards or drill if they wish to take both the armor and the contents of two cages.

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