Shock And Awe

Shock And Awe
Enforcer: Tank Tier 3
Basic (3 pt): Increases the armor recovery rate for you and your crew by 25%.
Ace (6 pt): Enables your weapons to have a chance to knock back Shield enemies when attacking them. Ranged weapons' knock back chance is increased the higher the total damage of the weapon is. Melee weapons' knock back chance is 100%.


The basic version decreases the entire team's armor recovery time by 25%, but does not stack with other players who have this skill.

The aced version of this skill allows ranged and melee weapons to knockback Shields, the chance increasing if the weapon damage is higher (20% at 0 damage, 60% at 2000+ damage) while melees' knockback is guaranteed.


The aced version of this skill can eliminate the use of HE Rounds as a means of knocking Shields about, as normal damage from guns and melee can have the same effect without the decreased total ammo. LMGs benefit especially from this skill since they both combine a good magazine capacity with damage and rate of fire to quickly proc the knockback effect and have ammo left in a magazine to kill the Shield carrier without reloading.

Fast swinging melee weapons such as the Kunai Knife and Shinsakuto Katana highly benefit from the aced version with the speed at which they can stun a Shield quick enough to get behind them and finish them off.

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