Shotgun CQB U100

Shotgun CQB
Enforcer: Shotgunner Tier 2
Basic (2 pt): You reload shotguns 15% faster.
Ace (4 pt): You reload shotguns 35% faster. You gain a 125% increase steel sight speed when using Shotguns.


The reload speed effects of the Basic and Aced versions of the skill stack additively. When Aced, reload speed is increased by 50%, reducing reload times by 33%. Do note that shell-based shotguns (such as the Locomotive), when being reloaded, have 2 reload parts, the first, is when the Heister moves his shotgun sideways, and "opens" the shotgun, and the second part is when he loads a shell inside the shotgun, increasing bullets in magazine by one.

The Aced version behaves as the Rifleman skill, where the zooming is faster.


Though steel sights on shotguns are often unneeded unless Far Away is taken, it is worth taking the Aced version solely for the increased reload speed.


  • The "CQB" in the skill's name is an uncommon acronym for Close quarters combat, more commonly referred to as "CQC".
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