Sneaky Bastard

Sneaky Bastard
Ghost: Artful Dodger Tier 4
Basic (4 pt): You gain a 1% dodge chance for every 3 points of detection risk under 35 up to 10%.
Ace (8 pt): You gain a 1% dodge chance for every 1 point of detection risk under 35 up to 10%.


Contrary to the official description, which states that the increased dodge chance is directly proportional to concealment under 35, it is actually proportional to detection risk under 35.

To maximize the dodge chance from this skill, the basic version requires the player achieve a maximum detection risk of 5, while the aced version only requires a maximum of 25.


While this skill provides additional Dodge Chance, it severely limits the customization available to a player's weapon selection, much like Low Blow. Players choosing this skill will need to modify their weapons to be heavily concealed while also being effective in terms of damage, accuracy, and stability.

If the player intends to use the Basic version only, they will need to stay at 3 or 4 Detection (118 total concealment) to achieve the maximum effects, as it is not possible to attain a Detection of exactly 5. Very few weapons outside of Akimbo Weapons and Pistols can accomplish this. Since a Detection Risk of 25 is not possible, the Aced version increases the maximum to 23 (105 total concealment), allowing for more flexibility with weapon and modification choices if desired.

Like Low Blow, the choice to ace this skill is based on the weapons and build the player intends to use. However, the Dodge Chance increases provided by the Rogue and Crook Decks are often sufficient by themselves at lower difficulty. As such, players should try to maximize the usage of just the Basic version, as four points is a much easier price to pay than twelve.

When going for the Basic version, it would be a good idea to invest on the Akimbo skill if one is also running a Mastermind build and have unlocked some of the pistol skills in that tree. Akimbos have almost top concealment without mods, and combining the effects with Low Blow, they can take the place of an assault rifle in the primary slot.

Inner Pockets and Optical Illusions can be taken to get additional concealment to work with without limiting weaponry. Anyone with a sufficiently leveled Perk Deck will also be given an additional point of concealment to use.

Overall, the skill is not recommended for general-purpose builds, considering the limitations imposed on the player, the high skill point requirement needed to reach it, and the benefit gained for the points invested into the skill itself. However, for a dedicated dodge build, basic is a minimum to ensure the highest chance to dodge, and dodgers that use the Crook deck must ace the skill in order to be able to wear their choice of armor while maintaining high dodge chance.

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