Masking up Edit

  • "Time for a little perestroika" (Time for a little alteration)
  • "Dollars, rubles, I take them all."
  • "Sokol has landed"
  • "Fire in my belly, ice in my veins."
  • "Маскировка." [Maskirovka] (Mask)
  • "Team work makes the dream work."
  • "Time to play."
  • "Time to work, friends."
  • "Let's earn some dollars."
  • "Going all in."

Calling CrewmatesEdit

  • "Lucky Clover!"
  • "Beautiful Bonnie!"
  • "Bon, come with me!"
  • "Bon, on me now!"
  • "Friend Dragan!"
  • "Dragan, come with me!"
  • "Dragan, follow me!"
  • "Hoxxy!"
  • "Comrade Hox!"
  • "Little Wolfie!"
  • "Psst! Hoxie!"
  • "Hey! Dallas!"
  • "Hey! Wick!"
  • "Wickerman!"
  • *whistle* "Hey, follow me!"
  • "Sydney! On me!
  • "Hey Jiro! Come with me!"

Special EnemiesEdit


  • "Bulldozer!"
  • "Fucking bulldozer!"
  • "Big guy's here!"

Killing BulldozersEdit

  • "Bulldozer eliminated!"
  • "I got the big guy!"
  • "I got the bulldozer!"
  • "Bulldozer down."
  • "Bulldozer's history!"
  • "One less bulldozer in this world!"
  • "I took care of the bulldozer!"
  • "One less dozer!"
  • "I got the dozer!"


  • "It's a taser! Keep 'em back!"
  • "Taser spotted - look out!"
  • "Oh shit - taser!"
  • "We've got a taser!"
  • "Taser spotted!"

Killing TasersEdit

  • "Taser eliminated!"
  • "That taser just went tits up!"
  • "Taser got wiped!"
  • "One less taser!"
  • "Taser down!"


  • "Shield!"
  • "Shields for fuck sake!"
  • "Shit - shield!"
  • "We got a shield over here!"
  • "Oh shit! Shields!"
  • "We've got a shield!"
  • "It's a shield!"

Killing ShieldsEdit

  • "The shield is dead!"
  • "Took care of that shield!"
  • "One less shield in this world!"
  • "Got the shield!"
  • "Shield down!"
  • "Shield's history!"


  • "Sneaky fucking cloaker!"
  • "We've got a cloaker!"
  • "Spotted a cloaker!"
  • "Look out - cloaker!"
  • "Cloaker coming!"

Killing cloakersEdit

  • "One less cloaker!"
  • "One less cloaker in the world"
  • "Call me the cloaker-smoker!"
  • "Cloaker eliminated!"
  • "Cloaker down!"
  • "Killed the cloaker."
  • "Got the cloaker!"


  • "Sniper!"
  • "Stay back - sniper."
  • "Take cover! Sniper!"

Killing Snipers

  • "One less sniper in the world"
  • "Sniper's pushing up daisy"
  • "Sniper just ate a bullet of mine"
  • "Sniper got what he deserved."
  • "Sniper taken care of!"
  • "Took care of the sniper!"
  • "Sniper down!"
  • "Sniper out!"

SWAT Van TurretEdit

  • "Shit!"
  • "Fuck!"
  • "Watch out!"
  • "Oh shit!"
  • "Хуесосы заебали с этими турелями, блять." [Khuyesosy zayebali s etimi turrelyami blyat'] (Cocksuckers, i am fed up with this fuckin turrets)
  • "Блядь, turret, сука!" [Blyat' turret suka!] (Fuck, turret, bitch!)
  • "Turret, a fucking turret!"


Guards & other law enforcementEdit

  • "Put your hands up!"
  • "Lower your weapon!"
  • "Hands where I can see them!"
  • "Reach for the sky!"
  • "Get your hands up!"
  • "Put your fucking hands up!"
  • "Get your hands up motherfucker!"
  • "Now handcuff yourself!"
  • "Cuffs, put them on!"
  • "Get on your knees!"
  • "And on with the cuffs!"
  • "Down! Down I say!"

Civilians Edit

  • "Down!"
  • "Lay down!"
  • "Down on the ground"
  • "Hit the ground!"
  • "Don't be stupid American"
  • "You look clever, stay on the floor."
  • "Stay still, stay on my good side."
  • "Pretend you're dead"
  • "Down, don't want to kill you."
  • "Stay down, think of nice things."
  • "Tell the TV people about nice Russian man."
  • "Be still, be calm, behave."
  • "Think of your children, not me."
  • "Stay down and have a nice day."
  • "Don't fuck up now, stay down."
  • "This is a game, winner's prize? Staying alive."
  • "There's nothing to see, stay down."
  • "Don't think of moving."
  • "Be still and be quiet."
  • "Stay still."
  • "Don't look at me, look at the floor."
  • "Sokol say stay calm and relax."
  • "There's nothing to see, stay down."
  • "Down like a worm."
  • "New game - be worm."
  • "No moving now, okay?"
  • "Belly to the floor!"
  • "And don't fucking move!"
  • "This is how Russia treats you!"
  • "Stay still, maybe Sokol sing to you."
  • "It's almost over, keep nice and quiet."
  • "Be still, be quiet, behave."
  • "Is that floor cozy? Stay there."
  • "Eyes on the ground, that's good."
  • "Close your eyes, think of nice things."
  • "Be smart, stay down."
  • "As you say, stay cool."
  • "How you say stay still or die."
  • "Don't be a complication."
  • "Go back to sleep, little one."
  • "Is my English bad!?"
  • "Hit the ground!"
  • "Shhhhh."
  • "Don't wake the Russian bear."

Completing a heist Edit

  • "Заебись!" [Zayebis'!] (Fucking great!)
  • "Отличная работа, ребята! Молодцы!" [Otlichnaya rabota, rebyata! Molodtsy!] (Good job, guys! Well done!)
  • "That was a wonderful piece of work, heisters!"
  • "That was a superb heist! Very happy!"
  • "Clean, and quiet ... good!"
  • "Well executed everybody, well done!"
  • "That was very great! Greeaaat!"
  • "We did it! Wonderful!"
  • "Planned, and executed! Great!"
  • "We're done! We head home!"
  • "We did it! Fucking nice!"
  • "That was a classic job!"
  • "Perfect heist, well done everybody!"
  • "That was outstanding!"
  • "Superb! Suuuperb!"
  • "Great work! This, is a good sign!"
  • "I wish there was a replay for that!"
  • "You guys are perfect - I'm perfect!"
  • "Take that, American cop!"
  • "We did it all over them!"
  • "American high fives to all!"

Using Inspire Skill Edit

  • "Up and at 'em!"
  • "Wakey, wakey sleepy head!"
  • "Dying will make me sad!"
  • "I've seen you look sharper"
  • "You - up! Now!"
  • "Faster, friend, faster!"
  • "Make that ass move very fast, yes?!"
  • "You can rest later! No rest now! Get back in the fight!"
  • "Get back up! I depend on you!"
  • "Hey, you! Get on your feet!"
  • "Get up! Kill those assholes!"
  • "Get the fuck up!"
  • "Let's get you back in the game!"
  • "Run faster!"
  • "Come on, do it for the money!"

Pager responsesEdit

  • "Just checking. I ask for papers and then I shoot, right? Yes, good procedure."
  • "I come America, happy very, job easy, sit very much hours is ni-ice!"
  • "Just a practice drill. You didn't get the order? Aah, someone fucked up."
  • "Routine checking, all clear. No danger, no masked clowns anywhere."
  • "Stand down control. Spotted a badass, but was looking in the mirror."
  • "Barney, what is it? (mutters) You hear control, we're fine."
  • "Completed gamma 6 recon. All clear, nothing to report. Very clear about that."
  • "I'm happy to be in America. Guarding beautiful things for beautiful people. It's good."
  • "Thought unauthorised helicopter fly over. Checked schedule - helicopter's authorised."
  • "I called you control? нет [net] (no), you called me. Must be these damned radios."
  • "All fine here control, zero things to worry about ... in fact, we need less guards."
  • "Uhh ... microwave activated radio ... Barney, your popcorn is scaring control."
  • "Reporting uh, gamma 3-2, control, Barney destroyed bathroom ... again."
  • "Keep the channels clear control, breaking protocol: 191 ... uh ... 7. Copy?"
  • "Had broken camera, but I managed to fix it. Toothpick and silver tape, Russian ingenuity."
  • "We got techs, uh ... updating radios - one of them touched the wrong wire, *sniggers* dumb as fuck."
  • "Saw a bird ... could be a drone ... nope, just bird."
  • "Saw clowns - realised circus was nearby. Yes, saw clowns, they were funny. Nope, no need for alarm."
  • "This is surprise inspection control. Congratulations, your passed."
  • "A loose button on this radio, control, submitting request for a new radio?"
  • "Just testing frequency, control ... loud and clear, bravo."
  • "Completed perimeter sweep, control, nothing to report, zero clowns spotted."
  • "Where is American excitement I was promised? Send some clowns for me to shoot."
  • "Sorry ... American food give gas. Pressed button while ... sorry."
  • "Uh ... was showing Barney Russian wrestling, bumped radio button."
  • "Few kids throwing stones. Dealt with it. No friendly casualties."
  • "So she grab bear by balls and pull ... hard! Ball - oh, control? Sorry, telling Leroy about Russian girls."
  • "It's this stupid radio made in... Челябинск [Chelyabinsk]. Ah, must be your stupid receiver control."
  • "American uniform too small for big, strong, Russian body. Accidentally press tiny, American button with big, Russian muscle."
  • "Aaah so that's what this button does. Wonders... God bless the America. Don't send backup."
  • "And that is correct procedure for radio. Class dismissed. Sorry control, stand down."
  • "I'm saving to buy a ranch in Montana. Sorry, you're not interested."
  • "I fell over, heart stopped for several seconds. Fine now, no need for backup."
  • "Bumped my button while performing my duties. Everything here is safe as shit."
  • "Dumb piece of sh... oh, Russian. Everything is fine here."
  • "All clear or as we say in Russia - придурок ты [Pridurok ti] (you are jerk)."
  • "Apologies, was showing Barney Kozak dances. Kick radio, we're fine"
  • "We've been getting glitches all day control. Maybe send the tech down... tomorrow?"
  • "We had bet on response time. You just won me twenty dollars. BARNEY. PAY YOUR FAT ASS UP."
  • "Oh, so that's what this button does."


  • "Throwing grenade!"
  • "Grenade!"
  • "Here comes grenade!"
  • "Get clear, grenade!
  • "Don't touch that grenade!"
  • "Fire in the hole!"
  • "Grenade out!"
  • "Shake it!"
  • "Cover your ears!"


  • "First aid kit here, for anyone who needs it."
  • "Anyone needs first aid, it's here."
  • "I dropped a medic bag."
  • "Medic supplies here."
  • "Friends! Medic bag here!"
  • "Free ammo here!"
  • "Extra ammo over here."
  • "Ammo over here, my friends."
  • "Fill up your ammo!"
  • "Medic bag - patch up!"
  • "Got a body bag case here!"
  • "Body bag case - deployed!"
  • "Body bag case right here!"
  • "Body bag case!"
  • "I place medic bag here."


  • "Ух, блядь!" [Uh, blyad'!] (Oh, fuck!)
  • "Ух, нихуя себе!" [Uh, nihuya sebe!] (Oh, holy shit!)
  • "Fuck!"
  • "Shit hit fan, Sokol hits cops!"
  • "Fuck it, I prefer a good fight anyway!"
  • "This game just started."
  • "Time to make it noisy."
  • "Time for another plan."
  • "Plan B - in effect!"
  • "Better this way anyway."

Cameras Edit

  • "Psst, camera."
  • "Camera."
  • "CCTV."
  • "Watch out, CCTV."
  • "Camera everyone."
  • "Watch the camera."
  • "Smile for the camera."
  • "Don't get caught on tape."
  • "Candid camera, everyone."

Guards Edit

  • "Guard, stay quiet."
  • "Careful, guard."
  • "Guard, watch it."
  • "Don't alert the guard."
  • "Guard on patrol."

Tear Gas Edit

  • "We need gas masks!"
  • "It's just the gas making eyes water! Not crying!"
  • "I want who threw the gas! I want him dead!"
  • "Aw ... that gas stinks!"
  • "Fucking tear gas!"
  • "Fuck me right in the eyes! Fuck me right in the eyes!"
  • "Tear gas - those fucks!"
  • "Ahhhh! Tear gas!"
  • "Who the fuck uses gas?"
  • "Goddamn tear gas!"
  • "Is gas legal here!?"
  • "It's like vaporised vodka in the eye!"
  • "Fucking tear gas, here comes Sokol to the rescue!"
  • "Ahhhh! What the shit!?"

Drills Edit

  • "Do you hear that noise? Drill is jammed!"
  • "Listen! The drill is jammed!"
  • "We must fix the fucking thing!"
  • "Drill in place!"
  • "Drill is placed!"
  • "Drill up!"
  • "Drill working!"
  • "Got the drill up!"
  • "Do you hear that? I think it's stuck!"
  • "Fucking drill is... ну застряла, ну..." [Fucking drill is... nu zastryala, nu] (Fucking drill is... is stuck...)
  • "The drill's, э... ну, слили" [The drill's eh... nu slili] (The drill's, eh... wasted...)

Software Crashing Edit

  • "Computer's being a ... говно! [Computer's being a... govno!] (Computer's being... shit!)"
  • "Something's not right with the computer!"
  • "The computer process is jammed!"
  • "That's got to be the computer beeping!"
  • "The computer process has frozen!"
  • "Something's not right with the computer!"
  • "The computer process is jammed!"

Flashbangs Edit

  • "Fucking flashed! Can't see!"
  • "AH! It stings like vaporized vodka in the eyes"

Assault Ending Edit

  • "The police are pulling back!"
  • "The police are retreating"
  • "The cops are retreating"
  • "They're pulling back"
  • "They're retreating"

Map Specific Quotes Edit

First World Bank Edit

  • "Let's find him!"
  • "Where is the FUCKING manager?!"
  • "There he fucking is!"
  • "Listen up. This is a robbery. We don't want to kill you, we're after the bank's money, not your money. Your money is insured by the government, you're not gonna lose a dime. Think of your sweet mama, don't be a hero, just shut the FUCK up and STAY DOWN and this will be over, SOON!"

Birth of Sky Edit

  • "How do you slow down?"
  • "Prepare for a hard landing!"
  • "За Путина-а-а!!!" (For Puti-i-in!)
  • "Ура-а-а!!!" [Ura-a-a!!!] (Hora-a-ay!!!)
  • "Do it for Russia!"


  • "I am losing my patience with you boy."
  • "Your mother? America's biggest bitch."
  • You're pushing my buttons!
  • You're pushing my buttons, козёл! [You are pushing my buttons, kazyol!] (You are pushing my buttons, bastard!)
  • Пизда, сука, блядь [Pizda suka blyad'] (Fuck,bitch,shit)

Safe HouseEdit

Talking to Specific Heister Edit

  • to Chains "Chains, when will you take me to a Capitals game? You promised."
  • to Dallas "Dallas, will you make me a real American burger? But, with bear meat!"
  • to Hoxton "Hoxton, do you have the balls to play hockey against me? One on one, come on."
  • to Jacket "Hey, fuck you and your cassette. I will steal it one day when you sleep then you have to talk like a real person."
  • to Jimmy "Jimmy, you bring pretty women, I bring vodka. Deal?"
  • to Jiro "Jiro, do you miss Japan? I know I miss Russia."

Talking to Any Heister Edit

  • "Hockey in the states, and hockey in Russia... Not really the same."
  • "I'm fucking bored. Let's do heist. You and me, we don't need the others."
  • "*exhales* This country is so hot. I miss snow."

Idle Edit

  • "What is this hockey hairstyle I've heard of? Must check it out."
  • "Can you get bear meat in the US? I must remember to ask Dallas."

Sokol's Hockey Gym at tier 1 Edit

  • "I miss playing real hockey. This is shit!"
  • "What is this? Hockey for shitty babies?"
  • "What is this...this little poot goal? is for children!"
  • "I must get a new stick, this one is shit."

Sokol's Hockey Gym at tier 2 Edit

  • "Maybe we can play here someday. But we need better things, first."

Sokol's Hockey Gym at tier 3 Edit

  • "Hey! It's ready! Come play with me, if you dare."
  • "Have you seen the new goal? Much better."
  • "The last goal was small and shit! This one is good."
  • "Look!! You almost think it's real ice!"
  • "This is what I'm talking about! Now this is a real goal!!"
  • "We have walls now! Maybe next time we play, I don't tackle you out of the ring."
  • "Look at this. Reminds me of when we beat the Kursk Rockets."
  • "Just like hockey back in Russia!"

Tier 3 Safe House Hockey minigame Edit

When scoring Edit

  • "Very nice! You have true hockey potential."
  • "Score!"
  • "Goal!"
  • "You're good, do it again!"

When missing Edit

  • "How hard can it be to hit that little puck into the big goal?!"
  • "What the fuck, you can't even hit goal!"
  • "Miss!"
  • "Aww, you missed!"

Reservoir Dogs Heist Edit

  • to Mr. Brown "I have flutters in my tummyplate!" (Day 1)


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