Solomon Garrett
Commissioner Garrett
Commissioner Garrett in the FBI Files/GenSec Enemy trailer
Career information
Role Police Commissioner
Affiliation(s) Metropolitan Police Department
Federal Bureau of Intervention
Boston Police Department (formerly)
Biographical information
Also known as Commissioner Garrett
Old Thunderguts
Nationality Flag of the United States American
Age 62
Physical description
Hair color White
Ethnicity Caucasian
PAYDAY information
Portrayed by Unknown
Voiced by Unknown
Solomon Garrett
Ingame Model
Commissioner Garrett in the Breakin' Feds heist
Enemy Type Police Commissioner
Health 40 (Normal)
40 (Hard)
40 (Very Hard)
40 (Overkill)
40 (Mayhem/Death Wish/Death Sentence)
Headshot Multiplier 2 (Normal)
2 (Hard)
4 (Very Hard)
6 (Overkill)
4 (Mayhem)
3 (Death Wish/Death Sentence)
Internal name mute_security_undominatable
Achievement(s) A Moment of SilenceStalker
"Washington is sick. I am the cure."
—Commissioner Garrett's introduction

Police Commissioner Solomon Garrett is a new character in PAYDAY 2, and a new adversary of the Payday Gang. In his introductory trailer, Commissioner Garrett announces his intention to destroy the infamous network Crime.Net, and its near-mythical leader, Bain. He declares that he will deploy new specially trained opponents to keep the Payday gang occupied, introducing Captain Winters. He also arrived with the FBI Files feature.



Commissioner Garrett is an old friend of Mayor McKendrick, who's just arrived from Boston, where his aggressive leadership of the BPD eradicated both the Irish and Italian mobs, and earned him the nickname "Old Thunderguts".


Garrett, or rather his FBI account, serves as a depository through which players can find more information about themselves, other criminals or even the Bureau's details and notes on the units encountered on the field.

Despite being hugely successful back in his hometown of Boston, Garrett seems to be plagued with almost constant trouble in Washington, likely due to the prevalence of political corruption there. Despite being constantly stonewalled and now having the Department of Homeland Surveillance barking up his tree, however, Commissioner Garrett is not about to give up and let crime overrun D.C. just yet.

Commissioner Garrett makes an in-game appearance in the stealth-only heist Breakin' Feds, holding a mysterious Box that was confiscated from The Elephant. He needs to be distracted to get to the item, and, more importantly, cannot be killed nor alerted or the heist will fail.

In the secret ending video after solving the puzzle in The White House heist, Solomon Garret is awarded the Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor for his service by the US president.  


A Moment of Silence A Moment of Silence
In the Breakin' Feds job, don't alert or kill any guards until Commissioner Garrett used the toilet on OVERKILL difficulty or above.
Stalker Stalker
In the Breakin' Feds job, have Commissioner Garret marked at all time after he left his office, until you have opened his safe.


  • The "welcoming gift" given to Garrett in the new enemy trailer is a Bulldozer Bobblehead, planted with a bug to allow Bain to probe into the commissioner's private FBI documents.
    • The bobblehead is still in his office as of 2018, as can be seen in Breakin' Feds.
  • Despite his alleged commitment to eradicate crime, and having many of the right connections to do so, Garrett is seemingly ignorant of the sitting Mayor's blatant corruption and previous connection to the Payday Gang. 
    • In an ironic twist, Garrett is given the Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor by the US president for "finally ending the tyranny of Washington DC's biggest criminal gang", unaware that it was all thanks to the Payday gang and their actions. 
  • Physically, Garrett bears resemblance to the character Leroy Jethro Gibbs from the drama TV show NCIS. He additionally shares many of his quirks and personality traits.
  • Internally, Garrett is called "Gordon", an obvious reference to Commissioner Gordon in the Batman franchise. Garrett also shares many personality traits with the DC comics character.
  • Garrett is the first "important" target in a heist that players must not kill nor alert under any circumstance.
  • When having to use the bathroom, he uses the same run animation as alerted law enforcers, having his sidearm drawn.
  • Garrett is in most likelihood married, as stated by Locke during the Breakin' Feds heist. If Locke is correct, then Garrett's wedding anniversary is on December 12th, as hinted by the safe code 1212.


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