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Despite its heavy emphasis on team combat, RAID: World War II actually has some limited level of stealth mechanics and gameplay.


Unlike the stealth gameplay of the PAYDAY games, there are no civilians and cameras to avoid or control. There is no casing mode either, due to the lack of the above.

Upon entering a stealth-possible level, the player character will always begin with their melee weapon out. Some missions are scripted to go loud at certain points.


The main source of detection comes from the often copious amount of troops patrolling the immediate area, though unlike in PAYDAY none of them carry pagers of any kind, and could be carefully eliminated to make the mission easier. As ever, enemy guards can detect players in their line of sight, the rate of which depends on the angle of vision and the distance between the two parties. Guards can still be marked during stealth.

The traditional detection circle has been eschewed in favor of a color-coded ring above a guard's head that gradually fills clockwise.

  • A white ring means the guard sees the player, but hasn't become suspicious of their activities yet.
  • A yellow ring means the guard is now suspicious and will path towards their last seen location to investigate.
  • A completely filled ring will be in the red, whereupon the guard will open fire if he has line of sight towards a player, or run towards the nearest souce of alarm. 

As with PAYDAY 2, guards are susceptible to one-hit kills during stealth with any weapon. Dead bodies can then be moved away from patrol routes to hide them, usually in dumpsters or secluded corners. Unlike in PAYDAY 2, players cannot use weapons when carrying dead bodies, meaning getting caught red-handed usually means instant alarms as the guard will open fire without pause. There is no domination of guards due to the feature as a whole being completely omitted from the game.

It is notably different from the PAYDAY series in that it is not necessary to remain completely unseen in order to pull of a stealth raid. Even if a guard opens fire on the player and alerts his comrades, they and all of the surrounding enemies can still be killed noisily. So long as nobody manages to sound the alarm the mission is still considered stealthy. 

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