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Stoic's Hip Flask
Unlock Level
N/A (always available)
Requires equipped Stoic perk deck with Virtue unlocked.
Inventory Slot Throwable
Weapon Type Alcohol flask
Capacity 1, infinite uses
Cooldown 10s
Internal name damage_control
An antique flask from 1882 bearing the inscription "Stoic" and "JW Spirits", given to Duke in his youth when he trained with Buddhist monks. Duke keeps it filled with his favorite whiskey: taking a swig is a symbolic gesture of calming and gives the bearer a moment of zen-like focus, easing away damage.

The Stoic's Hip Flask is a special usable equipment in the throwable slot for PAYDAY 2.


The Stoic's Hip Flask is a unique piece of kit of the Stoic deck and is automatically equipped upon the deck being selected, unless the player hasn't unlocked the starter perk Virtue yet. While equipped, it takes up the slot normally reserved for throwable weapons, but can be switched out if the player so chooses.


As a Stoic only receives 25% of any damage taken upfront, the remaining 75% will be spread out as DoT to be applied to the player over the next 12 seconds. Using the Hip Flask within this 12-second window automatically negates any and all "pending" damage left in this DoT pool. The Hip Flask only negates the DoT applied immediately prior to it being used, and taking additional damage past that point refreshes the DoT anew. Maxing out the Stoic deck additionally gives the Hip Flask a powerful healing ability, allowing it to convert 50% of the negated DoT into health upon activation.

Like the Kingpin Injector and Smoke Bomb, it can be infinitely used, but upon usage, it has a cooldown of 10 seconds, although each kill will speed up the cooldown by one second, two at 35% or less HP remaining with the Imperturbable perk unlocked.


  • A good Stoic needs to make extremely frequent use of the Hip Flask if he is to stay alive. Due to the Flask's relatively short cooldown and the Stoic's lack of effective armor, it should be used immediately upon taking damage to negate any would-be DoT, allowing one to stay alive longer.


  • The Hip Flask is the third "throwable" to be infinitely reusable without the player having to retrieve anything to make it available again.
    • It is also the third 'throwable' that requires the use of a specific perk deck as a prerequisite to being equipped, after the Injector and Smoke Bomb.
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