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The starting point of the escape.

Street Escape is one of the escape scenarios in PAYDAY 2, taking place directly after Bank Heist, Diamond Store, Four Stores, and Jewelry Store.


The group starts inside the store. Bain calls in a second escape vehicle; however, the Police SWAT units arrive in full force with a particularly large complement of snipers. The crew needs to defend themselves and their loot until the escape vehicle arrives.

There is one cash register on the counter and one in the storage area. There are two ATMs located outside of the store's front door, making this one of the only escapes that can be profitable. Before looting these ATMs or traversing the outdoor portion of this map, it is advised that players eliminate the snipers on surrounding rooftops.


This escape is rather simple. If players do not open any of the shop's doors, it is a very defensible position, having only a single entrance. Once the escape chopper arrives, players should exit via the shop's back door and use the stairs to reach the escape chopper location. It will arrive on one of the two rooftops. Compared to most other escapes, this one is very simple to dash out of if carrying little, as the escape time is only a minute and there is ample cover inside the store. With a large number of bags, this escape becomes much more difficult.

There are two ATMs located outside the store and while tempting to loot them, snipers and other law enforcement can quickly down players who take the time to do so. It is advised to have backup to either quicken the process or eliminate these enemies.

In order to easily attain the Bullet Dodger achievement, players should stay inside the store for as long as possible and exploit the cover it provides from snipers.


  1. Stay alive until the escape vehicle arrives.
  2. (Optional) Secure any bags in the escape vehicle.
  3. Escape



Bullet Dodger Bullet Dodger
In the Street escape, complete the escape without killing any enemy snipers.


  • This is the only escape scenario in which heisters begin considerably far away from the van wreck.
  • Unlike the other escape scenarios, security cameras make an appearance in the store.
  • The achievement Bullet Dodger is a reference to the 2000 movie Snatch. To be more precise, it's a reference to the character Boris "The Bullet Dodger".
    • This isn't the only time PAYDAY 2 made a reference to Snatch, as the teaser trailer showing Aldstone's flight from London to Washington is done in a similar manner to this scene.
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