This article is about the DLC. For the character included, see Sydney.
Sydney Character Pack
Downloadable Content Info
Developer(s) Overkill Software
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
Release Date(s) May 12, 2016
Price(s) $4.99 USD
Type Character Content Pack
Available At Steam Store

The Sydney Character Pack is a DLC pack for PAYDAY 2. It is the eighth character DLC and the fifth purchasable one available. It was released on May 12, 2016 for $4.99 USD.



Once you have bought the DLC, you will unlock the Sydney mask in your inventory, but you will have to obtain the Sydney Begins mask via card drops. They can be returned to your mask stash for free, but any pattern, color or material as well as the customization fee to put these together will be lost.


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The Anarchist is someone who don't believe the cops are the ones who should dictate order and that people should be able to self-control themselves. Rebellious sabotage and violence are simply means to achieve a better end. The Anarchist never ducks out of a fight and will always withstand the punches. The Anarchist is a true asset as an Anarchist fights not just for money - but also as destruction is fun.

Tier 1 (200) Tier 3 (400) Tier 5 (1,000) Tier 7 (2,400) Tier 9 (4,000)
Blitzkrieg Bop
Blitzkrieg Bop
Instead of fully regenerating armor when out of combat, The Anarchist will continuously regenerate armor throughout the entire combat. Heavier armor regenerates more armor, but during longer intervals.
When your armor gets depleted, you will be inmune to health damage for 2 seconds. This effect cannot occur more often than once every 15 seconds.
Note: Skills and perks that increases the armor recovery rate are disabled when using this perk deck.
Straight Edge
Straight Edge
50% of your health is converted into 100% armor.
Death or Glory
Death or Glory
50% of your health is converted into 110% armor.
Rise Above
Rise Above
50% of your health is converted into 120% armor.
Lust for Life
Lust for Life
Dealing damage will grant you 10 armor - this can only occur once every 1.5 seconds.
Note: Despite saying 10, it has always granted 30 armor.


  • The Sydney Character Pack was first announced at PAYDAYCON 2015.
  • It is the second purchasable character DLC to not be released alongside a heist expansion, after the Yakuza Character Pack.

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