always needs to be included:

|name = Name of Heist (generally the pagename, though we don't use such for technical reasons).
|image = Image used in the box. Note you need to specify the extension here too. So example.jpg, not example.
|int_name = Internal Name
|achievement = achievements available on a raid
|days = Only needs to be added if more than a single day, enter the amount of days as value.
|noloud = Needs to be added if no loud gameplay is possible (Shadow Raid, Car Shop)
|nostealth = Needs to be added if no stealth gameplay is possible (Hoxton Breakout, Hotline Miami, etc.)
|loot = Loottypes found at heist, seperated by <br/>, preferably using tooltips to give more information. Left out if no loot is present (for Hoxton Breakout for example).
|exp = Experience granted on raid

needs only specified in certain cases:
|exp2 = Experience for day 2
|exp3 = Experience for day 3
|exp4 to |exp7 = Currently unused in any official heist articles, can be used in custom heist blogs.

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