ERROR:HEIST NOT SPECIFIED.This template is used for directly listing the information for a heist in PAYDAY 2, by simply writing the name of the heist. For instance:

{{MultipleHeist2|4Stores|Infobox Heist}}

This example will make the template use data for the Four Stores heist.

Four Stores

Four Stores FBI Files

Job fourstores

Heist Info
Contractor Vlad
Contract Days 1
Loud / Stealth ✔ / ✔
Stealth bonus 5%
Escapes Cafe Escape
Street Escape
Park Escape
Loot Jewelry
Experience 6,000 (completion)
Internal name four_stores
Achievement(s) Yeah He's a Gold Digger The One That Survived Cash or Credit Shoplifter Five Finger Discount Stomping Grounds Window Shopper
Becoming a Regular Four Heister Discount Platinum Card

Editing instructions:
always needs to be included:

|name = Name of Heist (generally the pagename, though we don't use such for technical reasons).
|image = Image used in the box. Note you need to specify the extension here too. So example.jpg, not example.
|achievement = achievements available on a heist
|exp = Experience granted on heist (see Reputation (Payday 2)/Experience Per Job)
|int_name = Internal Name
|baglimit = Bag Limit (leveltweakdata)
|packages = Amount of possible spawn locations for Gage Packages. Amount is also listed there.

needs only specified in certain cases:
|picw = To be used if an image is vertical to prevent too much screenspace being used.
|contract = Only needs to be specified if NOT by Bain.

|days = Only needs to be added if more than a single day, enter the amount of days as value.
|pro = Only needs to be set if the heist had a Pro version prior to Update #109 and is available on the consoles

|noloud = Needs to be added if no loud gameplay is possible (Shadow Raid, Car Shop)
|nostealth = Needs to be added if no stealth gameplay is possible (Hoxton Breakout, Hotline Miami, etc.)
|bonus = Only needs to be set if a stealth bonus is present. Add it as numerical value or x-x if multiple day bonusses are available. Do not add the %.
|escape = Possible escapes on this heist. Still needs links (by [[Example]]), seperate by <br/> if multiple escapes available.
|loot = Loottypes found at heist, seperated by <br/>, preferably using tooltips to give more information. Left out if no loot is present (for Hoxton Breakout for example).
|exp2 = Experience for day 2 (warehouse for Election Day)
|exp3 = Experience for day 3 (bank for Election Day)
|exp4 to |exp7 = Currently unused in any official heist articles, can be used in custom heist blogs.

Extra statistics:
|jc = Only needs to be set if NOT 30, check Reputation (Payday 2)/jc table
|min_xp = Minimum XP
|max_xp = Maximum XP
|cost_n to cost_dw = .contract_cost from narrativetweakdata. _mh and _od exist, but are usually the same as dw so not used.
|pay_n to pay_dw = .payout value from narrativetweakdata. Only pay_n is really used by the game though
|payX, pay_nX to pay_dwX = Darn Bank Heist and Transport stuff, probably nothing that ever needs using in new stuff.
|loot_max = Maximum loot from a heist, using NORMAL money values (which is then multiplied per difficulty is no loot_max_X or loot_goal_X)
|loot_goal = Mandatory loot, like 1 money in GO Bank or the GGC Dentist Loot *sob*
|loot_tip = Additional information for how to reach that maximum loot amount
|loot_goal_h to loot_goal_dw = Used for variable goal loot (Diamond Store, Jewelry Store. Generally mission loot is discontinuid so not used on modern heists).
|loot_max_h to loot_max_od = Used if variable mission loot is in effect, or max loot is difficulty dependant (think Alesso Heist), and is difficulty variable. Uses the actual monetary values of it's OWN difficulty. Use Loot
|tip_nameX, loot_max2, loot_goal2 = Used for Bank Heist and Transport.
|loosetip = Information pertaining to loose money (ATM amount for example)
|loosevalue = Used to give a general estimation of loose money given on higher difficulties

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