The Amber Train 18px
Raid Info
Mission days 1
Loud / Stealth ✔ / ✘
Loot N/A
Experience 1000 (Easy)
2000 (Normal)
4000 (Hard)
? (Very Hard)
Internal name
Achievement(s) The Shelter Premature Dynamite-ation Cranetastic AA Anonymous The Room Raider No Glory The rest is history Bring them home - The Amber Train

Tiger Trap is a mission in RAID: World War II, added in Beta 1.3. It involves stealing back the Russian "Amber Room".


  1. Get out of the wagon
  2. Find the Amber Room wagon
  3. Operate the crane
  4. Lower the crane cable
  5. Prepare the Amber Room wagon to be moved.
    • Connect the crane cable to the Amber Room wagon (4)
    • Close the Amber Room wagon door
    • Decouple the Amber Room wagon (2)
    • (Potential)Get off the roof
  6. Transfer the Amber Room wagon to the opposite track
  7. Move the crane to the right position
  8. Lower the Amber Room wagon
  9. Connect the Amber Room to the train
    • Couple the Amber Room wagon to the train
    • Disconnect the Amber Room wagon from the cables (4)
  10. Find the dynamite and blast your way into the maintenance shed
  11. Open the coal hatch
  12. Keep the coal flowing
  13. Prepare the locomotive
    • Remove the chocks (2)
    • Open the maintenance shed doors!
    • Couple the coal tender
  14. Give the engineer the signal
  15. Wait for the locomotive to reach the escape track!

(To be finished)



You can use stealth until blowing up the wall.
Leave the wagon and find the amber room. Many parts of the train need to be interacted with aswell as the crane several times, so barricade yourself in.

After the train has moved to the opposite track, find the marked out dynamite and use it to blow a hole in the wall, going upstairs to fill the locomotive with coal. Once done, release the train and alert the driver to move.

To be concluded.



Difficulty ChangesEdit


The Shelter The Shelter
Complete the "Take out the bombers" objective without any of the airplanes dropping a single bomb on The Amber Train RAID.
Premature Dynamite-ation Premature Dynamite-ation
Plant the dynamite within 5 seconds of getting the objective on The Amber Train RAID.
Cranetastic Cranetastic
Complete all objectives up to "Blast the maintenance shed wall open!" without raising the alarm on The Amber Train RAID.
AA Anonymous AA Anonymous
Use all AA guns at the same time during the "Take out the bombers!" objective on The Amber Train RAID.
The Room Raider The Room Raider
Find the secret room on The Amber Train RAID.
No Glory No Glory
Prevent the enemy from breaching the maintenance shed on The Amber Train RAID on VERY HARD difficulty.
The rest is history The rest is history
Complete The Amber Train RAID on VERY HARD difficulty.
Bring them home - The Amber Train Bring them home - The Amber Train
Collect 100% of the dog tags on The Amber Train RAID.


  • The Amber Room was an especially ornate chamber in the Catherine Palace of Tsarskoye Selo near Saint Petersburg. Originally constructed in the 18th century in Prussia, the Amber Room disappeared during World War II and was recreated in 2003. Before the room was lost, it was considered an "Eighth Wonder of the World".
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