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The cover of The Guide of Bain

The Guide of Bain is a promotional PDF released as part of PAYDAY 2's Career Criminal Edition, to provide players with a rudimentary manual on the know hows of the game.

The Guide is connected to the PAYDAY 2 secret.

"The Criminal Net-Work"[]

A basis for Trust and Safety[]

This section discusses the basics of, contacts, jobs and the Safe House. Additional subjects like risk levelsstealth, and Pro Jobs are also touched upon, however lightly as Bain often glosses over smaller details in favor of his unusual composing style.

The Clientele[]

This section introduces the reader to the four contractors that came with the retail game, each with their own remark by Bain himself on their M.O. or background, their preferred types of jobs and associated paygrade. The following contractors are included in the guide, along with their related notes in brackets:

As always, the hunt for Baldwin continues.

The Pay-Day[]

This section provides an explanation of the mechanics of earning XP, offshore account and the Payday. Bain notes GenSec's annoyance at the Payday Gang's deadly efficiency over past years and that they are "getting better at what they do".

"Strategies of the Successful Heist"[]

This section first goes over contract locks, lobby accessibility, heist planning, Assets, and casing mode. The "Strategies: Subterfuge & Stealth" section goes over detection risk, pagers, and marking guards. The "Strategies: Combat" section notes the law enforcement's dedication to bringing the crew down and recommends tying down civilians.

"Tools of the Trade"[]

This section goes over weapon situationality, weapon modification, and lays out the retail weapon selection, then the deployable equipment, OVE9000, equipment concealment or visibility, masks and mask customization, then the available skills.

In Page 19 of this section, the work The Fall of the Giants can be seen under Bain's notes.


This section goes over the various enemies encountered in the retail game, provides blueprints and satellite images of the retail missions, and details on the safes that can be found in the heists, and wrapping up with mysterious images from the original guide and a sendoff discussing the Secret.



  • Despite what's claimed by the Guide's front cover along with multiple references by Bain throughout the document, this manual has nothing to do with Alessandro Cagliostro and is a completely fictional work.
  • At the beginning of the original "Strategies: Subterfuge and Stealth" section is a quote from Lao Tzu (spelled "Lao Tsu").
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