The Professional

The Professional
Ghost: Silent Killer Tier 2
Basic (2 pt): You gain 8 weapon stability and 100% snap to zoom speed increase with silenced weapons.
Ace (4 pt): You gain 12 weapon accuracy with silenced weapons.


This skill reinforces the often diminished power of silenced weapons, and usually brings them far above the power of an unsilenced weapon. Players who invest in this skill should make an effort to use silencers on their weapons whenever possible.

Light Machine Guns can be made very powerful with The Professional, effectively increasing the Light Machine Gun's stability and accuracy to a good value. This is arguably the best way to make a build for Light Machine Guns because their limited weapon mods do not offer many versatile builds for the weapon.

Even for weapons that are used in stealth, this skill is very useful in allowing players more precise control of their weapons. However, this benefit is somewhat reduced for weapons that fire in semi-auto or pump-action, which typically have reasonable accuracy even without this skill. Also, the lowered snap to zoom time means less downtime if about to get caught, meaning that the player can fire an aimed shot, killing a guard in one shot. The snap to zoom speed increase is most useful for low damage weapons for which headshots or stealth kills must be prioritized. If the weapon has high enough damage that a bodyshot is sufficient to kill alerted guards, the hastened aiming time will have only a minimal impact.


  • The name and nature of this skill may refer to the film Léon: The Professional, which follows a skilled assassin who typically uses silenced firearms.
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