• Already posted this to GFreeman, but no reply... so if it seems familiar, that's why ;)

    Special:WantedPages is riddled with pages that only appear due to the link in "welcome to the wiki, thanks for modifying [[No Longer Existant Page here]]" Anything that can be done about that so we can actually use it to find valid red-links?

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    • Hey, thanks for bringing this up. WantedPages is rather cluttered, so I agree something should be done to clear up the ghost red links for dead pages.

      Unfortunately, I'm not aware of any quick way to clear up large numbers of them at once, but when I get some free time, I'd be happy to manually edit some of the welcome messages to remove the links.

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      • poking* you to remind this is still annoying me ;)

      Also some in the Category:Candidates for deletion have been there a long time, just altered a picture's category to be reminded afterwards it was meant to be deleted in the first place :/

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    • Hey, thanks for the reminder! As of now, the deletion category should be sparkly and clean; all of the pages and files there have been dealt with appropriately.

      Still quite a number of links to go in the Special:WantedPages, but I will keep working on it.

      Edit: I decided that for some of the more popular missing links it would be easier to just create a redirect page, rather than delete each link individually. I should be able to get rid of the more common pages fairly easily.

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